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Welcome! I live in the Boise, Idaho area. I'm a mother of 2 children, whom will get a totally new experience in May. We are off with Grandma to see as much of the United States as we can in 3 weeks! I know that isn't long enough, but it is a good start, on history lessons and to find new interests for future excursions.

North America » United States » Illinois » Nauvoo June 12th 2010

We got an early start today, seven hours to Mt. Rushmore. We stopped in Carthage, IL. and saw the jail where they held Joseph Smith. Took lots of pictures, typical touristy thing. Then we went to Nauvoo, IL. and toured the Community of Christ site. We didn’t take the actual tour, but drove around and read signs and saw sites. We did go into the Scovil Bakery and the Theatre and watched a play that was for kids, it was cute. Behind the theatre we went into a building where people taught how to make candles out of lard, weave rugs and cloth, do pottery, make bread, and build different kinds of barrels. We then went up to the Nauvoo Temple that is now owned by the LDS Church, took more pictures. After Nauvoo we then ... read more
Bullet Hole
Window that Joseph Smith
Psm outside of Window where Joseph

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis June 1st 2010

We went to the Indianapolis 500 Raceway today, visited the Museum and saw cars out practicing racing. We took video and pictures, if I can get the Video to post you will be able to play it, I tried a few days ago to post video, but it didn’t work. Julia was so sick, she didn’t go into the museum, and then as we were going back to my friends house, she was throwing up in the car, and continued for a couple hours. So much fun on this trip! We pretty much drove the rest of the day, stayed the night in Macomb, IL. -Heidi... read more
Motor Speedway
Motor Speedway
Motor Speedway

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis May 31st 2010

We went to Kirtland, OH to the Kirtland Temple and toured the Historical Church Site. While there it rained, thundered, and lightening and we were outside with unbrellas it sure made me feel like I needed to run, but I had no where to run. So I stood there and took the storm with everyone else. It was beautiful, and learned what an ashery was, and saw a working lumber mill and old historical buildings. Inside the buildings they had candles lit and with the darkness outside it gave the inside an authentic feel and look. It was a very peaceful and quiet place to visit and learn much about that time period. We traveled all the way to Indianapolis, IN and stayed the Night with a friend of mine that moved here 2 yrs ago. ... read more
Whitney Store
Origional Door

Hi All, Well, we have been so tired so please excuse the lateness of the blogs. We went to Palmyra, NY. We began at Hill Cumorah, we climbed up to the top not knowing that you could drive up to see it. The best part was walking down hill through the forest, very beautiful. We then went to the Sacred Grove and the Smith Farm, it was a very quiet and peaceful place to be. We drove into down town Palmyra and when we recognized that we were there, it was noon and the church bells were ringing, we looked up and we were passing through an intersection that had a huge church on each corner, Methodist, Baptist, Lutherian, and Prodiestant (of course, I don’t know how to spell these.) (These may not be the exact ... read more
Niagra Falls
Maid Of The Mist
Niagra Falls On the Boat

Hi All, Today we visited Portsmouth, NH. We got lots of pictures of the old square of Portsmouth. Just for those who dont know, Heidi (I) was born there and hadn't been back till today, I have always wanted to come back and now I am here! We walked around for about an hour in the Old section of town, and then walked to the City Hall Farmers Market. We bought grade A dark real Maple Syrup, for a fraction of the cost than in the grocery store at home. We went to Kittery, Maine to Fort Cleary, to the beach. We had a picnic lunch, and took pictures of different kinds of flowers that we have never seen before, even orange flowers. We let Rylan swim in the Atlanticocean, Julia and I picked up purple ... read more
Cooling Off
Heidi's Flower
Portsmouth, NH.

5-28-10 We gladly left our hotel this morning, the beds were hard, but the hotel had really great free breakfast. We headed to Boston, MA today and visited the Freedom Trail. We started at the Boston Commons, where I accidentally drove through a pedestrian walk way that the police officer said was blocked off, but I drove through, not knowing. He said it was a $50 ticket, but was nice and didn’t give it to me and told Pam to navigate better. I then drove around and found by accident, Beacon Hill, it was so pretty there. Once Pam got the address to Breeds Hill she put it in the Tom Tom, we were off to the Battle of Bunker Hill Site, where they had a miniature Washington Monument. Inside is a statue, I have attached ... read more
Charlestown Map
Bunker Hill Monument
Breeds Hill

North America » United States » Connecticut » Groton May 28th 2010

Hi All! We spent the day pretty simply. First we slept in and had breakfast. Then went and did laundry at this really big laundry facility. We finished before noon and then Pam wanted to go and geocache, people have you ever been to New Bergen, New Jersey? Well the streets and traffic are crazy and it is a total night mare! But Pam found the geocache with much frantic heart stopping and brake squeeling episodes. Two boys on a small bike came out of no where and were almost killed in front of our van! They were going down a very steep street! Pam ran over their hat and the boys came to a stop on the other side of the road, but were unharmed from our vehicle. The other, was another vehicle, the other ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York May 26th 2010

Hi All, We spent the day in New York City today. We roasted, the temp was over 90 degrees with high humidity. People were saying that for this time of the year it isn't normal. We went many places, took tons of pictures. We are just posting a few. We did NOT get to go to the Statue of Liberty, the line was hours long just to get through security and we were working on heat exhaustion. So we took the pictures you see of Lady Liberty and continued on our Bus tour of the whole city. For those of you who dont know, New York City is on an island and the whole island has 8.4 million people on it, with their temperments and attitudes. So the heat gave many attitudes, and we all sweated ... read more
Bill Board Times Square
Flat Iron Building
Very Hot Out Today!

Hi, This morning after leaving West Virginia, we got into Virginia (of course). We drove and about two pm we pulled over in Staunton, Va. and took a nap at the local Walmart, now you know why the blog isn’t getting done, we are so exhausted by the time we check into our hotel room at night. Later, about 4:30 pm, we finally got into Washington D.C. and one of the first things we saw, that we recognized was the Pentagon! We checked into our hotel in Arlington, VA. We have a view from our room on the ninth floor of the Pentagon, the Washington, D.C. mall & Arlington National Cemetery. We unloaded the car, went down and paid for a night tour of the D.C. monuments. So we saw/conquered the memorials all the way until ... read more
Scenery Virginia
Our Hotel

Hi, The Hotel is awesome; we got up early and took a taxi to the Holocaust Museum. Pam & Julia stayed in line and Heidi & Rylan walked over to the Washington Monument and stood in line and got tickets to go up around 12:30pm then walked back to the Holocaust Museum where the others were. At 10am we went into the Museum and learned tons, Julia said “Grandma my heart is heavy.” Which completely describes how we all felt; it was very sad what had happened. We then went to the Washington Memorial, took pictures and got in another line. In Washington D.C., every building anyone pretty much goes into has security and a security checkpoint that you get scanned and so does your stuff. The guards get pretty grouchy if you do anything wrong, ... read more
My Feet Hurt!
Inside Washington Monument
Inside Washington Monument

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