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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don August 15th 2012

I left Bangkok 5 days ago and literally been island hopping. Having a fantastic time in the sun and seeing the most beautiful islands. From Bangkok I got a night bus down to Krabi and Ko Phi Phi on the eastern side of Thailand. It was really straightforward from Khao Sarn Road and we were literally ferried along the route. The ferry was loevly and was just over sun rise. Ko Phi Phi is the most beautiful place I have ever been. white, sandy beaches nd a buzzing touristy centre. We spent the night in a little bungalow jus above the main town and the day on the beach. The following morning, we chilled out before getting another ferry to Koh Lanta, just below. The island wasnt half as pretty, but so much more relaxing. My ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 9th 2012

So, the bustling city of Bangkok was a contrast to the relaxation in Kanachanaburi! I arrived 2 days ago to meet a few friends. We then went to a night market in Silom- after experiencing the general Bangkok traffic on the bus! The market had general touristy knockoffs and Asian gear- sandals, lasers, belts, t shirts etc and then some Thailand red district things. We had dinner (they really like Japanese cuisine in that area) and went to some bars. The following day we went on the boat tour of the canals of Bangkok- which are strangely hidden from Public eye until you get on the river, this allowed us to really have a good view of all of Bangkok as it also took us near to tourist attractions. Bangkok is busy but also has the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi August 5th 2012

Hey all, So as soon as I arrived from long flight into Bangkok I travelled to the Southern Bus Terminal to get a 3 hour bus to Kanchanaburi, a town on the West of Berlin which is famous for the Kwai bridge which was built as part of the Death Railway. I stayed in Sugar Cane hostel- which is a lovely little hostel with rooms right on the edge of the river Kwai. The room I had was an ensuite room with a double bed which was 150Baht (under 5$)! So as soon as I arrived I found the War Cemetary and then did the walk up the Road to the bridge and read about some of its history, which was fascinating as I dont know much about that part of WW2, but basically the Japanese ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia August 1st 2010

Had a whistlestop tour of Veliko Tarnovo yesterday and people are right, it is a really pretty town. It is set amongst an abundance of hills and is buried in trees. It consists of small winding streets and large churches/monastries placed on the hills in the town. I had an enjoyable afternoon just wondering around, firstly we we went the wrong way and walked to the top of the hill on the other side of the town (accidently) but it was nice to see it even though it wasnt so pretty. Following this we found the right place to go and sat on the opposite valley to the castle, whilst the sun went down before grabbing a bite to eat and then catching the bus to Sofia, which took a further 4 hours. Here it has ... read more

SO... we have come to the end of our volunteering in the Street Centre, it was so sad saying bye to the kids yesterday and the owner of the centre was so nice. On our last day we did face painting, followed by making a huge collage of lots of pictures that we printed (space themed). We also had water fights, drawing, football and fun, I will definitely remember this place, for the experience and the people. What I found difficult was that we didn't know any of their backgrounds= like why they were there, where their parents were, what their past was like, I had a bit of an insight into a few of them when a Bulgarian/English speaking Polish girl arrived this week and she told us what she had found out from the ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna July 17th 2010

Right.. Bulgaria.. week one. Everything has been pretty good and worked out really well. We arrived on Sunday and had a few days chilling and getting used to Bulgaria before we have started volunteering in the Street Centre. Varna is definitely an upcoming city and is becoming more and more westernised every year. This time 20 years ago it was still under Soviet control and was really poor, dangerous and scummy! We are staying in X Hostel, which is in between Varna and Golden Sands and is a really nice and friendly hostel to stay at. There are both lone travellers and people interrailing in groups coming every day and we have felt really welcome here. There is a small beach about 15minute walk from the hostel, which is conveniently not that busy so is quite ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka August 13th 2009

Heya. So been back in Lusaka for just over a week now and been relatively busy. Yesterday I was doing the shopping and it was epic, I think there is a national beer shortage so we can find beer hardly anywhere and Shoprite (the local supermarket) was closed due to strikes that keep happening at the moment. Which are really inappropriate! Its been quite quiet at the camp which has been a shame because it is such a good place and Paul (the owner) works really hard to keep it going, but it just reflects on the economic downturn in the country at the moment. Zambia is a very expensive country for Africa, the cost of living is very high and to own and maintain a lodge is very difficult, well I have found it very ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone August 4th 2009

I had the most amazing weekend! Arrived after a looonnnggg bus journey on Saturday and stayed at a pretty campsite called "The Waterfront" just outside of Livingstone. It has a really lovely bar overlooking the river and has the most amazing sunset along the river. So I set up camp and had dinner and all that jazz but it was amazing because when I went to bed you could actually hear the falls, I didn't realise this till the following day but I was actually 8k from the falls and I could still here them. The first day I went to visit the falls and they are spectacualr, despite the Zimbabwean side suppose bto being better than the Zambian side, the falls are stunning totally gobsmacking and these pictures just dont show the same thing. I ... read more
just a cool picture

Africa » Zambia » Lake Kariba July 28th 2009

Stunning. Wish I had more time there. We arrived on Friday evening after having a wonderfully sunny day. The drive was beautiful going through the mountains and down long straight roads that is tribal bush area. Where we stayed was about 2m from the lake and had a gorgeous pool area with the garden overlooking the lake. It was just like being on the sea because you couldn't see the other side and the lake is so wide. The sunset over the lake was so pretty. We had dinner round the fire and then went out to Eagles Rest which is just down the road for a few drinks. On the Saturday we went on a House Boat for the day. To get there we went on the speed boat which was amazing and went sooo ... read more
Driving down
Sunset near the lake
Where we stayed

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa July 18th 2009

Heya... Just come back from 3 days in the bush and managed to fit in a lot. Set off at about 7am on Wednesday and arrived at about half3. It was a long journey but it was nice to see Zambia outside of Lusaka, it is a really pretty country with varying terrain of hills and flat. I was so glad when I got there that it is hotter than Lusaka. I actually tanned! Day1. Had a walk down to the river when we arrived and saw a crocodile and lots of tracks, which was really exciting becasue I had no idea what to expect when going out into the bush. The camp was lovely with lodges and set right next to the river. Stayed up for ages just listening to everything, it was amazing- lions, ... read more
Sunset hill

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