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So the next leg of our journey is a quick stop over in Rio Dulce for 2 nights so that we could visit Livingston. Rio Dulce is an odd little place in the middle of Lake Izabel in East Guatemala, where the town in based around the lake and many of the hostels and guest houses are only accessible via water from the main town. The town itself has a few bars, markets and shops. It is a place where a lot of middle aged boat kind of people will go to sail or use their yachts. Some of the houses along the lake were beautiful with large boat parking spaces and lakeside terraces. The villa we stayed in is called Casa Perrica which is a guesthouse owned by 3 retired Swiss guys who fell in ... read more

Lake Atitlan is a beautiful lake around 3 hours from Antigua, it is surrounded by both hills, volcanoes and little villages. We arrived on the chicken bus from Antigua into the largest (Panachanel (Pana)) but stayed in San Pedro la Laguna which is about half an hour boat ride from Pana. This is the social spot on the lake and has lots of bars and hostels and is right next to the inactive San Pedro volcano (3020m). This was a good hike for which we started at 5.30am and wondered up through avocado and coffee plantations until we got to forest and then made the final ascent to the top. Unfortunately, it. Was cloudy so there wasn't much to see other than the fact we were above and being engulfed by the cloud. Either way it ... read more

Antigua is the old capital of Guatemala. It is a pretty city around an hour away from Guatemala City with the vibe of southern Spain. It has cobbled little lanes and is surrounded by volcanoes- mainly being overlooked by volcan de Agua on the south side of the city. It is really tourist central for Guatemala but has definitely been one of my favourite cities of the trip so far. Antigua is one of those cites that you could wonder around for weeks and still managed to find something to do. It has a lots of old , ruined churches which have not been restored and more modern churches, cathedrals and buildings, some of which have been turned into hotels and restaurants. Along with this I found the Cerro du Cruz which is a cross on ... read more

From Lanquin I took a shuttle to Antigua and stopped there for a night before heading to Xela, which I took a chicken bus. Xela is the second biggest city in Guatemala and is famed by tourists for its hiking and Spanish Schools. People usually come here longer term To do Spanish lessons and stay with host families. Xela had really good vibes and felt really safe. It is set in the middle of the western highlands and has the culture of Antigua but the more modern feeling of a Guatemalan city. In other ways, it's just seemed like a more mature, less touristy Antigua and doesn't have some of the colonial feel surrounding it. I stayed in the Black Cat hostel near to the Parque Central for 2 nights. This was a nice hostel which ... read more

Semuc Champey is a series of limestone pools above a famed 300m bridge in the central region of Guatemala. It is. Absolutely beautiful and has a deserved reputation of being a great day out. Semuc is difficult to access, so most toursists stay in a pretty small village called Lanquin which is in a neighbouring valley. I stayed in a lovely hillside hostel with great views and a fantastic atmosphere. Lanquin is very, very small and doesn't have much to do, only having a few comedors for eating and a few roadside shops. the main restaurants are inside the hotels or hostels and wifi is rarely available. Coming here was a real get away from realit (despite being surrounded by tourists!) To get there from Flores I took a shuttle bus from my hostel to the ... read more

First stop Guatamala- Flores- to see the unbelievable Tikal ruins. The journey there was all the way from Caye Caulker via public transport, it was fairly straight forward as I have done a lot of travelling on the "chicken buses" ie puboic buses of Belize, but coming in to a Spanishe speaking country was a bit of a culture shock, as well as actually walking across the border! Flores is almost an island in the middle of a lake in northern Guatemala. It is pretty, with cobbeled little streets and a European type feel as oppose to any other town in Belize. It is attached via a causeway to the main. Town of Santa Elena, which is the opposite to Flores and s busy and contains no tourists. I arrived there and met a lot of ... read more
Central Plaza
Me and the ruins
Flores from the viewpoint

So ends my Belizean travels, but not before I hit Caye Caulker. Caye Caulker is a small island around an hour trip from Belize City. I arrived to find out that there were actually other British citizens In Belize. In fact all the other British citizens that came to Belize. I don't blame them- chilled out, beautiful, clear sea, nice food, accommodation and brilliant snorkelling. So as expected, it was pricey, but I only had a few days there to chill and enjoy. I spent many hours on the Split (so called as a hurricane split the island) everyone sunbathes and chills out there, it is conveniently located next to a bar and is at the end of the main road. On the island I met 2 other British medical students travelling Central America. We got ... read more

so, we had 2 and a half days in Cayo (San ignacio). This is a small town fairly close to the Guatemalan border which we planned on using as a hub to explore the west side of Belize. The town is set around the Mopan river and twinned with Santa Elena on the other side. I had a good time there because of the people we met. It is the first time that I had really met other travellers in Belize. Other than this, we have been so isolated and haven't met many other travellers! The town is small and has a large market area. We arrived there to be greeted by some other Medics on their elective from Nottingham, (they may have been signed off a little early like us) but had also just qualified, ... read more

So, welcome to the Deep South of Belize. Punta Gorda is a small town on the east coast of Belize. It has a large Mayan population and acted as our base to explore the deep south for a few days. The town itself is small and friendly and has a fruit and vegetable market running almost every day. It also bases its trade on fishing and acts as a portal to get to Livingstone in Guatemala. on our first day we travelled to a Mayan village called Santa Cruz and went to see some very dilapidated Mayan Ruins called Uxbencia. These were so dilapidated that we couldnt actually find them and had to search through the village to find someone to tell us where they were. They were a little disapointing as it looked like a ... read more

Dangriga is a small town and there is not much for tourists to do, in my spare time when I wasn't in the hospital we went down to the beach. The best beach by far in Dangriga is that at the Pelican Beach resort at the top of town. The sea here Is very warm and there isn't much sea grass, which seems to be present in most of the beaches on the Caribbean coast of Belize. It is also fairly wavy and when your down there you get a nice breeze, which makes the spot ideal for sunbathing. We tried lots of different street foods again this week and also spent a few hours in another little town about half an hour from dangriga called Hopkins. Hopkins is a very chilled town on the coast ... read more
Palm Trees and sunshine

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