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Dangriga is the capital of the Southern Region of Belize. It is a laid back, working town on the coast and doesn't itself have much to do. During the week that I have been staying here, the town has grown on me and shown a lot more character than I have anticipated. It's population is a varied culture of people, from Mayans, To Garfuna, Creol and apparently the ChineSE who run the supermarkets! With regards to elective, We have been working in the Southern Region hospital which is a lot more developed that I expected- it has paeds, Obs and gynae, surgery and internal medicine as well as a polyclinic (which is basically GP). The populations main obvious problem is diabetes, which can be easily explained by the sugary drinks and cheap fried food available everywhere. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun April 12th 2015

Olah, So, first step in elective- Cancun, probably the most unMexican City in Mexico, but nonetheless a great stopover in my adventure. So I arrived into Cancun on the Monday and got a shuttle bus to the bus station where my hostel was close by to. I was lucky to have met someone in the airport who was going to the same hostel so it worked out ideally. Stayed in this hostel called Hostel Ka'beh in downtown Canoun, which was a really great hostel- perfect for meeting people and really traveller friendly. The flight was long 11hours, GMT-6 so I hit the Hay a bit after tea. Cancun is separated into 2 areas- the tourist bit and the downtown area. The tourist bit is along the beach front and is made of resort after resort and ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai September 6th 2012

What a way to end a fantastic month. Shanghai is one of those buzzing metropolitan cities, where there isnt that much to see and do like Beijing but there are lots of bars and gardens and shopping and pretty places to go. We arrived on the night train from Xian and checked in at the hostel which is just off East Nanjing Road- the high street of Shanghai. After this we walked over to Peoples Park and Peoples Square and had a lovely wander round. The park is nice and at the edge theree are various galleries and the Urban Planning Exhibition Centre which we decided to go into. The centre had various levels implicating the history of the city and what they would like to do to make it better. It also has a mini ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an September 3rd 2012

So, we arrived on a bus from Pingyao to a very wet X'ian. We dont know where we were dropped off so we vetted for a taxi to take us to the hostel which is a few minutes away from the BIG Goose Pagoda. After sorting ourselves out we went to get some dinner. Behind our hostel has the most amazing, cheap Chinese food so we opted for noodle soup which hit the spot exactly after our day of travelling and the rainy weather. We decided to go to the Warriors the following day. I have always been told that the Warriors were a disappointment and just some "clay in pits"... but it is something that you have to do as you are in X'ian. I think as I expected the worst I actually found them ... read more
Terracotta Warriors
Dumpling party
Drum tower

Asia » China » Shanxi » Pingyao August 30th 2012

Pingyao is a small fortressed city inbetween Beijing and Xian。We took a sleeper train from Beijing at midday and arrived in Pingyao at around half 2am。 We had organised for the hostel to pick us up so were greeted by a tuk tuk driver at the station who subsequently took us to the hostel and woke the nightworker up。We were pleseantly surprised to find that the owner had upgraded us from a cheap... read more
Pingyao 2
Pingyao 3
Pingyao 4

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng August 29th 2012

Beijing- the city of temples, smog and people. I arrived in Beijing 3 days ago and decided to get the bus into town (the cheapest option) which was probably a bad idea as we ended up waiting about an hour for the bus to take us into the city, but oh well. I chucked my bag at the hostel and then used the rest of the afternoon for exploring. First stop- Imperial College and the Conficus temples. I didnt know much about this Conficus dude until I got there but the temple gave me a good basic knowledge; and it turns out that he is quite a big deal and has temples everywhere. Imperial College was a must do; unfortunately it was nothing like the one in London. We dont get given lectures by Emporers. As ... read more
Lama Temple
Temple of Heaven
Steve and I at the Birds Nest

Asia » Singapore August 25th 2012

After making through passport control with a brutal bus driver (he gave us 20 mins to get off the bus and through the whole process) I entered into Singapore. The town has a really simple transport system that takes you around town and is cheap (especially in comparison to London). I was staying with a friend in the Botanic Gardens, which is easily accessible to lots of tube stops. The first thing I really noticed about Singapore is how immaculately clean it was and how organised and developed it has become. I think as it is a small, modern city they have really found a way that works. On the first evening I wondered down Orchard Road which is full of bright lights, tall buildings and buzzing shops, most of the shops are posh and expensive ... read more
View from a bar
Me and my Buddies next to Butterfactory

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City August 21st 2012

I took the bus from KL to Meleka which was straightforward and only took a few hours, you then just transfer onto the local bus 17 to go into the centre of town. Melaka was an interesting little town, packed full of culture from all the colonial periods and was a really good break between the big cities of KL and Singapore, it kind of reminded me of the Brighton in comparison to London as it is a small, metropolitan town with a some markets and riverside cafes. The history of the town is fascinating and has Portugese, Japanese, British and Chinese remanents and went through 6 countries during the colonial period. The town was based around a central red square left from the Portugese era and then you can just potter around the town for ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur August 21st 2012

WEll, 24 hours travelling from Koh Tao made me even more adverse to public transport than usual, even though it wasnt actually that bad. It just got boring when it got dark. Transporting from Thailand to Malaysia was very straightforward though. i even had half an ac bus to myself from Hat Yai to KL. I stayed in the ORiginal Backpackers Inn, which I paid tuppence for, so I got tuppence- i stayedf in a tiny 8 bed dorm with bunk beds, but tbh i did nothing else other than sleep there, despicte being tired and really needing to doa wash. The plus side to the hostel was that it is right in the centre of Chinatown. So entering in to KL in the evening was one of those moments when you get an exciting buzz ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao August 19th 2012

So Ko Tao "the island of the turtle" I spent a few days on the island (which is really dedicated to divers) but as it is not in my top priority to dive, i found some other bits to do. We stayed in a little Guesthouse just away from the sea in the Sairee Village, which was basic but homely as there were a few of us staying there, the main beach was nice but nothing spectacular and you couldnt really swim past your waist as it is very rocky. So we spent a few days by that beach and found some other bits to do. One day I took a walk up to a Viewpoint in the North of the island which really gave a fantastic view of the beach and then we went to ... read more

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