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Africa » Zambia » Lusaka July 12th 2009

Heya... Had a really good day, woke up this morning and went fishing at a crocodile farm... (yes Megan fishing) and I was soo successful that I managed to catch a frog!! haha and then we went around this reptile park and saw some MASSIVE crocs, alligators and snakes, pretty amazing and interesting. So then came back and have just come back from the locals football match, bless they are all so enthusiastic and to be honest some of them are really good football players. Its really nice to see them all enjoy the game. I have brought over some football boots but we didn't think that it would be fair just to give a few people boots so we are waiting on a few more for them. Pioneer camp is really lovely and tranquil, I ... read more
Pioneer 2

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kanyakumari August 6th 2008

Well my last day trip... and what a trip it was. We decided to take the bus right down to the tip of India. It was a public bus so it was very Indianised but thats cool becasue then you get a feel of Indian travel itself. we arrived about midday and then went to the Mahatma Gandhi memorial in which a guy was trying to convince us to pay him money but Im kinda used to that now. We then had a spot of lunch and headed just out of land to the memorial of a philospher which is practically and island jsut off the shore that you have to get a ferry to. I met like the womans institute of Chennai who were really friendly and decided to help us along a little bless. ... read more
Cape Comorin 2
Cape Comorin 3

Asia » India » Kerala » Trivandrum August 1st 2008

Well... what a week, I could probably keep writing about everything for ages but I think Ill cut it short because Im going for my last day in the hospital in a minute. So had a pretty good week around Ananthupuri (the hospital) seen a lot... yesterday I saw a cesarean, it was the best operation Ive seen, had a tear come to my eyes! Bless! By working in Ananthupuri I have seen the difference between the rich and the poor. Ananthurprui is a private hospital run by some quite renowned medicals, so the conditions inside the hospital have been incredible, whereas in Cambodia and the general hospitals around India the care has been very basic and unhygenic. Its really hard to explain but if they can afford it they should get it. The rich people ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kochi July 29th 2008

So after a few hours on a train up north we landed ourselves up in Kochi. This train journey hasnt been as bad as previous ones and now, actually I dont really mind getting trains here at all, they arent all that bad! Especially if you stand up for a while and look outside by one of the doors, the views you get of the surrounding countryside are stunning. We stayed in a really homely, lovely homestay about 10 minutes walk from Fort Kochin, called Beenas homestay- who certainly cooked the best Indian food I have tasted and was also very generous helping organise trips and such like. In the afternoon, we walked up to the Chinese fishing nets, which were absolutely incredible, they were massive. A wealthy owner would buy one and then let it ... read more
Me and Elle 2
Driving the Boat

Asia » India » Kerala » Trivandrum July 24th 2008

Well, I have managed to actually settle down for a few days! I am having a really good time though. The hospital work has been pretty good, get into surgery every afternoon and tend to work in a department in the morning. Some of the aspects are really interesting. I have also done my first session of yoga!!!! Hahaha which was basically stretch and relax and I was so knackered after working all day it was needed, Went out for Wills birthday into Kovalam last night but we couldn't find a rickshaw to take us home, so we had to ring the person in charge of us but he didn't really seem to mind too much, this weekend we are all off to Kochi which is suppose to be a really pretty town jsut up north ... read more
Inside the Coffee House

Asia » India » Kerala » Varkala July 21st 2008

Heyhey, well... went to a pretty little beach close by today called Varkala. It is about 40km north of Trivandrum and was exactly what I needed, tranquil and sunny. The sea was too rough to be swimming in though. there were coconut trees all along the cliff edge, we went to this beach that we call cow beach (becasue there were cows on it), and had a little paddle but the undercurrents were too strong. I also found out that I am rubbish at frisbee. And finally had my first day working in a hospital. It was good. The hospital is so modern and so much better equipped than anything in Cambodia. For the first day went to casulty for the morning and then there wasnt really much going on so I went into surgery for ... read more
Cow Beach
Palm Tree

Asia » India » Kerala » Trivandrum July 19th 2008

Well... after a 1 hour flight, followed by a 15 hour wait, further followed by a 3 hour flight and then a 5 hour wait... then a 15 hour bus ride, I am at Trivandrum!!! Absolutely knackered and totally bewildered! Its been a loooonnnng way but hopefully it willl be worth it. The train was an experience of a life time, Im not even joking, health and safety would be having a field day, if you went to the toilet you would be excriting on to the track, beds.. well had to be shared and ahhhh! but Im glad to be here, everyone seems really friendly and everything, I want to catch a flight between here and Chennai though. South India looks to be amazing though, its so green and fertile and it looks like it ... read more
Train Journey

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh July 14th 2008

Ahhh Im going to India, how exciting. Went into Phnom Penh today and applied for visas which will be ready for Thursday, then went to Thai airlines and sorted out flight and flight changes for the way home, but Im still arriving back in the UK at the same time. SO flying to Bangkok on thursday evening then travelling to Chenghai on Friday. Then wait I have a 12 hour train journey... ahhh lot of travelling but itll all be worth it in the end. So am back in Takeo and I think I have a bit of sunstroke as me James and Andrew walked aroung Takeo lake on Sunday, so have a banging headache but hopefully that will go. Had a look around a shopping centre today, I never realised Cambodian shopping could be so ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap July 12th 2008

OMG how could I even forget... I ATE A SPIDER and A CRICKET!!!!!... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap July 12th 2008

hey, sorry havent written for a few days, havent been able to get on the computer. Well bad news is that we havent been able to get into the hospital, the commission want a bribe for this letter and so thats all going pear shaped so this week just been travelling. On Wednesday went up to Siem Riep as we went to see Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm. IO found it absolutley incredible. Got some pictures to upload, wil do that in a minute. So I got up at 4 and went firstly to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat and then had the rest of the day there. At 4pm we booked a tour around a nearby childrens hospital. It was amazing seeing how ill some of these people are before they come ... read more
Me in Angkor Wat
Ta Prohm

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