Hungary, Romania and Malta

a trip by Lyla en voyage
From: September 23rd 2017
Until: October 14th 2017

Another trip!

Bestie/cousin T and I have had on our respective bucket lists a mother-daughter trip and we’re finally doing it! Since both our mamas are extensive travellers, we tried to pick places no one has been to (or at least didn’t visit extensively). The winning destinations: Hungary, Romania and Malta.

Seriously – they’ve been everywhere else. Every time I’ve told someone about this trip, the usual response is “why there?” This is why. Also – they look awesome.

Hungary – 5 days in Budapest, but we are also planning to rent a car and head out of town. My personal “musts” are a city tour and the Szechenyi thermal baths.
Romania – 10 days total…about half in Bucharest and the rest touring about the countryside. T is looking forward to the Painted Monasteries in Bucovina region and I am pumped for the Carpathian mountains and castles.
Malta – 5 days. We’ll be based in Valletta and will be checking out the best the island has to offer. Really everything interests me here. History, temples, tombs, nature…all of it.

Trip Length: 3 weeks
Blog Entries: 12
Photos: 183
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Blog Entries

Date Blog Title Location
September 24th 2017 Day 1 - Budapest: Goulash is delicious Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest
September 26th 2017 Days 2 and 3: Sightseeing until I drop Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest
September 28th 2017 Days 4 and 5: Budapest and beyond (but just a little) Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest
September 30th 2017 Days 6 and 7: Goodbye Hungary and hello Romania Europe » Romania
October 3rd 2017 Days 8-10: Beautiful Bucovina Europe » Romania » Bucovina
October 4th 2017 Day 11: Bucharest kinda needs to grow on you Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest
October 6th 2017 Days 12-13: Looking for vampires in the Carpathian Mountains Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov
October 8th 2017 Days 14 -15 “In medieval times...” Europe » Romania » Transilvania
October 10th 2017 Days 16-17: Goodbye Romania, Hello Malta Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta
October 12th 2017 Days 18-19: Beautiful Malta Europe » Malta
October 13th 2017 Day 20: Malta Temple Day! Europe » Malta
October 14th 2017 Hungary vs. Romania vs. Malta - the verdict Europe
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