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11th February 2018

Sounds like a great trip
I'm jealous
25th September 2017

Happy travels!
Thanks for sharing, Lyla! Everything sounds amazing!
21st September 2015

Love T's moose call !!!
From Blog: The Grand Tetons
15th September 2015

What on EARTH are "Sport Peppers", do they travel well, and if so,and can you bring some back for me!?! 😉 Mwahs!!
From Blog: Chicago, baby!
16th September 2015

You betcha!
With your iron gullet, you might not find them all that spicy, but man are they yummy....
From Blog: Chicago, baby!
31st May 2009

Shout out to my PT!
Hells, I need to thank you for all the step ups (brutal as tehy were..grumble, grumble)!!! I hauled my butt up a few mountains and boy did they make a difference..heh heh - L
From Blog: Angkor's Aweigh
29th May 2009

You are intense!
Firstly, Amazing trip! Secondly, i had NO IDEA you were such an Incredible photographer!! I must say i was kind of hoping theer's be a victory video of you at the top of those stairs! And, im not sure where i'd place snake in terms of food groups......maybe in the "HELL NO!" group. Have a safe rest of your trip!
From Blog: Angkor's Aweigh
15th May 2009

Gold star country...
I'll trust you on that one Lynn: since I would COMPLETELY agree with you that Portugal is an extraordinary place to visit, I will now firmly believe that I HAVE to go to Vietnam! Did you succeed in stalking the orange monks?! I'm sure you both scared them away... sheesh... Happy to tell you: see you on Saturday night (Canadian time)!!!!!! Chris
11th May 2009

What's with the beef? What's with the beef??? Will I be able to laugh at T a little?! OH YEAH!!! ;) Have a great time in Cambodia, you guys! Only 5 days remaining... don't you wish it would last a little longer or can you tell you will be glad to get home? I'm curious... See ya soon! Chris
From Blog: Hot, Hot Heat
11th May 2009

Sorry... I forgot.
I dont know if anyone else remembers but all this traffic talk made me think of a little atari game called ''Frogger''... Very kool
From Blog: Hot, Hot Heat
11th May 2009

I hear ya!!
Ahhhh... the intense heat and humidity... Here I am in my little computer room at school reminiscing about my time in Japan... It ALSO took me less than 26.3 seconds to be drenched in sweat. But the Japanese folk werent' too worried about me... It's awesome that the Vietnamese find it funny... Just like we find it funny to see outsiders wearing big coats, tuques and gloves on a cool 12 degree autumn day. 5 more days to go guys!! See you girls saturday 7pm ( E.T.)
From Blog: Hot, Hot Heat
10th May 2009

Sad time for travellers
It is soo sad to hear (actually not hear therefore must not be) that you are not eating. I assume that Pho is an exprt item and not available. Maybe you found a stash of Kraft dinner? I have been anxiously awaiting any word on food but a dearth of silence. Insigh please! I like the idea of saving shopping until the end of the journey and then get stuff that is usable for future travels. Don't have to carry it for a long time and everything fits to a T (or to a Lyla). Can't wait to see the loot! I was wondering if there are remnants of French language or customs, especially in the cities? Keep up the memory gathering!
9th May 2009

What about the food
I can't believe big daddy hasn't commented on the fact that you have not mentioned food once since you arrived in Vietnam, and now you are in Cambodia! How is the food in Vietnam? Do the Vietnamese restaurants in our city truly reflect the Vietnamese cuisine? Can't wait to visit this country. Looks beautiful, as per your pics. mommy
9th May 2009

Where are you now?
Where are you girls..! It's been 5 days since we heard from you. Where are those wonderful, envy inspiring comments and pictures? I am suffering from blog withdrawal. I've had to re-read your previous communications ... need to keep entertained, you know ! Bring em on, Mommy.
8th May 2009

Oooooohhhh!! Sooooooo nice!!
Hey girls! I AM SOOOOOO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW! WOW! Can't believe you are going to bring back that many vietnamese clothes - and custom made I might add... du temps bien investi, ça c'est certain! The pics are amazing, I loved the ones from the My Son site... incredible! Guess you're gonna have so much fun at Angkor Wat... oh, I wish I could be there with you... :( Well, I've decided that after my belly-dance classes, I will start to learn the Cham dance... think Erik would enjoy... lol
7th May 2009

winner of debate
I've tallied the votes and it looks like the purse won. Sorry T. However it is a pretty cool purse if that is any consolation. Where are you girls now and what have you been up to?
7th May 2009

This is a great moment in the life of my sister... she has NEVER bought this much clothing at a time... I bet ya she liked getting fitted instead of trying on all this stuff! lol All is beautiful... Keep it up guys!! Can't wait to see Angkor Wat!! Hope you'll take some Lara Croft tomb raider-ish pics!! I want awesome pictures in there!!
6th May 2009

Sorry T - we've actually SEEN the item at your mom's and... it's a damn purse!!!! Now, I understand you don't want it to be a purse because you never bought one... right? Well, it's never too late to be good! lol Assume-toi T, tu vas finalement avoir ta première sacoche de madame! ;) Oh and about the caves..... amazing! Et dire que je capotais sur celles dans laquelle je suis allée avec Erik au Mexique... ;)
5th May 2009

T give it up! It's a dam purse. Looks similar to the one I bought. Looks like you girls are having fun. Makes me wish I was with you. I go back to work Wednesday and I don't know how I'm going to be able to last a whole day. By noon I need a nap. Can't get over how long it's taking me to reajust to eastern time. Or maybe I'm still tired from all those stairs we climbed.
5th May 2009

Purse or bag
I could not help but be intrigued by this thought provoking debate. There is no question the item is a bag.
5th May 2009

Suck it up is a purse and proud to say your first purse!
I am glad you girls are having such a wonderful time! for me people at work just won't let me have a nap at 12:00 noon.....I don't know what's wrong with them....I keep telling them it is midnight for me back in China. Momma
5th May 2009

The Debate
BTW - can you fit your head in it? Everyone knows you can't get a head into a purse.
5th May 2009

The Debate
Dear Auntie Mona. It's not the question of whether it is a bag or a purse, it is the question of who is right and who thinks it's a purse. Happy Birthday
5th May 2009

purse, bag ...? I need more info.
GOOD MORNING VIETNAM.... After examining the article under contention, I am reserving judgement until you divulge the dimemsions of this purse/bag. From what I can see, could be either. There is hope for you yet, T. I am absolutely loving your blog, and am encouraging everyone from the China trip to read it. Lyla, your father and I can't wait to go to Vietnam. Uncle M. and tante L. indiated they are in,as well. Love you lots, take care, and continue to have a great time. Mommy..
5th May 2009

What are we going to do with a girl like T?
T, T, T ! I cannot express how suprised and disappointed I am. In life we all have to make choices but at times we may err and make the wrong one. Given the choice, why would you even consider supporting an ordinary, (albeit pretty) sack sized carry-all over an uber-clacking purse that intimidates all other purses in the playground. Suck up your pride, admit you're wrong and proudly claim ownership to the uber-est clackingest purse ever! I know that the pride of ownership will soon replace the humiliation of backing the wrong name. Think of how Uber would want to be named! Great blog entery, thanks for the smile :i) (smile with a moustache)

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