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North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough December 17th 2014

Check it out......this will be our belongings for the next six months ........YIKES... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough December 8th 2014

It feels a bit surreal that we are in the home stretch as Dec.24 is going to come fast and furious. Our dream is finally coming true, spending the last 3 yrs. planning and saving, we've discovered a lot about ourselves. Selling the house and moving into a cottage with no couch or TV, where our bedroom wasn't just a place to sleep but Sean's home office and Max's drumming area, the kids were fantastic about sharing a bedroom. (they cease to amaze me) This way of living created space to understand what we can actually live without and at the very least it will have helped prepare us for the first 6 weeks of our trip travelling on an RV :):) giddy up!... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough November 28th 2014

As we are getting excited and ready to move out of the cottage..... this past week has been clouded with sadness as we lost our Rosie, she was such a gift to our family so sweet and patient, we will miss her terribly . This is a reminder of just how precious and short life is.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough October 15th 2014

It's official, 70 more sleeps until we fly to South America for our 'LiveToTheMax' Family Tour. Lisa and myself (Sean), Maximilian 'Max' (8), and Olivia 'Live' (10). We are going to have such an amazing adventure.....more to come.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario October 7th 2014

It's October 7th, a Tuesday evening. Fall has settled in, with colder evening temperatures combined with rain. Great way to motivate me to think about what this upcoming January will bring as we travel south to the end of the world (In Argentina, via an RV). We've locked in our flights to South America (departing Dec 24th 2014 - returning June 25th 2015), we are in full prep mode in terms of getting organized, items to pack, gear to bring, medical / health related items to bring, finalizing insurance etc. Good times... Future blog post on key gear to bring, but for the moment - here is a list of what i've researched and planning to bring: Top items to prepare for in advance: 1) International Drivers License 2) Travel Insurance / Emergency Medical 3) NASA ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough September 2nd 2014

Today was the second of our two health unit vaccination sessions, of which, we are now covered for Hep A+B (Twin rex), Yellow Fever, Tyfoid...and soon to be Malaria and the best one...."Travellers Diarrhea" (Dukerol). Good times. 15 more Fridays or 112 more sleeps until we depart for South America. Tick, tick, tick... More to come...... read more

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