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South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo February 16th 2015

Punta del Diablo is a small fishing/surfing village on the Atlantic coast of Uruguay just 40km from the Brazilian border. We spent much of our days chillin and surfin! Heavennnnnn Surfing was extremely fun, the kids were so pumped to do it no second thoughts just GO not so much a little nervous of the big waves and well (my thoughts briefly wandered to Jaws/SoulSurfer :) ridiculous I know that's just my fear talkin. Sean was our videographer and caught us all in action.....while he rented a board later. Once I started I never looked back! The kids were naturals and good old mom did pretty good too. Driving into Punta del Diablo we didn't realize that there was a National Holiday (Carnival)......duuuuu as we are in holiday mode always:) We certainly learned our lesson..... ... read more
The surf

South America » Uruguay » East » Piriapolis February 11th 2015

CASA Pueblo.....I found this unique hotel/ art gallery in reading about the coastal area. Carlos Paez Vilaro was a well know Uruguayan Artist. He was friends with Picasso and Dali to name a few. CASA Pueblo was build and design by CPV as his home. He gradually added on and on with new designs, none of which have any right angles. It is still home to his family as well as an art gallery and hotel. Interesting story....I'm not sure if you have read the book or seen the movie "ALIVE" about a rugby team that was travelling to Chile and their plane went down in the Andean mountains in 1972. One of the players on the plane was Carlos Paez Vilaro's son......Carlos was instrumental in continuing a private search that after 2months miraculously found survivors, ... read more
The elevator

South America » Uruguay » District of Montevideo » Montevideo February 10th 2015

This was probably the nicest bus I have ever been on....believe it or not it had Wifi, the best we've had this whole trip) . We took a (3hr.) bus from Colonia del Sacramento to Montevideo and then caught another (2hr.) bus heading further north on the coast Uruguay on the Atlantic Ocean. We had a great first bus experience.....let's hope they're all like this, I have a feeling no :) we will take it when we can get it!... read more
Liv and FL at the bus terminal

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento February 8th 2015

Colonia del Sacramento - full of cobblestone roads, artists, great RABAS and peaceful energy. What a magical place!! Check out this video on YouTube: read more
Map of the city
Din din

South America » Chile » O Higgins February 8th 2015

San Sebastián CHILE On our way to Ushuaia in the province of Tierra del Fuego (earth of fire) you have to cross through the Chilean border and then back into Argentina (crazy really) The border crossing from Argentina to Chile is much different then crossing into our USA park the car and take all your documents wait in one line then another, get a piece of paper and off you go. We waited for 2 hrs.........during our wait I cooked pasta and had a shower.....RVing rocks:) Tomorrow we will have reached our the most southern destination in Argentina, Ushuaia ( Fin del Mundo) end of the world !... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 7th 2015

We loved our 40 days, that consisted of : 12,000km 2 countries 2 oceans 9 Argentine provinces 6 Chilean provinces multiple villages and cities over 20 lakes and rivers countless mountains and volcanos and A LIFETIME OF LESSONS and PHENOMENAL MEOMORIES!... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento February 7th 2015

OFF the RV and directly to a Ferry bound for Uruguay. The high speed ferry crosses the Rio de la Plata straight to the city of Colonia del Sacramento.... read more
Bye bye Buenos Aires
Arrival in Uruguay
Our spaces are getting smaller:)

South America » Argentina » Córdoba February 5th 2015

Sadly it's a 2 day journey back to BA to return the "Desado" :( This 18hr. Drive from Mendoza to Buenos Aires actually made me home sick is is a huge agricultural area lots of cows and crops. Check out this video on YouTube: Check out this video on YouTube: read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza February 3rd 2015

Dreams that come's a story of Passion and Family! The name ZORZAL derives from a beautiful argentine bird who's sound is magical combined with the name of a famous Argentine tango dancer (passion and drive for his love of tango) We had a wonderful experience camping at Zorzal Winery in Tupungato, about 85km south of Mendoza. We arrived the evening on Feb.3.....the universe has totally been with us on the RV and this moment was no exception, it just so happens that tomorrow is their first day of harvesting their Sauvignon Blanc grapes ( and we get to see it). We had an extremely experiential education hanging out at the Bodega today. The family at Zorzal are extraordinary. Their passion and dedication to the quality of the process and end product of their delicious wines ... read more

South America » Argentina » Neuquén January 30th 2015

After a few days of Border crossings and long drives through the mountains we arrived at our destination Villa Pehuenia on Lago Alumine...... Stunning!!! We met the Super 6 from Austria and had a fantastic 3 days of swimming, hiking and just chillin. This gem of a place was magical. The advantage of RVing in Argentina/Chile is the freedom to point anywhere on a map and go there. We would never have come here if we didn't have a means as it's so far off the beaten track and tons of Ripio (gravel roads). Check out this video on YouTube: read more

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