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Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands November 18th 2008

Dom's less exciting version of these blogs will be available for all to see on his other blog at The Cameron Highlands sounded ideal, after the oppressive heat in KL and Melaka the thought of some cool weather in the highlands, bliss! And that is was, in fact it was so cold in the evenings I even wore my jeans!! The Cameron Highlands are about 4 hours north of KL, 4 hours of winding switchbacks up the side of a mountain, something which Dom and I came to the conclusion that our bus was not designed for! The bus ride up there (all of which I felt ill for!) was like being on a roller coaster; a world away from the bus from Melaka to KL where we sat at the front and it was ... read more
Centipede... milipede? Something like that

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City November 14th 2008

One of the most surprising things about Kuala Lumpur, apart from using British plug sockets, how developed it is, and how old most of the tourists are (40+), is the increbile amount of rubbish everywhere. Street cornbers are piled with the stuff, and tourist attractions fare no better. Jenga-like stacks of plastic bottles are everywhere you look. Before leaving the capital we decided to visit the caves of Batu just outside of town. They are the site of the annual self-mutilation ceremonies that many of you have probably read about, or seen in pictures of hoards of people whipping their own backs to get over their sins. That's in February, so all we got to see were some monkeys and a massive golden statue. The caves were large and small at the same time. The roof ... read more
Batu caves
Indian temple at Batu
Fish for Martin

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur November 8th 2008

KL is hot! Today the sweat drips down my everything as I sit under two fans. Damn. Kuala Lumpur is a confusing city. This isn't helped by poor directions to hostels, but that aside the real problem with the city itself is the lack of a codefied identity. First impressions bring to mind Spain, Turkey, and any number of places. There is no real sense of individuality as a city. It is a cocktail of a place. The population is a mixture of Chinese, Indian and Malay. This is reflected in the foods and sounds of the city. A visit to the National Museum taught us how the three races have successfully cooperated together to rid themselves of several varieties of imperial rule. That's great, and I love multi culturalism, but it seems like KL's character ... read more

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » São Paulo September 19th 2005

well its been a while but im afraid we have come to an end. This the 19th is our last day! The emails begging our parents for extra money so we could stay here an extra month, or 6 failed so we are on our way home this afternoon. Its been an adventure, but its okay because now we are planning our next one. last minute dash We´re in Rio again now but getting here was a bit of a struggle, with less than 10 days to go we suddenly realised that we were in Peru, humm, so a taxi to Bolivia (yes a taxi from Peru to Bolivia!!!) was in order and then a bus to La Paz. In La Paz we did last min shopping, and spent a little (*cough* lot *cough*) too much ... read more
Big Bobs Forever!
Miles and miles of white sand...and even whiter tourists

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco September 8th 2005

Yeah okay I fell off a horse. Not far though, and I was trying to get off. After our adventures in Machu Picchu last blog, we decided to try out the wonders of Incan hub, Cusco. The 4 hour train ride back from Aguas Calientes was a shocker - it was so unbearably hot leaving at 4pm. Some boy started having hallucinations and sobbing, though laura said he was just a drama queen. Anyway, back in Cusco we went and signed up for a horseback tour through some local ruins on the first day, white water rafting on the second, and a sightseeing bus to Puno on the third (what in the name of Ray Mears were we thinking?). Horses This was fun, although the horses were a) too fat, and b) too lazy to go ... read more
there she goes
what a scary lookin toy

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu September 2nd 2005

It was like the ice-creams in Dumbos, it was as good, if not better than we expected! And for the first time ever i was actually speachless!! We caught a train to Aguas Callientes (litterally meaning hot water thanks to the natural hot springs found there) At 6am from Cusco and arrived at around 3ish. The train ride was surprisingly nice, well the parts we were awake for were, the scenery was beautiful although i did spot a magot infested dog carcas on the side of the tracks! Aguas Callientes was just as beautiful with imposing mountain ranges surrounding the town and jungle encrouching on it. We went in search of somewhere to stay for the night and looked around and came across the most popular haunt, Gringo Bills, but us unsuspecting gringos quickly headed straight ... read more
4 hours of this!
the first magical glimpse!
no one thought to look for him here!

South America » Peru » Puno September 1st 2005

Well it finally happened - we got stuff nicked by some dastardly Peruvians. Nothing much of value was taken, and we still have all our photographs stored (don't worry,we've made sure we can still take pictures etc by way of a cheap digi camera) so it doesn't really matter that much, but it's annoying that it happened. It was about 6.45am, and we were trying to catch a bus that was trying very hard to avoid us. We had booked it with a lady who had said it would pick us up from our hotel, which it didn't. We then had to go and find a non-specific location on a road, which we didn't manage to. We sat down to get our bearings, and at some point someone made off with one of our day-bags. We ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island August 30th 2005

well its been one adventure after another recently. Early to rise and we were on our way to the floating islands on Lake titicaca, most impresssive! The Islands actually float!! There are reeds packed together to form a base, and the roots of the reeds float hence keeping the island from sinking, the only thing keeping it in one place are stakes going directly through the island. The views from the island were lovely but unfortuantly the islands are so over comercialised it kind of spoils it, although we did get to buy some lovely lovely tourist goods!! After a while on one floating island the natural progression was to go to the next floating island...the one with a phone box on it! Where we photographed a lady making bread who then demanded some money! then ... read more
Three (little) men in a boat
Reed boats in all their touristy glory

South America » Peru » Puno August 28th 2005

Well La Paz was great and everything, a little high but it was okay, great shopping and cheap as chips! But Itchy feet caught up with us so we packed up our things and got on a bus and ended up in Puno, Peru!! But our last few days in La Paz were very adventurous indeed.... Tiwanaku We finally gave in and decided to join a tour group, you know those annoying groups of people in North Face coats, bags, hats, gloves, underpants, who wear safari hats in the middle of the city, well we were one of those! But it was worth it, we had an English speaking guide who pointed things out to us which we would never have noticed otherwise, such as the fact the statues had their noses cut off because the ... read more
the postcard shot
the incas gave good heads
like, dude

First some travel information: Anyone thinking of going to Titicaca beware that, a) the town you will most probably start at, Copacabana, has no cash machine. You can get a cash advance for a commission, but it´s best to just stock up on Bolivianos before you go. b) nowhere on the Illa del sol will take US dollars unless you offer about twice the price. Most locals will tell you a dollar is worth 6 Bs, when it is 8 and will accept nothing else (though a friendly lady changed some for us at 8). Take warm clothes too, it´s cold! A Cholita is a traditional Bolvian woman. She wears four or five layers of skirt, several sweaters and a poncho. Often you will find one with a baby wrapped in a blanket and somehow tied ... read more
The blessing of the automobiles
Our miniture tour guides
View from the top

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