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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 18th 2005

For those thinking of doing the death road biking trip, check the end of this blog for helpful (I hope) advice! Well our plans are never quite set in stone are they? Our plans for La Paz have proved no different to any others - We planned 5-10 days of Spanish lessons here, but the fact that I got explosive diahorrea and vomiting from some really bad (well, it was good...) street food put us off that for a couple of days, and then Laura came down with something. Also the altitude here is sickening, and not fun to move around too much, coupled with the fact that La Paz is terribly polluted (something to do with the mountains trapping in all the bad stuff - ask Tim or Lucy about it, they're bound to know)... ... read more
I´m going to make you into slippers
Too tough for slippers... burgermeat oh yeah!
laura and a llama

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 14th 2005

We arrived in La Paz really early in the morning so intended to climb into a hostel bed, not as easy as it sounds. For anyone arriving in La Paz early in the morning be warned most of the hostels are closed! You can buzz for as long as you like but they will not answer the door! And by early i mean 6am! But we eventually found a place and just crashed out untill mid afternoon, cama buses arnt as comfy as everyone would like you to think! We spent much of the afternoon just wandering around, it took us a while to find anywhere on the map because the lp guide map sucks! But just wandering was good enough for us. Everywhere you look you can see huge mountains towering over the city, with ... read more
Backdrop to La Paz

Well getting here was the first big adventure! we were very organised and bought our bus tickets in the morning to leave that night, full cama so we were looking foward to a good nights sleep. All was well we got to the bus station in plenty of time and our bus ticket man told us he was changing our bus but it was still cama so we agreed and made our way to the bus. hum. not quite what we had expected! no toilet for one! and the chairs were worse than the number 1 bus, okay not that bad but hardly cama, hardly semi cama! So as cross as we were we got off of the bus to have our first argument in spanish! Dom used every single spanish he knew, and plenty of ... read more
View from our hotel window... We don´t like cities, but...
Cochabamba... nicer 2000 feet above
The extent of the political gridlock in Cochabamba

Death train? pfft. It was a bit dissapointing actually. 14 hours, two american films (in spanish, though we got subtitles for the second one... then fell asleep) and some bad food. It was nothing more than a slightly bumpy train. If anyone died on it it was probably from some nasty meal rather than any train induced injury. One nice thing about it was the people selling things at the stations - when we arrived we would open our windows, lean out and buy cakes, breads, drinks, set meals.. it was great. Super-pullman class (one above 1st class) turned out to be little more than British Rail´s 2nd class, but it was good enough to survive the journey with some sleep to boot. We were tired when we arrived here, so booked into th first hotel ... read more
big bird...small cage
our new beauty consultant
cute...but smelly

South America » Brazil August 1st 2005

Curumba Curumba Curumba! well the place was lovely, the weather stupidly hot, and the hostel, well i have a lot to say about the hostel! it was another hosteling international hostel we´ve stayed in three now so we thought this one would be as lovely and as helpful as the last...wrong! firstly they trie to charge us R$25 each for a dorm room with shared bathroom, so we laughed and faught it down to 17 each, the place was lovely the building clean and bright, the staff as miserable as sin. We decided to go to bolivia from Curumba so needed tickets for the death train, so we agreed to buy them through the hostel as it was a much easier option (at this point i will say if you do want death train tickets DO ... read more
one of many creature phone boxes!

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito July 31st 2005

Well first things frist, we~ve put up a load more photos, including our Pantanal trip ones, so check them out. We put the Bonito ones on the Pantanal blog, and vise versa... by mistake. We´ve now departed sunny Bonito and arrived in sunny Curumba - it´s been consistenty in the 30s the last few days. Tans are coming on nicely, and a little bit of sunburn too - even though laura was wearing factor 50, grr. Anyway, as we said before, Bonito was just a dirty track, basically. We saw people quad biking around the place which looked like fun, but we decided against it as you can do it anywhere, and on Friday went ´tubing´down a river of the clearest water we have ever seen! even in the deepest parts you could see all the ... read more
Funny indian cow
Run, coati!

South America » Brazil » Pantanal July 25th 2005

OOPS We put the Bonito pictures on here - check the Bonito blog for the Pantanal pics!! Well what an amazing few days we´ve had! Jaguars, Pirhannas (or something spelt similarly), swimming with Aligators and chasing anteaters. Now we´re in a town out of an oxfam advert! On the 24th we arrived in Campo Grande after 14 hours on the bus. It´s a rubbish little town, but we were so tired that we had to stay the night. As I said we bargained down the price fo the tickets and got a free night in the hotel. In the morning we set off at about 12 in a minibus, and about 4 hours later changed to an offroad truck at a town called Miranda (I got a photo of the town name for her). That took ... read more
Feed them corn and they love you forever
Dom snorkling
Shy parrot

South America » Brazil » Pantanal July 24th 2005

Night buses are funny things. You sleep alot, but to call it sleep is lying to yourself.The seats are really comfy,and recline to almost lying down, but that little bit difference stops any real effect. plus the driver ran over something in the early hours... Anyway, yes,we got the bus to Campo Grande - two busses in fact, and 14 hours. now here we are, in the middle of nowhere in Nowheresville - a 50 horse town with nothing to entertain even one of them. Well we´re off tomorrow morning to tour the Pantanal for three days... so who cares. We did our first proper bargaining today and got a 640 R$ tour for 550, plus a free night in this hotel. Today was spent wandering around Campo Grande wondering why everything was shut... and then ... read more

today of course we ended up in Argentina, as you do! i mean we were so close by why not!! The falls from the argentinian side was incredible! not sure which side i prefer...maybe i need to visit them again to see. But the falls were unmissable, they should most defenatly be on everyones ´things to do before they die´list! we kinda blew the budget a bit today! i mean there was a chance for a ride on a speed boat underneath the waterdalls, so how could we not! it was absolutely amazing, we ended up getting so so wet our clothes still are nowhere near dry but it was most defenatly worth it, the speed boat took us right from the Argentinian side of the falls to the brazillian side via behinde the waterfalls. i ... read more
Laura enjoying the sights
The sights

South America » Brazil » Paraná » Foz do Iguaçu July 21st 2005

It poured with rain today, then it stopped, then it poured again and then it bucketed. We still had a great time though. This morning we had in mind to get the bus to Assucao, the capital of Paraguay, tomorrow night. Then we saw a sign for cheap coach rides to Buenos Aires and thought that was a good idea, as Spanish lessons will be difficult to find in Paraguay, as untravelled and tourist-centred as it is. Anyway, we decided against both of those things, as they sidetracked from our trtekking plans in Peru and Bolvia too much (Buenos Aires is about 1300 miles south of our plans for christ's sake!), and will get a coach to the Pantanal area tomorrow instead - the Pantanal is the largest wetlands in the world, on the border of ... read more
Laura´s favourite
This guy hated Dom
Pretty boy

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