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South America » Brazil » Paraná » Foz do Iguaçu July 20th 2005

After getting to Foz do Iguacu at 6am and in the freezing cold we weren´t in the best of moods, but still managed to walk all the way to the hostel (which took about 2 hours) to save money. After we got here we settled down and then headed out to explore the town. It´s nothing special, a bit like Curitiba really, but we weren´t here for the that, we were here for the billions of gallons of water that stream down the 250 waterfalls just down the road! A very impressive sight it was indeed, when we finally got there. If it had~´t been for the teenager projectile vomiting it would have been perfect. Best views of Brazil so far! The falls are so incredibly huge and vast, and the rainbows and mist clouds so ... read more
Dom´s new best friend (sorry laura)
Laura´s new best friend (sorry dom)
Damp... but it was worth it

South America » Brazil » Paraná » Curitiba July 18th 2005

This morning was spent packing up to leave robbys obviously there were a few tearfull goodbyes!! ;p and then it was off to the airport! it was an 1hour 40 min flight with the most amazing views of the country! if you ask me the flight is an unmissable part of our trip so far! Curitiba was not that amazing to be honest,and cold so so cold minus a million degrees...okay 4 but it felt colder {so cold dom had to buy a jumper},and not that cheap, although our room was $R30 for a double ensuite! Thats less than a fiver each! it was a bit mank and the bathroom was just part of the bedroom with no privicy at all! but we got through it! although we gave the shower a miss due to exposed ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro July 18th 2005

heya, just a quick note to let you all know whats going on. well at the moment we are rushing around to get everything sorted as we have a plane to catch at 1:30! we´re off to Curitiba for a few nights and then off to the foz do iguacu falls. so if you dont hear from us for a few days we are safe but having too much fun to talk to you ;P hehe! we will update you about the brilliant time we have had in rio, an unmissable holiday if you ask me! love you all lots and lots and we will post some piccies soon as we find a net cafe which lets us! Love laura and Dom XxX... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro July 17th 2005

Okay well here's a quick review of what we did the last few days in rio - briefest of brief as we have some sightseeing to do. Firtly we took the cablecar up sugarloaf mountain, which was amazing - stunning views of the beaches and islands of rio. We also met some cheeky monkeys, and walked down the smaller 'mountain' connecting sugarloaf to the ground - it was a great, though sometimes tricky, tropical walk. The rest of the day was spent walking back to Robbys through three different beaches. That evening two German girls arrived, and the next day we all went up to the statue of Christ the Redeemer, where the views were alm,ost as good as sugarloaf. Christ was dissapointingly small, and it was very busy - i got in loads of other ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro July 13th 2005

July 13th-Laura´s Today consisted of mainly relaxing, in fact it was in all a very relaxing and beautiful day! to start off the day me an dom decided that as we were only a stones throw from paradise we should start our day of with a jog along the beach...hahaha okay we sunbathed and paddled in the water but it was amazing...yet i hate to admit this (don´t laugh Claire) my tan is yet to be seen! Crazy i know, maybe its because i´ve been wearing, and forcing Dom to wear, factor 50?!, but there is some sign of tanning, i mean my freckles have come out with avengence! so after relaxing on paradise, i mean the beach we headed back to Robby´s... Dom obviously decided he didnt want to go in as he wouldnt open ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro July 12th 2005

phase 1 of our adventure is coming to an end as we have now decided that we will be leaving this tropical paridise on Monday! but its been amazing here! Here are our diaries from the last few days 12th July - Dom´s We wake up early and robby fixes us breakfast. He offers a number of outings for set prices, and we take him up on a tour of the city for 70R$ (1 R$ is 24p). We walk to the local beach and buy coconuts, drinking the milk straight from the coconut, as Robby tells us about his life here in Rio. There is no welfare system here, so when he lost his job he had to think of something. Jobs are scarce, and rich people scacer here. He opened his flat to tourists ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro July 12th 2005

Well it took a while but we have finally made it here! we are now in a net cafe which our lovley new brazilian friend robby took us to! sorry to all of our fans that we didnt let you know sooner that we got here, thats because our stupid flight to rio from madrid was cancelled, so we got to spend a night in a lovely 4star hotel in madrid! i am sure that we will moan about it to you when we get home so i wont bore you with it now, all i can say is that it is so lovley here i wouldnt be surprised if you never saw us again! weather is fab! people are lovely and we can see a jungle from our bedroom window!! its amazing (apart from the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol July 6th 2005

heya there, as you all know me and dozing m are trying to prepare for our amatrip around south america. and blimy we are going to miss you all so so much!! but not too much i mean you're all too jelous to admit that you are going to miss us but we are going to miss you. Did i mention that we will miss you?!? But packing, boy is that hard, what do we take what do we leave behinde? i want to take just about everything, and a spare and dom would be happy with a mosquito net, pair of walking boots and a swiss army knife! But there is so much preporation to do and half of our budget is being eaten up just getting to the airport! (i mean thanks mum and ... read more
Beautiful England

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