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Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon January 28th 2009

For those that don't know, we are travelling with a Swedish friend of ours called Anders. This blog features the seven major funny things that happened in the last few days. It could well be the most interesting country out of the 21 we have seen so far, and the people are (usually) very, very friendly, but the travelling in Myanmar is a definitely not for wimps. English is rare, though anyone who speaks it will rush to your aid if they see you in difficulties; but getting buses and finding your way around can be a real adventure in itself. The first thing we noticed was that all the men wear a kind of skirt. Really, all of them. There are no ATMs here, so we had to bring some US dollars to change to ... read more
chinese new year celebrations

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville January 22nd 2009

Sihanouk Ville is so great! It's covered in Copacabana-rivalling beaches and surrounded by awesome islands. The snorkeling wasn't up to much because of recent storms - and no whale sharks here unfortunately. But if this isn't paradise then what is? 25c beer, 'happy' pizza and shakes everywhere. Beautifully comfortable seats on the beach which you can sleep on all night for free; mid-30s heat with low humidity, huge gekos, and the friendliest of the friendlist people in the world. Laura made a new best friend of a little girl who sells fruits and makes bracelets on the beach, and we both ended up surrounded by children who forgot they were supposed to be selling us things and spent hours just playing. What an ideal place! Then the sickness came.... Doxycycline malaria tablets... possible side effects include ... read more
Little boy collecting cans
Runaway cows on the beach

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap January 7th 2009

So, as you know, we decided to leave the Phillipines because of the weather. We braved the rain to go and change our flights, flipped off the entire country and watched in horror as the clouds parted to reveal a laughing diety. The last few days were glorious! Perfect diving weather, perfect beach weather and perfect beer weather; though we only got to do the beer bit because we spent the days travelling back to Cebu for the flight. We went to the Phillipines to see whale sharks. We left and James stayed. And the swine got to see them! BBC weather is a cruel joke. Luckily cebu pacific have just started running cheap flights from Manila to Osaka, Japan, so we can use our short holidays there to go on diving expeditions. Also Japan has ... read more
What an arsehole

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Dumaguete January 3rd 2009

We came to the Philippines with a hot tip to see whale sharks off the tourist track. We were so excited. Then it started to rain, I got chatted up by a subtle prostitute, it rained some more, and then we looked at a weather forecast. Typhoon? Nothing will stop the weathered travellers! Except a typhoon. Especially one which will cover the whole of the Philippines for the duration of our visas. God damnit. Well, hours after booking flights out of here in two weeks time, we decided that there was just no point in being here at all. Everything is wet, every journey is a massive ordeal involving gut wrenching ferry rides, and the whole damn place can just GET OUT OF MY FACE. It's such a shame. We both love the Philippine people and ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal December 31st 2008

So we arrived in the Philippines just in time for my birthday, so thought it would be a good idea to head straight to a beach with diving for Dom and a luxury resort for me! So we spent an interesting night in Manila and then hopped straight on a flight to Cebu city where we spent an entire day looking for accommodation. We are seriously about to throw our lonely planet away as it just sucks, in fact we're not sure the people who write the Philippines section have ever been here! The bus from Cebu to Moalboal where we headed with Lisa and James was also good fun, there's no need to visit theme parks here just hop on a bus where they dive 100km an hour and overtake where ever the hell they ... read more
just before my birthday massage!

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kinabatangan December 25th 2008

So as you all know we spent christmas in the jungle with some friends we met traveling. We took a few crates of beer, LOTS of bottles of Arak (Chinese brandy) and lots of nips (like peanut m&ms) and were set. We saw lots of monkeys, mainly probiscous although we did see an orang-utan which was amazing, although he was a sleepy teenager so didn't do much. We saw hornbills, and eagles and crocodiles too. But the one creature we saw the most of was the mosquito, which was not fun, we all left the jungle with an insane amount of bites and are still suffering today! Here are few of our faves pics from the jungle! ... read more
um yeah
this describes our bus ride out of the jungle

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sipadan December 23rd 2008

OK!! So we finally have a computer that will let us upload some pictures so here it goes! As we are a few blogs behind we have decided to just mainly post pictures to show you what we did rather than tell you. These photos are from Uncle Changs, which was on the island Dom learned to dive on and close to sipidan where the photos from the last blog were taken. A few photos are from Kota Kinabulu where we were prior and post Uncle Changs. ... read more
the gang
Christmas greetings from Santa!
sunset from uncle changs

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Mabul December 21st 2008

After visiting Kota Kinabulu and deciding not to climb the mountain but to save our pennies and go learn to dive we took the horrible night bus to Semporna. After arriving at 4am and wandering around town until we found a hostel with 24 hour reception we managed to book ourselves a little trip to Mabul island. We've just returned from a week with dear Uncle Chang on Mabul island. Mabul is famous for three things, Uncle Chang, the diving and the tanduay (see pics). We had an amazing time, met some amazing people and saw some amazing things, sharks, turtles and nemo to name but a few. Dom completed his open water diving course which means he can now dive anywhere but due to my ears I just snorkled, (I say 'just' but the snorkeling ... read more
Under water laura and dom
Diver Dom
n223300325 5063184 3412

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Gunung Mulu National Park December 11th 2008

It's been a while, but we've been busy indeed and surprisingly the Borneo Rainforest doesn't have much of an internet connection! Miri was our first stop after mainland Malaysia but if you can avoid spending longer than maybe 2 hours in the oil town then do it. Miri is awful. Not cheap either. The 'highland hostel' has bad reviews from everyone who goes there due to the 'crazy cat lady' who works there and is 25RM each for a dorm! We stayed in the fairland inn, which was a dive but 30RM for a double, beggers can't be choosers! Dom was chasing an enormous cockroach around the room, lifted up Laura's mattress to teach it a lesson, and found a bag full of little baggies with traces of some white powder and some custom made straws. ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi November 26th 2008

So we reached the coast at last! We got to Penang after a drive down from the Cameron Highlands, and the heat hit us! We are definatly not in the highlands anymore! We're staying in Georgetown, the main town on the island, in the mandatory china town. We checked into a hotel called the 'the blue diamond' which was 30RM a night for a double room with a shower! The loos may have been minging but they had a bar and served mexican food so who cares! The hostel also has live music, as it was a Friday night when we arrived we enjoyed this, and Saturday night we enjoyed it too. It seems that the hostel has live music until 1am every night, which booms into every room and causes children to cry. We checked ... read more

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