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18th September 2009

will this reach you both?
dear both, getting more used to this,but not very sure of japan looks lovely,hope to see more soon!love to both,grandma
From Blog: Home sweet home.
3rd September 2009

gotyou at last
dear dom and laura,at long last got my comptr working.have seen lovely photoes ofiida .looks lovely ,supergran.
From Blog: Home sweet home.
15th April 2009

no more traveling!!!is that the end.for how long!!!! next time take you suitcase and stuff with you!!!!!!!!!!!only joking your blogs have been funny and enjoyed be all xxxxxxx speak soon
8th April 2009

Theirs lots of pictures of elephants cats and more elephants!!!!!!Just joking the pics are great ,and you look good with the apron,looks like you are cooking?
29th March 2009

hi Laura that really looks great fun, but you no me i would be really scared. now its time to get back to the real world of work!!! hope you are well. everything here OK. hope everything goes well hope to speak soon love you loads mumxxxxx
17th March 2009

what the hell is shithead? the food once again looks really great (does dom ever stop eating) only joking!!!!! the places look really exciting and great fun if not a little frightening in places !!!! love you loads xxx
16th March 2009

wow the food looks yummy.hope you left room for ice cream?you and dom look really well. not long now until you start work in the real world!!! love you loads xxxxx
6th March 2009

I'm enjoying the warts n all travel write ups. Myanmar is definitely not an easy place to travel around and I'm glad you're not painting a superficial tale of sunsets and Buddhas and how amazing it all is (man).
4th March 2009

once again a really good blog not sure about the maggots though.not long now and you will be starting your other journey into the world of work!!!! love you loads love to dom xxx
24th February 2009

your photos are incredible!!! so the blogs...keep em coming! tonnes oof love xxxxx
24th February 2009

Hello Laura and Dom, Wow, wow, wow!!! I had so much fun reading this last tale!! Thanks so much for it! Although I've been to most places that you mention in this story, I really do envy you for being able to travel this long right now. Reading your stories makes me seriously think about quitting my job and leaving to travel the world again on an open end ticket just like 10 - 15 yrs ago when life had much less responsibilities ... Guys, enjoy ALL of this, even if there are crappy times every once in a moon!!! Be safe, be healthy and continue to have a fantastic journey!! Can't wait to read more :-) Love - Yvonne
23rd February 2009

ur blogs are awesome! looks like uv seen alot of beautiful things. wish i was there! bristol is pretty yawn-some. im glad u didnt get scammed! look after each other. hopefully i'll see u real soon! love u lots! the family send their love too xxx
13th February 2009

Looks like you're having a fantastic time! Loving the stories... most of them at Dom's expense I notice... Look after yourselves xx
11th February 2009

we could not stop laughing , your blog was so funny wish i was a fly on the wall speak soon love you mumxx
23rd January 2009

so sick
oh no it sounds like you a awful few days. Hope you are feeling better now. xxx
7th January 2009

loving the pics you seem to be having a great time!! wish i was there sometimes (not really dont like the heat) love you x
7th January 2009

your pics are great love doms new boots very cool
2nd January 2009

Pictures and New Year swimming in the Phillipines
Hi Dom and Laura, We continue to enjoy your excellent blogs - you seem to find exciting things wherever you go! Your sunset pictures are excellent and I was particularly taken by your description of New Year festivities (a few hours before us!) - midnight swimming and rum and all! I hope you continue to have a great time and keep sending the blogs! Best wishes, Thor.
1st January 2009

looks great having loads of fun ,have a great time love mum
6th December 2008

Fab Time
Hi Laura and Dom. You look like you are having an amazing time. Bristol just can't compare. Keep the updates coming. Love Vicky, Gary and Jessica.
4th December 2008

hi it looks lovely there you seems to be nice where ever you are whats the weather like not to hot i hope. you must be in borneo by now ? wiil talk later love you xxxx
25th November 2008

I am very jealous...infact i am so jealous that I cant concentrate on my impending literature review. ta muchly! nah, im so happy for u guys it sounds great. Although I cant believe how much hiking you guys are doing?!! were you not deterred by spain?! like the chick lit laura...good plan. Dom im with you on the curry! terrah gem xxxxxxx
24th November 2008

And Curry for breakfast, what a treat!
24th November 2008

Wow that run it sounds fantastic Dominic! I am glad you are both enjoying yourselves and finding time to relax as well! take care, both of you With lots of love Mum xxx
21st November 2008

Things can only get better...
You guys! You seem like you're exploring the World in it's full glory! Hopefully the next bed you sleep in will be more comfortable. We're thinking of you both. Take care. And Laura, make sure you put a tracking device on Dom before you get to busy Japan!!!!!!!!!!! xx
From Blog: Melaka

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