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23rd May 2011

I'm very happy for u 2 :)
Life is different for everyone. We all want different things but I am super happy that you and Ken found each other as great companions and enjoy the world together. The pics look great as always...keep more coming. Do you guys like carpaccio? I love that stuff!! Or have you had any good gnocchi out there?!
23rd May 2011
Photo 21

What a classic shot!!!
The two italian pizzas + the "life is good" t-shirt.... I would say: "life is awesome" Enjoy guys!
9th April 2011
Ken about to leave Bangkok to Varanasi

you have good snaps collections
4th January 2011
Photo 22

Oh Boy!! This just looks amazing!! I hope you guys are enjoying it all!! I hope someday I have what you 2 have in each other. Definitely great people...and hey thanks again for stoppin in and helping the kids for the fundraiser. Much love...JUNIOR
1st January 2011

Enjoying it all!
Your trip seems like it turned out to be a great time! I also loved BA, and am now more then ever motivated to go to Rio. Have a safe trip back!
1st January 2011

Enjoying it all!
Your trip seems like it turned out to be a great time! I also loved BA, and am now more then ever motivated to go to Rio. Have a safe trip back!
1st January 2011

I noticed you guys went to Caminito - the place where tango originated
30th December 2010

Happy new year!
Nice photos guys! I hope you are having a great time. Remember to try "asado" with red wine and "alfajores". Best wishes from Hawaii :) Enjoy!
30th December 2010

hey guys, Todd and I enjoyed Buenos Aires so much when we went there too!!! The Recoleta was worth going. I don't know how far Iguassu falls is but you shoukd check that out if you get a chance. It is one of the best waterfalls there is. Do an Argentinian ranch tour if you can...
30th December 2010

It looks as if there is a lot to see in Buenos Aires. It seems very nice.
25th December 2010

hi ken and steven, good thiing the clouds went away. that happened to me and todd last year too when we went to Rio. We had to come back a day after. Check out their Catholic Church too, it does not compare with those in Europe but worth seeing. Try to go to Petropolis too, it's about 2 hours away from Rio
23rd December 2010

¡Qué bonito!
I hope you catch up on sleep in that room of yours with an awesome view. The miles of beaches look great. Are you going to test the water?
26th September 2010

Hey your blog looks really interesting! My cousin and I are heading over to SE Asia later this year and plan on travelling from Ho Chi Minh City to Koh Phangan, just wondering which airline you took and roughly how much your ticket was? Also did you come across any other possible ways of getting from HCMC to Koh Phangan? Your photos look amazing, I can't wait to see it all for myself :)
16th April 2010

Hi, Was wondering who you used to take the tour? How much did they charge for the day? Thanks! PJ
15th January 2010

You guys know the best beaches. Very cool place!
15th January 2010

Wow! What a nice place. Cheers guys!
From Blog: Day 21 - Bangkok
15th January 2010

I can't believe it's been 22 days! I bet you can't, either. I look forward to your blog and photos everyday - it's the first thing I view when I get online! Thank you so much for sharing your trip! I look forward to seeing you when you return. Have a safe trip home!
From Blog: Day 22 - Bangkok
13th January 2010

Those beaches are the most pristine I have ever seen! I just want to be there right now.
11th January 2010

Save some breakfast!
India looks beautiful. You guys really do a great job with this site. Funny story that you guys got off the plane at the wrong place. I'd probably be scared if that happened.
11th January 2010

SOOO Pretty
Wow I love when you can actually see through the water! Looks tooo fun I'm glad you guys are enjoying! Where are the food pictures!!
8th January 2010

Please don't have so much fun, try to contain yourself out there. I'm so jealous what a life....hehehe....see you when you get back. Tishco and I are just wonderful. we garden and hung out in the backyard and then we went for a walk in the Florida Canyon. (What a cruisy place...hmmmmmmmm :)
6th January 2010

good times!
Your trip is amazing! I really love reading the descriptions and seeing the pics. PS-I played tennis with Greg today Steven. I am going to be ready for you when you get back. LOL
4th January 2010

Hi guy, You didn't stay in vietnam that long too bad. I want to go to Vietnam! have some real Pho! Hope you have great time in Saigon.
31st December 2009

happy new year guys!!!
31st December 2009

You guys FINALLY got out of India.... Somehow i knew that wuld happen to you guys... That's why I didn't want to go :D All i have to say is... " I knew it! And i'm not sure if i told you not to go there but i was thinking about it! i didnt want to be rude...." SOooooo: India wasn't the best place for you... It would't be for me either! So hope the stress or whatever you'd call it.. Comes back in Laos. And tell everyone in Laos I said Hi! ( Not really EVERYONE! Dont go in the streets saying," Megan says hi! " I would just die laughing if you did that! )

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