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20th January 2010

Your journey sounds like a challenge on ANTM. I think this officially proves you're fit to be a top model.
20th January 2010

Hello Kate, You forgot to tell your mother the part about wandering around the streets of Tokyo at night ALONE. Where are the pictures of Captain Chris? Love you!! mom
18th January 2010

Hello Kate
Hi Kate! Its Ram from Chapagaun! Nice to see your blog.
9th January 2010

Christmas in Italy
I loved your commentary on Rome and Christmas. You had me laughing so hard I was crying. What an adventure you had. I hope our trip goes a little easier, but your's sounds so adventurous. Love you, aunt marie.
31st December 2009

We will arrive in Paris... INCHALLAH! BAHAHAHAHA. I nearly died of the lulz.
29th December 2009

Love the pictures
Kevin needs a pair of those boxers!
29th December 2009

Hello Kate, I couldn't stop laughing at the Baby Jesus a la Lion King. I can just imagine all of the lovely smells on the long train ride. Love you, Mom
18th December 2009

Wow sounds/looks amazing! (Hi, you don't know me, but I'm a fellow assistant in France :D) Had to comment because I'm a New Zealander and dying to know who the celebrity was. Lol!
6th December 2009

Hi Kate, Douai makes Mentor sound like a wonderful place to live. At least, we have a Wal-Mart. Love you!
3rd December 2009

Kate-you sound so sad and bored.I certainly glad you will not be spending Christmas alone. If I could I'd come and be with you. Luv You
1st December 2009

dont worry kate, i ate enough for 10 of us at thanksgiving!!! and we thought of you with every bite! we love and miss you be careful and have fun!! love ya aunt kel
29th November 2009

aafno gaun herda khusi lagyo and thanks to the publisher
26th November 2009

Hi Kate: Your old second grade teacher here. Got your blog address from Mrs. Gerard. Hope you are doing well on this Thanksgiving. I am enjoying reading about your adventures. You are one curious girl!! Take care!!
26th November 2009

buenas dias
hola ustedes muchos grecias por visitar nostros pais espero que ustedes le gustado mucho a touba siare buwer
21st November 2009

all i got out of that whole blog was that you ate at a mcdonalds!!! haha i could survive there for a few days!! caramel sundae with extra caramel!!! love ya have fun be careful
21st November 2009

Oh, Kate
Your life is so stressful. I pity you. How do you manage to find so many wonderful adventures? Your photos are spectacular. I'd love to travel with you some day. Karin in Mentor
19th November 2009

You are so lucky girl. Have a great time wherever you go next. Luv you.
19th November 2009

BEAUTIFUL, Kate. Stop living in the "ugly" part of France. Sheesh.
19th November 2009

hi kate!!! sounds like youre still moving around alot and seeing sooo much! but your mom is right, hitchhiking???!!! big no no!! be careful, love you and miss you! i just made the meatballs and spaughetti you liked when you were here, has to beat eating freaking avacados!!
18th November 2009

If only we'd made it to the gardens.... The Bab just didn't allow it. "Yesh li gamal v'ha'shem shelo Shlomo."
18th November 2009

SHLOMO = Favorite. I love you and Jess! These pictures are gorgeous. I'm surprised the Baha'i didn't try and hit harder to the hoop to convert you. From my understanding, they do missionaries like Christians and door-to-door "word spreading" like the Jehovah's Witnesses. But I bet those gardens were GORGEOUS.
18th November 2009

OH, Kate!
Kate, didn't your mother ever teach you not to hitchhike in foreign countries, especially alone and unable to speak the language. Make good choices!
18th November 2009

"I have a camel, and his name is Shlomo" is the best quotation ever ever ever. I felt I received A LOT of scrutiny in Britain for being just a tourist. Maybe not a 5, but def a 3.
17th November 2009

so glad you got to see bethlehem ad share it with us-got your post card thanks -love you
16th November 2009

did little more than study scripture and take ritual baths That's all I do. Minus the bathing.

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