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24th July 2010

Traveling Kate Style
One day, when I have money, we will totally travel Kate Style. Maybe next summer?
24th July 2010

Karin and Kate-you are brave people. Can't wait to see you - Love Aunt Marie
24th July 2010

great blog!
Hi Ladies! Thanks for the great blogging, and for sharing your amazing experience. I enjoyed reading your updates and seeing your photos, and sharing the experience with you both. I want to travel "Kate style" - where do I sign up?!? (Perhaps a trip to Timbuktu next year???)
15th July 2010

Karin and Kate: you are both real troopers!!! I love reading about your journey and keep thinking what an experience to be where you are. Thanks for letting all of us share in your adventure. Enjoy every minute, as I am sure you are. A trip of a lifetime. Take Care.
14th July 2010

i dont do shiny and gross in the morning!!! love you
14th July 2010

ok first of all, what the hell is ceebu jen!!!!??????? i would of died day 1!!!!! cant wait to see you in the good old usa!!!!!! love ya
10th July 2010

i love the usa
hi girls!!!!!! i am so sad i couldnt come with you, i would have loved getting shoved into a taxi with you!!!! but i will enjoy riding in my suzuki by myself, turning on howard stern and cranking the ac!!!!! love you boyh, be careful!! i will eat a pizza for you!!!
From Blog: Conquering Dakar
10th July 2010

I love how your mom is framing this all in terms of Weight Watchers. It feels like you haven't been in Douai for months. Are you playing hooky?
From Blog: Conquering Dakar
4th July 2010

all i can say is i love the usa, pizza, fast food, air conditioning, my bed, pepsi, showers, carpeting, nice smelling sheets, non bug water, etc etc!! but i am proud of you 2 for taking the trip!! its gonna be an adventure!!! sorry i couldnt get off work to come!!! harry potter park was great!!! be careful love you both!!!!!!
30th June 2010

Good luck Karin
Karin, you look fantastic. Hopefully you'll be as healthy on your return to the states. Enjoy this experience. Kate - you better take very good care of your Mom. Be safe!
30th June 2010

karin and kate, you both are in my prayers. i love you
30th June 2010

What was she thinking when she agreed to go?
Wow Kate! Your mom is either super adventurous or crazy. Time will tell. :-*
29th June 2010

Peeing Statues!!
Hi Kate, Your mom sent me to this sight. I Enjoyed reading all about your travels, they sound interesting and FUN! The Waffles look absolutely YUMMY! Just wanted to tell you to have a GREAT TRIP with your mom! She is so looking forward to seeing Africa with YOU!! Be safe and well.....And build a LOT of Wonderful Memories Together!! Chris
28th June 2010

Strawberry beer-Yuck! Waffles with anything chocolate- now we're talking! Do they have waffles with chocolate heaven in Kaolack or Kounghuel? I might have to settle for rice and ??? Love you!! Mom
13th June 2010

Hi Kate, how will you ever be satisfied with a regular day to day job? you're travel experiences have been a joy to follow. Stay safe. take care of your Mom when you head to Africa.
12th June 2010

Nice post! By the way, if you have any intentions of visiting Red Light District, you should check out The Amsterdam Red Light Guide
11th June 2010

Kate what are jelly babies. I chucked as I read about your trip with the kids. Do you have ant idea how many field trips I was on with kids. Fourteen times to Washington D.C. alone. Love You Aunt Marie
11th June 2010

An overwhelming silence and pain in my heart for those that endured such a tragedy engulfs my body when I read of this and see these pictures...thanks for sharing. I have never been to see anything like this but my husband has and tells me you can feel their spirits when you are visiting one of these places.
11th June 2010

Another great trip!
I'm with you on wondering why you would vacation and spend your time smoking in your room when there is so much adventure waiting outside! Once again thanks for the great pictures and even better commentary. I find your words delightful!! I was very interested in this as I made a new friend 5 months ago that is Dutch through postcrossing. We really connected right away and talk everyday now. Strange how she is like a long lost family member. She has shared with me many beautiful pictures and things from Holland. She has never told me of the "other" side of Amsterdam, so I believe that most Dutch people don't live this way! They do love their bikes though! I really would love to see Anne Franks home and was happy to see that picture. I also used to LOVE Pippi Longstocking when I was a child and would love to see this! Wow! I would definitely go when the tulips were in bloom as I have seen some incredible pictures of them! My friend lives in Arnhem and she goes to museums every weekend. The Dutch love to go to them so maybe this is why they have so many. She grew up in the very old town of Maastrich and the pictures I have seen of it make me want to see it also. Thanks for the great blog of your travels!!
11th June 2010

When we visited Curacao, my sister commented that Dutch sounded a little bit like German and Chinese mixed together... :P Did you also find that many of the Dutch speak nearly unaccented English (and that, of course, they speak it better than most Americans)? I thought that was very interesting.
11th June 2010

Kate-you really are getting an education with all the traveling your doing-what a strangely interesting place you just visited. Getting ready for Italy. love you
10th June 2010

Little French girls crying over one little British boy sounds like pretty much the cutest thing ever. However, one of my kids gave me permission to say the n-word. So I win.
9th June 2010

pizza hut, wendys, max and ermas
hi kate, i would have died 6 months ago if i had to eat your food over there!!!!!!!! or lost 30lbs!!!!!!! hahaha!!! just get ready for the doris cookout, real food!!!!!! yahoo!!!!! hope your ready for africa!!!!! i will think of you when im in my air conditioned house hahaah!!!! love you miss you!!! aunt kel
9th June 2010

Oh, Kate!
Sounds like a great time. Maybe you should give up infectious diseases and become a fifth grade teacher like your mom.
8th June 2010
Dover: not that attractive

Well, I think they're whimsical. So nyah.

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