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20th November 2014
the girls swimming at the waterfall

be aware on schistosomiasis
Nice pics, but were you aware on the risk to get schistosomiasis?
15th May 2014

Touba is realy spiritual and wonderful
20th January 2013

Love reading your blog Kate! :) I have to escape from the cold some time soon eieieiei. Miss you lots! :*
19th January 2013

Fun Weekend
That looks like a great trip :) An 80 degree winter? Get out your sweater.
19th January 2013

Not feeling your pain!
I love following your blogs BUT you didn't pull at my heart strings this time. I'm having a great deal of difficulty feeling sympathy for you getting sunburned in January. As far as being on a beach in January, as Robin would say, "YOU SUCK". Enough said! (LOVE YOU!)
2nd January 2013

Great Blog
Hi Kate, I love the blog - neat idea and layout. Keep the posts coming. The panhandle is a beautiful area (!) and I hope that you and Chris enjoy your time there. Happy New Year! Marietta
2nd January 2013

Kate, I enjoyed your blog-now I understand about the time difference. What is Panama City like, are there stores for shopping, restaurants etc. and how far are you from the real world? Love you, Aunt Marie
2nd January 2013
celebrating New Year's Eve in two time zones

Great hearing about what is going on. enjoy. love you. aunt patty
2nd January 2013

Life in Florida!
Hi Kate, Nice to hear that you have a new address in the sunny south! I have been to Panama City too. It is nice but a lot different from southern Fl. It must be a real eye opener for you & Chris. You are right about having to slow down when you are speaking to the average person in that area! Also loved your insight on healthy eating and expired foods down there. Hang in there, it will be a real experience for you! Steve and I are in Ft. Myers for the winter, or will be on Sat. Had enough cold and snow for one year! Give us a call if you get down to our area in your travels! 239-689--1860. Chris
29th September 2012

very cute!
I am a English-Japanese translator located in Chatan. It's very rare to see two Americans get married at the Chatan City Office. Me and my wife ( who is a city office worker ) loved this blog write up. If anyone ever needs helps with Translation Service or general questions about getting married in Japan. Contact me: Dave: 05055345965/www.okinawatranslator.com Have a long and happy marriage. Sincerely Dave and Hazuki. Cheers.
18th September 2012

13th August 2012

24th May 2012

Really beautiful photos
Hi Greetings from Nepal I am Roshi Singh. I am planning to do a research in Insurance scheme of Chapagaun Insurance program. As i was searching relevant literature for my research i got to see this blog. its really good and the photos are great. i loved them.
27th April 2012

You are the bee's knees
I'm so glad you got to go back as a happy little tribe. Your pictures are awesome! I've been to Howth, and I loved it :) xoxo
13th November 2011
boys in Chapagaun

this is my brather
13th November 2011

Very interesting. I too spent time in Chapaguan teaching at a school by the health centre. The people are wonderfully friendly, I would recomend people to volunteer there.
24th July 2011

Just as I remember it.
8th June 2011
piles of salt at Lac Rose

H Miracle Review
With excellent description in you articles, I want to thanks for your blog providing a large amount of knowledge and enlightenment..H Miracle Review
21st April 2011
boys in Chapagaun

boyz in chapagaun
some unseen pictures of chapagaun
10th April 2011

like yoour picyures do you have more?
10th April 2011
some of the girls (and one toubab)

like your kgl pitures
18th January 2011

22nd December 2010

Shouldn't that be Santa Craus? HA HA HA I kill myself.
20th December 2010

Merry Christmas!!
Hi Kate! These Were VERY CUTE Pictures & GOOD FOR Chris for playing SANTA!! Good By to Japan and SAFE TRAVELS to Both you and Chris! Hope to see you/your Mom while you're home! Chris
5th December 2010

Great Experience
You Girls got a great experience in my hometown! You all look good!

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