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2nd December 2010

You seem to be having lots of fun. Keep it up and enjoy each other as much as you can. Enjoyed the pictures Love you -aunt marie
1st December 2010

Love the picture with the orange life vests. You're so brave or crazy. Which is it?
27th November 2010

Have you seen the HIMYM yet where Marshall says a monkey robbed him? Dear Ed.: Have I mentioned to you my fondness for carabiners? Dear Kate: So will you be in town for the Hair tour in February?
27th November 2010

Safe Journeys!
Hi Kate & Chris, Once again I've thoroughly enjoyed your Blog and all the pictures! You have been to some fascinating places and seen some Beautiful sights. What a Wonderful Honeymoon! I just wanted to wish you well & Safe Travels on your next Adventures. I'll see you in Ohio Kate...& you too Chris, by next summer! And Chris......I'm GLAD you DIDN'T Touch The Monkey!!! Chris
26th November 2010

It finally hit me. I thought Chris was writing a commentary to someone named Ed and then I realized it meant editor. Dah! The pictures are gorgeous. Why no picture of the monkey fight or Chris with snake?
21st November 2010

Scary Fish/BIG TEETH
Hi Kate and Chris, Again, I enjoyed your Blog and the photos. It looks like you're having an Amazing time & more Adventures! Glad YOU had to eat/look at That FISH and Not ME!! No Way I'd let that thing near me....even if he was Cooked!! Funny how some "taste of home" [Kenny Rogers] is a Welcome Sight when you're Far Away...Same CRAPPY food though!! Enjoy your time away from Ohio! Nice that you'll be back in "The area" sometime relatively soon....bet your parents are Thrilled.....NOT SURE YOU WILL BE THOUGH KATE!!! Take Care! Chris
18th November 2010
remnants of our ceebu jen lunch

That happens to the bowl all the time after my family finishes eating we eat it separately we only eat together if its a holiday and ... i'm Gambian!!!
From Blog: Conquering Dakar
14th November 2010

Kate and Chris- I'm sick of chicken and rice and I'm not even there. HA Hope you had a good time. Love You
13th November 2010

Looks Like Fun!
Hi Kate, It looks like you & Chris had some more Adventures & some FUN along the way! Not sure I'd like to eat some of the food choices but some of the sights look fabulous.
13th November 2010

Hor Fun
I got hor fun (mainly because I liked the name)...but it wasn't all that great. No big deal, though, because it was so cheap I love you.
22nd October 2010

Nice blog
Hey Kate, Nice blog there! I just wanted to say that the "tumb of Ahmadu Bamba" is not actually the building pictured here. If I am not wrong this is the tumb of Serigne Fallou, 2nd Calif of the Murids. It is outside the mosque, whereas Bamba's resting place is inside. Also, I don't think that the strict separation between men and women, emphasized in one of your nice pictures, is an absolute rule that applies every time and everywhere in Tuba. In the past, I visited the city (Library, Mosque, the well of Aynu Rahmatu, etc) many times with my American students but have never been asked to follow such a rule. All that being said, I should reiterate that I very much enjoyed sifting through your blog. Best, IS
14th October 2010

Kate, remember baby steps. You don't want to scare Chris away.
14th October 2010

Life with Kate
Oh Chris, The fun has just begun for you not that Kate is your soul mate. There will never be a dull moment.
9th October 2010

happy happy
Kate and Chris-I am so happy for you-I just didn't expect it this soon. cried through the whole blog. my little Katie all grown up and married. I love Chris as much as I love you since you picked him-he's got to be great. Have a wonderful Honeymoon and send lots of pictures. I love you both very much. Aunt Marie
8th October 2010

Much happiness
Congratulations to you both; can't wait to meet you Chris - you must be very special for Kate to permit you to officailly co-blog. Enjoy your honeymoon, take lots of pictures so i can pretend I've been to all these places. Can't wait for the celebration next summer. Love to you both.
8th October 2010

We're so happy
Kate, thank you for making it seem like we were there. We love Christopher so much and are thrilled that he found you. We love you too, Kate. Welcome to the family. Can't wait to see both of you so we can really celebrate.
8th October 2010

hi kate and chris. congratulations! can you get me an address and last name please? i am very happy for you. God bless! love, aunt patty
8th October 2010

i am sooooo happy for you two! who cares how quick it happened, you two look sooo happy and in love! cant wait to see you in december, and for the mexican fiesta next summer! i guess you kept up with the cleaning! well, congrats, i love you and am so happy for you! welcome to the family chris! i guess we didnt scare you away last july! love aunt kel
7th October 2010

Kate! My very best wishes for you and Chris. I happen to love October 6...it's Mario's birthday. So as you were celebrating, we were celebrating turning three! Love, Meg
7th October 2010

Congratulations and much happiness to you. Welcome to the family, Chris, we look forward to meeting you. Enjoy your life together. Love to you both.
14th September 2010

Kate, I can't believe your eating all that different fish. It sounds yukki to me! Sounds like you are having a great time. What kind of a job did you get?The fruit market looked good. Love You-Aunt Marie
13th September 2010

fried octopus balls
I commented to a friend about the fried octopus balls and their response was they didn't know octopi had balls. Yum Enjoyed your blog!
13th September 2010
Ameyokocho market

I''m ready!
I'm ready for another "Kate Adventure". I survived Senegal and now I'm ready to take on Tokyo. The pictures were amazing. No guarantee that I'll try octopus balls or raw horse meat but pretty much anything else on your list of "must dos".
5th September 2010

now this is more like it! i could hang out here for a while! hope youre being nice and tidy! tell chris lots more confetti on the way! love ya
4th September 2010

I always see your photos, stories and what not on facebook and am so jealous. I love to travel and its seems like you've been almost everywhere. Its so cool! I'm very jealous.

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