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South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina October 13th 2009

Huacachina is definately more like a touristy holiday resort than a travelling destination, but all the same, it was a nice break! Huacachina is a small oasis surrounded by huge sandunes. I couldn't get over how compact this place was, you could walk around it within around 10 minutes. On the oasis there were little pedal boats that you could ride on, it reminded me of when I was a child. Speaking of children, we were surrounded by them, lots of Peruvian families holidaying with their children, splashing around in the tiny lake. What made this place so different from your typical holiday resort for an English family was the sandunes! These are exactly what drew us to Huacachina in the first place as you can ride around them in a rollercoaster type fashion on these ... read more
the lake
Kids spalshing around
The parrot in our hotel

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park October 5th 2009

We've been in Huaraz 5 days now and the last three have been jam packed with various treks. I can honestly say I have never been so exhausted in my life as I was last night, but it was totally worth it! On day one we did an acclimatization walk as the altitude here can make you terribly sick if you're not used to it. We did this at Lake Llacca. Suprisingly the altitude didn't mess with me at all. I've been fine the whole time thankfully as I wouldn't want sickness to have spoilt the amazing surroundings I was in. I don't actually feel like I can describe them, as I'd typically use a word like amazing, but I use this word to describe things like food, but these views were on a totally different ... read more
and again
beautiful mountains

South America » Peru » Trujillo September 29th 2009

I spent my 20th birthday in a beachside town named Huanchaco, just 20 minutes outside of Trujillo. It was a strange feeling having a birthday with no friends or family around you. It didn't really feel like a birthday at all. I wonder how Christmas will feel? Huanchaco was pleasant enough there, but the sun just didn't want to show itself. The beach was more like a grey british seaside town! Nonetheless we saw some great sights in the area. We visited the ancient ruins of Chan Chan which are dated back around 2000 years to the Chimu people. The ruins were absolutely enormous! Palaces in England are like tiny dots in comparison. Just the function room was as big as the whole area of a normal British castle. I was totally blown away by the ... read more
the pelican
ruins again
the scale was huge!

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora September 27th 2009

So we spent 4 days in the beautiful, relaxed and super-bohemian beachside town of Mancora. It was our first stop in Peru after spending a gruelling entire day on a bus to cross the border. We arrived late at night and racked up to a not so great hostal called Hostel Sol y Mar. The guidebooks rate it as value for money and a good place to stay. I disagree. It sounded like we were right next to a nightclub with boom boom boom coming through the walls until 1am and drunkards playing ping pong outside of our door until the small hours too. Although it would be a great place if you're wasted and can crash after partying all night, but I prefer somewhere a little quieter. Needless to say we moved on the very ... read more
The artesania
Beautiful sunset
and again

South America » Ecuador » South » Vilcabamba September 23rd 2009

We’re now in Vilcabamba, a small village known as the ‘valley of longevity’ as people here seem to live much longer than anywhere else. It is easy to see why as it is a very laid back area, where most are just sitting around on doorsteps or in cafes watching the world go by. Just yesterday I was one of those people, sat outside the internet cafe on my netbook researching future places to stay and suddenly behind us a lonely traveller begins to play his guitar and sing at the top of his voice. I don’t know whether this is just his nature, or whether Vilcabamba is just a place that exudes happiness, as he certainly was happy! Either way, it was definitely nice background music for my lazy afternoon! If living until 105 doesn't ... read more
Walking down to the waterfall
Myself and the horses
The incredible view

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca September 21st 2009

We're now in Cuenca, where the architecture is amazing! As far as the cities go, this is definately my favourite in Ecuador. It is so pretty, for a city anyway! You can really see the Spanish influence here. The buildings are so intricate and all have quant little balconies overlooking the fairly narrow streets. We've only got two nights here, so we havn't seen a great deal but today we took a trip to the nearby villages of Gualaceo and Chordeleg where we visited the infamous markets. The fruit market was like my dream come true. I sampled at least my bodyweight in fruit! The thing that stood out the most to me here though is the way the women are dressed. Cuenca is where the panama hat industry is based in Ecuador, so I've heard ... read more
We were caught inbetween cloud layers as we went up along the mountain sides
The bit cathedral
The young girl peaking over at us inquisitively as we ate our dinner!

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López September 20th 2009

I've just arrived in Cuenca after spending 4 nights in Puerto Lopez in a lovely hostel names 'Hosteria Mandala'. The drive from Manta airport to Puerto Lopez was a grim one. I had just left my dream home in Mindo, a lush green area to drive through what seemed like the badlands. We were surrounded by death and people who looked like they led hard lives. all the trees were bare and looked dead. There were turkey vultures everywhere and hardly a living soul in sight, apart from the odd village we passed through. At this point I was panicking that my next week would be spent in such an area but we eventually arrived on the coast in the village of Puerto Lopez which basically only exists due to the opportunity to fish and take ... read more
The beach
The drive through the badlands on ther way
Turkey vultures

South America » Ecuador » North September 15th 2009

El-monte lodge is like a dream! It is so tranquil and beautiful. It really feels like home. I would be falling asleep with the sounds of a rushing stream and the many insects and birds living around me. It feels so natural, just like Sadhana. Not to mention the cabins, they’re incredible! So beautifully and skillfully designed and built. Tom and Mariella (the owners) really have outdone themselves. They built El-monte from the ground up and I really admire their achievement. This definitely is 5* backpacking. You could see up into the cloud forest mountains right outside my window. It’s so green and isolated. The pictures really do not do this place justice. If you are in the Mindo area I definitely recommend coming to this place. If I could turn back time I'd have spent ... read more
view from the cabana
me crossing the stream
Our cabana

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito September 15th 2009

So we finally made it to Quito late on Tuesday evening. The bed in L’auberge Inn was definitely a blessing after attempting to sleep upright in hard aeroplane chairs! For anyone going to Quito, I would recommend the L’auberge Inn as it is cheap and cheerful. It has a great vibe with many friendly travellers passing through! Plus there is internet and a great cafe that serves delicious fruit salads and fresh juice for breakfast, or pancakes with maple syrup if you’re not on a health kick! Our first day was spent soaking up the culture and size of Quito. To say it is enormous is definitely an understatement as it’s around 50km long! The buildings are beautiful, especially the cathedrals and the pace is slow... which is great. We are definitely in too fast a ... read more
the shoe shining boy
The virgin mary statue

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu August 26th 2009

So now I'm finally home in England, missing Sadhana like crazy! My last week was both beautiful and exhausting. Getting myself together to leave and saying goodbye to some new found lifelong friends was difficult but I knew this chapter in my life was going to have to end sometime. One of the main things I made sure I crammed into this week was seeing the Matrimandir. This was an experience, what kind, I'm still not sure! It's very strict with regards to getting an appointment so David and I booked days in ahead. We turned up, had to watch a 20 minute video on the history of Auroville and then was escorted to the Matrimandir. Here our bags were taken from us, and I was even asked to leave my water, which I was annoyed ... read more
Village huts
Lady washing at the side of the road
Local shop

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