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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu August 9th 2009

So yesterday I went to a beautiful garden called 'Project Ecolake'. This couple took a landscape that quite literally looked like the moon as it was totally baron and just 35 years later it's now a lush dry evergreen forest which is indiginous to Southern India. So basically it looks just as Sadhana forest should do in 35 years. It was really inspiring as it was so beautiful. More than anything I was overwhelmed by the couples devotion and hardwork in the cause. They're so much like Aviram and Yorit (the family who started Sadhana forest). They let very few people in to see the forest/garden as they don't want publicity and they don't want to upset the nature there. They ask for no money to see the forest and they were so so welcoming. I ... read more
And again
Night out at the raw food restaurant

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Varanasi July 26th 2009

So a few of us from Sadhana embarked on an adventure to Varanasi to see the solar eclipse. It was a 41 hour train journey, going over 2000 miles. Suprisingly the train ride was actually a great experience. We had beds and slept for most of the journey so it passed much faster than I imagined it to. Some of the scenery we saw on the way was beautiful too. It was so green, which was really refreshing as it's not so green around here in Sadhana. Even in our forest it's not particularly green, although it's getting there. Varanasi was a shock to the system as soon as we pulled into the train station. We were overwhelmed by a sea of orange, as the holy colour there is orange and many come on pilgrimages to ... read more
Sea of orange

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Auroville July 11th 2009

Since I last wrote to you all I've been on a rollercoaster of emotions, feelings and experiences! I got really sick from drinking some of the local water, which made me feel pretty homesick. The last thing you want when you're feeling awful is 40 degree heat, no family, no real toilet and no comfy bed! But i pulled through and feel pretty amazing, plus everyone looked after me! I really love the community feel here, it seems to get stronger everyday. It's strange to share everything with such a big group of people, I very rarely spend time by myself, which is actually starting to catch up with me as I'm beginning to crave 'me time'. Anyway, this week I was well up for going off travelling around bits of India with Ann and Tommy, ... read more
Energy bikes!
And again
The local temple

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu June 30th 2009

I've taken some photos of the forest for you to see a little more about where I'm living. To explain the shower system, we fill up a bucket, and that's pretty much it. We have a cup, and scoop the water out to then pour over us. The cold water is like a blessing as it seems to be getting hotter and hotter by the day!! The toilet system is fully sustainable. We use our waste as compost, sounds pretty gross, but it really doesn't smell in there. I might actually volunteer to be the shit stirrer one week, haha! Although there is no toilet roll, so you can work out the rest for yourself... I havn't yet been in the pool as the indian workers that are maintaining the rooves at the moment go in ... read more
Juice stall
Diet coke heaven!

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Auroville June 27th 2009

So here I am, at Sadhana Forest. This is my third day here and I couldn't be happier. In such a short space of time I've met some amazing people who I'm already learning a lot from. To top it off my surroundings are perfect. We each have small huts to live in which are simple but that's all that's needed. I thought I'd have a hard time adjusting to live without my comfortable king size, but I've had the best nights sleep than I've had for a long time here. Everything is so open and shared. You wake up to the sun and sounds of many little creatures, it's a lovely environment to wake up to. There is the main hut, which is HUGE, where we eat, relax, talk, sing, dance, hold eco-film nights, have ... read more
First experience of Indian food
The main hut
The ceiling in the hut

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 24th 2009

So here I am, bored out of my mind in Dubai airport. I've managed to kill 7 hours so far by wandering around Deira city centre.... I still can't get over how easy it was to just walk out of the airport and come back in again!! Anyway, I must say, I thought I'd be really impressed with Dubai, but I'm all. Everywhere you look is beige, or white = bland! The sky isn't clear blue, it's kind of a bland beigey grey and it's unbearably hot. But then again, my perception may be down to lack of sleep and having to carry masses of bags around for 14 hours while I wait for my flight on to Chennai! I think I should probably stop here... All in all, I'm missing everyone already and will ... read more
Flight to Dubai
Breakfast! :)
Hello Kitty!

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