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Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj June 18th 2010

Lhamo Tso kindly gave a talk at LIT's weekly Tuesday talks. I really could not hold back the tears for this one. They came flowing uncontrollably! I could never claim to have really suffered after hearing her story. My troubles are incomparable to hers, insignificant even. If you want to continue to bury your head in the sand, stop reading now. If you want to really hear what is going on within the lives of the Tibetan nation, please… continue! As I explained in my previous blog, Lhamo Tso is the wife of Dhondup, the man who created the documentary named 'Leaving fear behind'. This documentary simply asks the opinions of many Tibetans regarding the forthcoming Olympics in China (as it was filmed in 2008) and other issues in Tibet regarding the Chinese occupation. He did ... read more
Lhamo Tso protesting for the release of Dhondup
Lhamo Tso selling her bread at the busstand, alone
Lhamo Tso standing infront of the campaign poster for her husband

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj June 13th 2010

I am falling in love with this place. Totally and utterly head over heels. Why do I have to come home? How will I ever leave these beautiful people behind? The last two days have been emotional, fun, tiring and taught me a lot. So let me tell you about them… On Friday I spent the evening at the LIT centre, my new second home it seems, watching some documentaries on the issues in China and Tibet. We saw three in total, the first being ‘China, from the inside’. If you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend it. I’m learning a lot here about the situation in China and it’s extremely interesting. The last two were tearjerkers for me though. The second being ‘torture in Tibet’. Just a short documentary showing footage of recent happenings in Tibet. ... read more
Mini volunteer

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj June 11th 2010

As I’m in the Tibetan colony of India I couldn’t possibly ignore learning more about the troubles that Tibetans are facing with regards to the Chinese occupation of their territory. After learning just one mans story, I feel a real sadness in my heart for these people. I decided to attend the Tibetan talk at the LIT, which is a volunteer based school for Tibetans to be given the chance to learn English and spread their message and stories in order to keep the Tibetan issue alive. I was shocked by some of the details he gave us and I’m sure he was toning them down to a degree. His name is Sonam and he was a political prisoner for 13 years before finally being set free. 12 of these years he didn’t have a shower ... read more
Maria and I eating our tsampa dough!
The show of traditional tibetan music
Me and the students at the conversational class

Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar June 7th 2010

After arriving in Amritsar early in the morning, we made our way to the Golden Temple and were quickly hurried into a side door for the accommodation here. The Golden Temple gives free accommodation to all, irrespective of colour, religion, etc. It’s a huge accommodation block that sleeps many every evening. It’s incredibly charitable. They obviously have one specific room just for tourists and it consists of many beds all pushed together. It’s like one giant bed. It reminds me of the children’s song that goes along the lines of ‘there were ten in the bed and the little one said “roll over, roll over”’. I’m glad I’m somewhere in the middle as I imagine I’d be pushed overboard if I wasn’t! Last night the room was so full that virtually every supposed section for one ... read more
The Golden Temple by evening.
People sleeping around the edges of the pool that surrounds the Golden Temple
We attracted quite a crowd

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Rishikesh June 2nd 2010

I arrived in Rishikesh after having my astrology session with Vivek feeling in high spirit and wasn’t disappointed with what I found. After being around only local people for two weeks, I was ready for a change and to see and hang out with some other travellers for a while. Rishikesh is so full of them you cannot possibly not meet people. I’ve met many nice people and had many great conversations. I’ve even managed to make friends with two girls going to Amritsar on the exact same day and train as me… bonus. Hopefully the girl power of three will deter any men from thinking they can touch me in inappropriate places this time. Anyway, on to the place itself. I’ve been staying in the Shri Sant Sewa Ashram right in tourist central in possibly ... read more
Two ashramites
The beautiful Sivananda Ashram
Two Sadhus begging at the side of the road

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Haridwar May 29th 2010

The journey to Haridwar didn’t particularly start on a high note, what with having a man touch my breast and put his hands on my thighs whilst I was sleeping on the bus. That wasn’t the precedent for the rest of the trip though. As soon as I arrived I could tell I was in good hands. Nikhill hooked me up with one of his dear friends, a very spiritual man, who’s an astrologer. He’s quiet, kind and a perfect host. He owns one of the best hotels here, which is actually listed in the Lonely Planet and is kindly allowing me to stay for free. These people seriously want to spoil me, I’m having to literally fight to the counter to even pay for food. As soon as I’m half way through a dish, they’re ... read more
The chaos at Ganga Aarti
Giving my offering to Mother Ganga
A lit candle at the riverside

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Nainital May 26th 2010

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a kind gentlemans house, named Rauhl. Tyagi and I ventured up in Nikhill's car, being a painful 11 hour journey, for a music festival held in the foothills of the mountains in a small town where you can still see the past presence of the British colonisation. The music festival was a mix of everything and extremely laid back, a perfect way to end the first day of our adventure here. The next day we lounged around, went for a short walk, had a BBQ and generally just 'chilled'. This pretty much set the pattern for the following two days as well. I feel completely rejuvenated! I'm coming across opportunities here that I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams would have come along. Instead of hanging ... read more
Walking through the forest.
The view walking through the forest surrounding Rauhl's home
Monkeys at the side of the road on the way to Nainital

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi May 21st 2010

So this is quite an important destination for two reasons... 1. It's the first place I've visited in India so far and 2. it's my first couch-surfing experience. In such a short space of time I've been through different emotions, high and low. When I first arrived into the oppressive heat, touts, smells of sewage and so on, I really was wondering 'why the hell am I here?' but as the days have gone by, I've been reminded of the beauty of India and what it has to offer, even in this unlikely destination of the capital city, seeing as I dislike cities! In just these three days my senses have been awakened and reminded of the joys of India that I experienced last year. From smelling the street food, hearing the calls from the birds, ... read more
Hunamans tomb in Delhi
Part of the Red Fort by night
Part of the Red Fort by night

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Puyo April 1st 2010

By far this has been one of my best experiences to speak of, as all of my volunteer projects have been, but working in a refuge has been on my dream list for many years. So it feels so good to have finally had the opportunity to do it. For this I must send a little appreciation to my dad for helping make this happen financially. The refuge itself is ran by Frank and Jennifer who are doing an amazing job. You can really see that Frank, as well as the other long term volunteers, such as Louisa our vet (might I add the ONLY vet to be in a refuge in Ecuador...crazy, you´d think all would have one!) really care about these animals from the bottom of their hearts and are giving them the best ... read more
Samson hiding behind a leaf
Samson´s foot
Lucas eating some mandarin

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque November 14th 2009

The Amazon rainforest... what a beautiful place. It contains so much life, it’s impossible to ignore it. A world away from the city I live in, which is full of dead concrete, bricks, cement and poor excuses for parks. I yet again was blown away by how rich the rainforest is. This time we went a little more hardcore. Rather than pussyfooting around the jungle in a canoe or on light walks, this time we went deep into the jungle for hours on end, trekking through, following animals. Yet again I got to see my favourite critters, the monkeys. These mischievous little guys really do fascinate me. One way in which we thoroughly witnessed their mischief was when they wouldn’t sit still for a photo. They’d be still until they saw your camera come out. I’m ... read more
A pair of red howlers sizing us up
Squirrel monkey!
Could this trunk be any bigger?

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