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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Coroico November 8th 2009

Coroico, what a beautiful place. It reminded me very much of Mindo, but definitely not as good, as I am so very fond of Mindo. The cloud forest is probably one of my favourite places. It has the right climate, beautiful scenery and enough life to keep my wildlife obsession happy! This was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of La Paz, the biggest city in Bolivia. Coroico is just a 3 hour bus ride away driving down a road very similar to the ‘world’s most dangerous road’ that is favoured by bikers with a death wish! The scenery on the way unfortunately was not as the guidebooks suggested, purely because the clouds were so low. All we could see was cloud, but luckily, the view from our hotel room in Coroico more than ... read more
Bird doing its mating dance
I love the cloudforest
Beautiful view from our apartment

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana November 4th 2009

So we’re now in our third country... Bolivia. First destination: Copacabana for Isla Del Sol. This literally was just a launching pad for us to get a boat to yet another island on Lake Titicaca, but this time on the Bolivian side. It’s a quaint little lakeside town though, feeling like a beachside town really, with paddle boats for tourists and many lakeside cafes serving fresh fish and what not. It would have been nice to have stayed here more than one night, but hey, we’re used to the rush by now. Isla del sol though, we purposely tried not to rush and stayed the night there as the books had made it out to be something rather special. That it definitely was. We arrived by 4pm and were greeted by a cheeky little chap who ... read more
The driver really was the epitome of laid-back
The view from our hostal on Isla del Sol... incredible
Piggies resting on the beach

South America November 4th 2009

Floating islands... yes they do exist, and there are 40 of them in total, all bobbing about in Lake Titicaca on the Peruvian side. How? They’re made entirely from totora reeds. They pull up the roots, tie them all together to create like a huge raft, and then layer dried reeds on the top. Their houses are made from reeds, they use reeds to light their fires for food, they eat the reeds, and they make boats from the reeds. I was fascinated by the many uses they managed to get out of such a readily available plant! We took a short day tour from the port in Puno, visiting two of these islands. We had apprehension about visiting them due to reading so much about the locals living on these tiny islands made of reeds, ... read more
Lady weaving on the reed island
The front of the reed boat
Chief of the island

South America » Peru » Cusco » Pisac October 28th 2009

Cusco itself is crowded, overpriced and absolutely rammed full of tourists.... no wonder it is overpriced as the locals have cottoned on to the fact that the many rich americans that come here can pay much more than they're used to. Unfortunately this has led to more street hawking than I've seen anywhere else in both Ecuador and Peru. You can't walk two steps without being offered the same hats, paintings, wooden carvings, massages and many more things that I really do not need, yet the locals insist I do! Thus we havn't had the best time in Cusco, the only great place here in my view is the Real McCoy (an English pub) where we were able to sample real traditional English food, a little taste of home, even with English music in the background! ... read more
Alpacas charging at me
How can he see?

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu October 27th 2009

The inevitable happened....we visited Machu Picchu. It would have been strange to have come all the way to Peru and have missed this iconic destination, being one of the seven wonders of the world. Due to this status, I had hyped it up so much in my head and had so many expectations. Unfortunately it didn't quite live up to what I had expected I would gain from the experience. This slight disappointment has nothing to do with the actual place, rather just that it was far too crowded. I know it sounds hypocritical being a traveller myself, but I found myself loathing the fact that I was surrounded by Americans, English, German, Finnish, French...the list goes on, but no Peruvians apart from the few Peruvian tourists and guides. It felt more like a crowded modern ... read more
Overlooking Machu Picchu
Day two- misty
Llama overlooking Machu Picchu

South America » Peru » Madre de Dios » Puerto Maldonado October 24th 2009

Due to messing up the dates of our flight from Puerto Maldanado to Cusco, we ended up staying in this extremely humid rainforest town for two painful yet comical nights. Luckily, or so we thought, we ended up in a pretty nice lodge set on the river called Wasaii lodge. We were promised great views and best of all.... air conditioning! Air conditioning was one of the first disasters we had. Our room we were steeply paying $60 per night for had air con, but it managed to conk out on our first night so we were literally sweltering in the morning as the heat quickly rose. Due to Puerto Maldanado having nothing to offer outside except aimlessly wandering the streets in unbearable heat, we knew we had to do something about this as we were ... read more
The streets reminded me of India!

When they say the roar of the jungle, I now understand what they mean. We slept for 3 nights in a lodge set deep in the rainforest, right on the banks of Lake Sandoval, called Sandoval Lake Lodge. During these nights we were aided to sleep by the many fascinating and sometimes quite disturbing, noises of the rainforest. You would not believe what sounds can come out of such tiny insects, fragile looking birds and sweet looking monkeys. A racket that is what! A good kind of racket though, not like the disco on the other side of the wall we experienced in Lima. The sounds of the rainforest are definitely more soothing than those of some drunken Peruvians attempting karaoke that is for sure! One particular noise I was fascinated by was coming from the ... read more
Turtles chilling on a log
Lake Sandoval
The trees in the raindorest are enornous!

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon October 18th 2009

This is probably one of the most memorable and tough experiences Ive had here so far! We descended into the deepest canyon in the world on day one, taking us 4 hours. We reached a tiny village nestled in this canyon called San Juan Chuccho and stayed the night there. It was insane to be sleeping in such a tiny village with a secondary school that has a mere 3 students in what looked like a barn. Rustic was an understatement! It a world away from what Ive been used to my entire life, its strange to think that people actually live here, having to trek for 3 hours at least with mules just to get basic supplies from a slightly bigger village called Cabanaconde. It was a beautiful walk down though and I was eager ... read more
Condor landing
Condor flying
Traditional dress of this region

South America » Peru » Ica » Nazca » Nazca Lines October 18th 2009

To say I felt a bit iffy would be a total understatement! If Id have been in that plane just 5 minutes longer I think all those poor tourists in that plane would have seen what I ate for breakfast! The driver was flying all over the place, taking sharp turns, dips and flying into areas of turbulence for a horrid 30 minutes. My stomach definately didn like it, I only just about managed to glance out the window at each picture for a few seconds as we passed them before leaning back into the middle to desperately try and compose myself. Nonetheless, it was a good experience. The night before wed visited the planetarium in the Nazca lines hotel to be shown a presentation about the various theories on the Nazca lines and Im still ... read more
The hands
the monkey

South America » Peru » Ica » Ballestas Islands October 13th 2009

Seeing as the Galapagos is immensely expensive due to rise in prices in order to deter too many tourists from visiting, we opted for the Ballestas Islands, apparently the next best thing and significantly cheaper! We took a boat ride out pretty early and toured these islands just off the coast of Paracus. They are part of the national reserve, so we couldn't actually go onto the islands, but we circled them for around an hour. I don't think I have ever seen so many birds in my life before! There were more blue footed boobies, pelicans, penguins, turkey vultures and other birds which I don't know the name of than there are people in Sutton Coldfield I imagine! And when there are masses of birds, there is masses of bird poop, and I mean MASSES! ... read more
Penguins :)
Seals :)

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