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South America » Peru » Ica » Paracas October 8th 2015

So to make my way through southern Peru I booked an all in 1 hop on, hop off bus ticket from a company called Peru Hop. The company is run by 2 Irish guys and overs a variety of routes starting in Lima (office in Miraflores) or Cusco (office on same street as Pariwana hostel nr San Fransisco Sq). I got a ticket from Lima to Cusco (without the lake) for $169 with my 1st stop being Paracas. Paracas is a small seaside village (town?) located 4hrs south of Peru. The main attraction of is to take a tour to the Ballestas Islands & the national reserve. How I got there: Peru Hop - 7hrs. it takes a little longer as you make stops along the way. What I did: So after our 1st stop at ... read more
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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima October 6th 2015

Lima is the capital city of Peru & is a mix of central business district, top range hotels and true slums. It is also covered in cloud almost all the time. It is at this point that me & Jin part ways as she stayed in Huaraz to do the Santa Cruz trek & I made my way further south. How I got there: I booked a Linea bus for S/.28 - after our trip from Trujillo to Huaraz I knew the company to be pretty comfortable & it was the cheapest bus around. The bus left at 9:30am & arrived at the Linea Terminal Lima at just gone 6pm. You need a passport to book this bus. *This bus only leaves on Sunday, Monday, Thursday & Friday otherwise it is night buses or Cruz del ... read more

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz October 5th 2015

Huaraz is a small town that is central for hiking in the Cordillera Blanco. It is the base for the Santa Cruz trek (4D, 3N) & for smaller day trips out from the town. Me & Jin travelled together to here. How I got there: Booked our tickets with Linea for S/.25 at the agent in Huanchaco - you need your passport (or at least the number) to complete the booking. The bus left at 8am from the Linea terminal in Trujillo on Avenue America. So we had to catch a "H" (no heart!) bus from Huanchaco at 6.30am in order to be at the terminal on time as the trip takes 1 hour. Tell the conductor you want Linea/Av America & they stop right outside the station - the agent wrote it down for us ... read more

South America » Peru » Trujillo October 2nd 2015

Huanchaco is a small seaside town that is located about 30mins outside of the city of Trujillo. Me & Jin decided to stay here to be at the beach and take a slower pace than city centre. Where I stayed: Oceano hostel S/.30 night for a twin room wifi, hot shower, towels & soap provided. Also roof terrace with a washing line perfect for drying laundry! They were renovating the hostel when we were there as they are putting a kitchen in which would make it even better value. We did look at a couple of other hostels the next day but the only cheaper one we could find was Mamacocha & it looked pretty dirty so we decided to pay the extra S/.5 ea & keep our clean private room! What I ate: Set menu ... read more
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South America » Peru » Trujillo October 1st 2015

OK So here's a quick 101 on crossing the border from Cuenca Ecuador to Peru & getting to Trujillo in 1 day. 1st Bus: Super Semeria bus company goes from Cuenca - Chiclayo, stopping at: Mancora, Piura. Departs at 10pm Cost: $15 Mancora, $20 Chiclayo. Luggage: Stored underneath, it's tagged you are given a matching sticker that is put on the back of your ticket. Seats: Comfy and spacious with leg rests. Journey time: Approx. Mancora 5.5hrs, Piura 8.5hrs, Chiclayo 11hrs - we arrived at 9am in Chiclayo. *Tip - book in the morning/day before to be able to choose your seats you don't want to be near the toilets!* Border crossing: This was extremely simple. You walk into the building, fill in the Ecuadorian form, hand over your passport get an exit stamp. Go to ... read more

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca September 29th 2015

How to get there: I caught a 9am bus from Banos to Cuenca for $12 - I had to change in Riobamba but the conductor told you to get off & ushered you to the other bus with your packs. We had 1 stop for bus drivers to get food (& a bathroom break) & the trip took 8hrs. I met a girl called Jin from near Shanghai on the bus so we decided to find a hostel together. We caught a local bus into the city for 25c - exact change is needed. Where I stayed: La Casa Cuencana $8/night for dorm with bathroom had the dorm just for 2 of us. Clean, wifi good & water warm. Kitchen is ok but not that well supplied. What I did: Day 1: I wasn't feeling to ... read more
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South America » Ecuador » Centre » Baños September 25th 2015

I arrived in the tourist town of Baños from Quito which could not have been more of a change! How to get there: Caught the Trole bus 25c at Banco central - C4 bus - & rode to the end of the line to get to Quitumbe Bus Terminal. The trole can get very crowded but come often so if the 1st is very busy just get the next one. If heading to somewhere other than Quitumbe on it make sure you stay near the door if you have luggage! Walk into main Quitumbe terminal (this is very smart! Especially after Carcelen in the north) & go upstairs to buy tickets. Quito - Baños $4.50 including 25c platform entrance fee with San Francisco tours buses. Took just under 3.5hrs. Where I stayed: D'Mathias Hostel $6/night for ... read more
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South America » Ecuador » North » Quito September 22nd 2015

So I made a very quick stop in Quito from Mindo but I feel I saw enough. How I got there: Caught the 11am bus from Mindo $3.10 & got into La Ofelia terminal 2hrs later. From there I caught the Metrobus to Conjeso Provincial 25c (catch the one heading to Marin & watch for the station signs on either side to see which station you are at). From there I walked to the Hostal. Where I stayed: Chicago hostel $11.20/night bed in 4-bed mixed dormitory. Room is small but clean with a separate bathroom - water gets warm but not hot although I was the 3rd person in a row to shower which may not have helped. There is a common area with pool/darts & a roof terrace which gave a good view at night. ... read more
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South America » Ecuador » North » Mindo September 21st 2015

From Otavalo I travelled to Mindo cloud forest (west of Quito) to stay for 3 nights, get some birdwatching in and maybe an adrenaline fix or 2 as well in one of the most laidback towns on Earth. How to get there: Caught a Quito bound bus from Otavalo $2.50 (2hrs). Taxi from Carcelen terminal to La Ofelia terminal $3.50. 1pm Quito to Mindo bus $3.10 2hrs. Buses direct to mindo only go from La ofelia terminal which is about a 10 minute taxi ride from Carcelen (Terminal Norte). The bus departs from directly outside the ticket office & luggage is stowed underneath. You can also catch a number of buses leaving from carcelen which will drop you at the mindo road junction but that is a few km out of town. Where I stayed: Mindo ... read more
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South America » Ecuador » North » Otavalo September 16th 2015

So I had 2 full days to use around Otavalo as I'd booked 3 nights at the hostel so here's what I did: Day one: So this was a day of mixed emotions... A slight change of plan as Lydia got invited to go with friends up to Ibarra today & decided on that rather than lake Cuicocha. I thought it might not be the best idea to walk the lake on my own for 4hrs so decided to head to Parque Condor a centre for rescued birds instead. I got a taxi up for $5 and entry into the park was $4.75. I walked around admiring the birds and I even got to see a Andean Condor in flight! This was definitely a highlight as they are extremely impressive birds which my camera does not ... read more
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