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18th September 2015

Shame you couldn't go to the lake but seems you made the most of your time there by going to the Condor park and the equator that no-one goes to! Fair play hailing the crazy buses on your own! From my experience, there weren't so many backpackers actually staying in Otavalo, most just did day trips from Quito so I'm sure when you go back there you will meet more people to share your travels! We had difficulty taking money out too-have to try a few ATM's to get some out. Hope you have fun travelling - so jealous you're just beginning your adventure! Xxx
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20th September 2015

Yeah was a shame but there's another crater lake near baƱos which I may try to go to... 4hr hikes aren't something I do on my own at home even. I Found a bank that works less panic now! Currently in mindo a lot more backpackers here :) not such a loner now haha
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