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Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate December 9th 2013

Out of My Comfort Zone This had been a very exciting year, and this was my 4th trip of the year. I did not expect this one to be one of my most adventurous trip I had ever embarked on. There are so many first: missing luggage stuck at the airport hunting for hostel and hotel on my own sleeping alone totally unplanned travel trip clueless about the place and how to get there going up to people and strike a conversation totally uncontactable going to a place where everyone told me not to go Nevertheless, it had been one of my most awesome get-aways in years. Manila The moment I touched down at Manila International Airport, it wasn't the most pleasant part of my trip. We had been informed that our luggages were not on ... read more
Stuck at Manila Airport
Stuck at Manila Airport with Minion
FSL Ferry from Batangas Pier to Sabang Beach

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao June 19th 2013

As mentioned previously that we were with Genesis Diversfor our entire dive trip. We were really fortunate to have this wonderful divemaster - Junior, as our guide. Not only was he experienced, he was extremely alert and patient with all of us - as we were slow, clumsy and took forever to take photos. Despite all that, these fun people on this trip taught me alot, and I was very appreciative of them and of the things that I had learnt through them. As most of them were underwater photography enthusiast, it was fun listening to them and seeing them fuddle with their gadgets. Even though, it tempted me so much to go back to Singapore to get myself a whole new underwater camera system, I also understand the need to improve my diving skills so ... read more
Frog Fish

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao June 18th 2013

As mentioned previously, it's been so long since I last dived, thus I needed some time to readjust my buoyancy, my equipments, and to accustom myself to diving. I felt really bad as I was such a lousy diver as compared to my Weishing's little girl, Anna. She is only 10 but she is such a wonderful diver. I was totally put to shame. Fortunately, my seasickness wasn't too bad. I managed to enjoy alot more of this trip as compared to my previous dive trips. As the nausea-ness did not hit me that badly, I was able to stay awake longer on the boat and had more fun in the water with the rest. While on land, there is little the land could provide us with some food and little entertainment. The resort that we ... read more
Karl's Coffee
The Great Aussie BBQ
Dive Friend - Jean

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao June 17th 2013

This trip was one of my long-awaited dive trip. It's been close to 2 years since I last went diving. I really miss the sea alot!! This trip was with my previous diving khakis - Shiyun and Jean. Jean was my diving instructor as well. However, she is now free-lance and does alot of leisure dives. I really missed diving with all of them. It is always fun and interesting. This time round, it was organised by one of Shiyun's friend, Weishing. He's one cool uncle who had been an open water diver for more than 10 years, with superb underwater photography and buoyancy skills. On this trip, he was finally taking his advance underwater dive to allow him to go deeper for more exotic water shots. As usual, in order to go to places with ... read more
Bohol Beach June 2013 (2)
Bohol Beach June 2013 (3)
Bohol Beach June 2013 (4)

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta May 29th 2013

For the last day, we decided to take it slow and simply spend our day just chillaxing at the beach. We slept till it was really late, and slowly made our way to this nice little diners for our breakfast - Warung Totemo. We slowly had our breakfast and people watch for a while. We came to realised that there were alot of aussies there, and everyone seems to get around on a bike. This kinda reminded me of Macau. When we got to the beach, there were alot of people and makeshift drink stall owners. They were the ones responsible for the sun chairs as well. Do beware and remember to check for their pricing before taking up their offers. Some had drinks and shade for a certain price. While some of them have separate ... read more
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -12
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -13
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -14

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 28th 2013

Despite our late night, we had to be up at 2am for our drive to Mt Batur. It was very exciting and exhausting at the same time. Both of us slept through the bumpy car ride to the base of the mountain. When we got there, it was about 4am and I was freezing cold. I was so glad that I wore jeans and a jacket. We quickly embark on our hike as we hoped to reach the summit before sunrise. The initial trek up was very easy. However, more than 3-quarter up the slop, I was hit by altitude sickness, and it was so awful. It was at that point that I realized how terrible for my preggy friends to be feeling constant nausea and my heart decided to be more gentle and sweet towards ... read more
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -7
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -8
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -9

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta May 27th 2013

This is one long over-dued post. However, it was such a fun trip for me and my girlfriend. This had been a trip of many 1st, it took me so long to sort through the photos, feelings and thoughts. I had planned this trip as my first solo trip overseas. However, one of my gf had wanted to go for a quick get-away, I asked her to join me. I decided to change my plans from a diving trip to a mountain climbing one to accommodate her. As it was both our maiden trip, I decided to look for land tours. There were alot and we decided to go with the recommendation from one of my other girlfriends - Bali Excellent Drivers. As my girlfriend's flight timing is different from mine, our driver, Komang, was still ... read more
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -2
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -3
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -4

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ampawa January 7th 2013

Amphawa It had been quite some time since I woke up at 6am in the morning. We were supposed to be giving alms to the monks, who will be rowing down the river. It was a beautiful and peaceful morning. However, the 2 of us were too sleepy to notice much. I just merely let my fingers do the clicking. As it was a Monday morning, Amphawa felt very much like a dead town. No shops or anything was open. They were mainly for the locals and they are only open from Friday - Sunday afternoons. For those who like the crowds, you might want to check out the other floating markets such as Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Taling Chan Floating Market, Tha Kha Floating Market etc... There are several other homestay around Amphawa as well. ... read more
Baanrak Amphawa Breakfast
Map of Siam Sky Walkway
Jealous Ling Ling

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ampawa January 6th 2013

I seriously think it is terrible to travel with workaholics - as they would always be too exhausted from their work to have any energy left for other forms of travelling, shopping or fun. Needless to say, the both of us slept through breakfast (missing out on our 1st hotel breakfast). By the time, we finally got ourselves out of the hotel, it was close to noon. Ha. So much for coming to the shopping paradise. Lucky for me, my friend is just as nau as I am (which means lazy-bummer in hokkien). Pantip Plaza & Platinum Plaza We decided to head over to A&W at Pantip Plaza to have our brunch. As I enjoy playing with gadgets and enjoy techie stuffs, my friend allowed me to go and check out what they have at Pantip ... read more
Van Terminal
Baanrak Amphawa

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 5th 2013

This is not my first trip to Bangkok, and I doubt that this will ever be the last as well. It is always fun to have such short get-away to a shopping paradise. Anyway, this is my friend's first trip, hence I wanna try to make it such that he will get to see as much of Bangkok as possible, as well as to let this be a self-recovery trip for myself. For things had been tough, and I needed this short get-away to clear my thoughts and for me to have some fun. Asia Hotel Upon touched down at Bangkok, we headed straight to the hotel - Asia Hotel. I had been to this hotel only once before with my budz. It had been so awesome that I am back again. This is because the ... read more
Collage - Siam Paragon

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