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I am trying to see if its possible to upload from my iPad. I am so excited, and hope to see that I can continue to blog just using my iPad. ~~~ Update: The blogging was alright. But the format didn't come out the way I wanted it. This post was blogged on May 2nd 2013, however, to have a better flow on the list of journals. It was re-posted as Jan 4th 2013. ~~~ AMPHAWA, BANGKOK I'll be blogging in details of the trip I took to Bangkok in Jan this year. There was a lot of "first-time" on this trip. It was more of "taking it slow and enjoying the moment" kind of holiday, as compared to all my previous trips to Bangkok. I really enjoyed myself a lot. Here is a photo as ... read more

Asia » Singapore January 1st 2013

~~~ This post was blogged on May 2nd 2013. However, due to this fussy me wanna have the blog in order. I've re-date it to Jan 1st 2013. So that this will come before my Bangkok trip posts ~~~ I'm so excited. I can't believe what I had been going through these few days. It's been a quite some time since I had been so excited over anything. Things have been moving very fast for me - with opportunities and chances of changes and travel coming my way. Sometimes I wonder am I going through life too fast. On the other hand, I've come to realise - time waits for no one. And now that I know what I have meant to be doing - Travelling & Having Fun!! It can't wait any longer. I never ... read more
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