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January 1st 2013
Published: May 2nd 2013
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Snoopy - Life Quote In life, it's not where you go - it's who you travel with.

This post was blogged on May 2nd 2013.

However, due to this fussy me wanna have the blog in order. I've re-date it to Jan 1st 2013.

So that this will come before my Bangkok trip posts


I'm so excited. I can't believe what I had been going through these few days. It's been a quite some time since I had been so excited over anything. Things have been moving very fast for me - with opportunities and chances of changes and travel coming my way.

Sometimes I wonder am I going through life too fast. On the other hand, I've come to realise - time waits for no one. And now that I know what I have meant to be doing - Travelling & Having Fun!! It can't wait any longer.

I never could understand my emotional roller coaster, neither was I able to understand why I had to go through somethings in my life. But now, it had all fallen in place, and I could see the light at the end of tunnel.


This is my first entry
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over here at Travel Blog. I've another personal one at LiveJournal, where it has all my nonsensical rants, family and friends. I would not go into too much details about myself today, more will come as I blog along.

I had been looking for ideas on how do I manage all the information of my travel trips - sharing with others. As well as, trying to find an easy way to find informatiion from other travellers, as it is very troublesome to be looking through individual travellers blog, when I stumbled upon here. You can't imagine my excitement, and how thrilled I am to find like-minded people sharing information about their trips here.


I am going on several trips this year (even though I hope that there will be even more trips to come). Hope this travel blog will be able to document all my fun time and the interesting things at those travel destinations. I also hope that these information will be useful to whoever travelling to these places.

I will also be back-posting some of my entries on trips I had done but I did not have time to post or upload anywhere else. As things had been terrible now, I hope to take some time to re-live those fun moments I had previously.

Till then ..................................................


6th May 2013
Snoopy - Life Quote

Great quote to begin your Travelblog adventures...enjoy the ride. Check out World Music thread to enhance your experience & rock on with me!
29th May 2013
Snoopy - Life Quote

Thank you
Hi David, Thanks for welcoming to the site. I'll definitely check out the World Music thread. Love your blogs and photos. Keep the, coming!! ^_^
16th May 2013

Hi Juanty! It sounds really exciting that u'll be going on these upcoming trips this year and I could totally relate to how u felt when I first joined travelblog as well. I'm sure everyone in this community will continue sharing their travel experiences, including yours! Enjoy!
29th May 2013

Hi Yong Sheng, Thanks for welcoming me to the site too!! Sorry for the slow reply. Couldn't reply to any comments. Something wrong with the network I've in Singapore. Do hope to read more about your travels too. Keep the blogs and photos coming! (^_^)

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