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Janel Garvin

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé June 24th 2016

Well we had almost zero Internet access on the cruise, and now we're back on land in Mahe island at a lovely hotel, which does have access in the lobby. All in all this blog hasn't worked out too well, but maybe I can send some more thoughts, impressions from Paris where we'll be spending the weekend on the way home. Can say it's been a wonderful experience, and I'm sorry we couldn't shar it better. On to Paris!... read more

Africa » Seychelles » La Digue June 17th 2016

Yesterday was our last full day on La Digue, we left at noon today and are now back on Mahe, the main island. Such a difference! Yesterday morning we ate our breakfast on the beachfront at LA Digue Island Lodge www.ladigue.sc ..it's one of the three best places on La Digue, and to my mind the best because it's within 2 km of the most beautiful beach ever, Source d'Argent so easy walking distance and it has little chalets right on the beach. They're air conditioned so it's comfy at night and very private, with a large bathroom that is actually open air, enclosed and tasteful but actually outdoors. The food however is not good, or should I say inconsistent. We had the buffet the first night and other than the salads it was not good. ... read more

Africa » Seychelles » La Digue June 16th 2016

It was an epic adventure getting here. First an overnight flight from Paris to Mahe, then we took a 40 minute ferry from Mahe island to Praslin, and barely made the connection to another ferry to La Digue, but we made it. The island is incredibly beautiful but hot and humid. We're getting used to it, taking lots of dips on the beautiful sea. Around here there's a reef just offshore so no waves to speak of, just beautiful clear turquoise water. Yesterdat we got a couple of bikes and explored the northern end of the island and today we'll go sout to see the best beaches. Yesterday we also walked a c pipe of kilometers to A nse Source Argent, which is exactly the beach I have always wanted to see in person. It is ... read more

Europe » France » Centre June 13th 2016

IVe been trying to post pictures to the blog from my phone but to no avail. Not sure if this is due to poor network connections or something else. The network connections are likely to take turn for the worse too, so take a look on FB for possible trip pics. Yesterday was a rainy day in Paris. We walled along the Seine and through the town and bought a lock to put on the bridge as tribute to 20 great years together. Then it started to rain so we ducked into a cafe for lunch and sat dry under the awning for a couple of hours eating, drinking wine and watching the Parisienne scramble by trying not to get wet or not seeming to care about getting wet. I had onion soup, of course, and ... read more

Europe » France » Centre June 11th 2016

Well I made a post with lots of details only to have it disappear. But we're not doing much right now, just relaxing, trying out the new (to us) neighborhood of St Germaine de Pres. Hopefully this blog will get better when we go to Seychelles. This is a new area in Paris for us and we were surprised to find its a real epicenter for sporting fervor. Last nigh France played Romania and the streets were totally clogged with yelling cheering people. Even though many of the sidewalks were full of trash from the garbage strike. This afternoon we went for our meeting with Dino, our new EMEA sales rep. We went to a lovely restaurant and shared a platter of cold seafood. The prawns and langustino and lobster were great but we found the ... read more

Europe » France » Centre June 11th 2016

Well the first day here was spent napping and trying to get our devices to work. I had left the charging cord for my main computer, a Galaxy 12 notebook, at home and so we needed to find one in Paris since we aren't likely to in Seychelles. We were discouraged on the taxi ride in by seeing no electronic s stores, but the hotel front desk man told us how to walk 15 minutes down the main street to the FNAC store (pronounced just the way it looks). After some minor confusion we found just what we needed. But needed a nap more, and a couple hours down time enabled us to stay up late enough to have dinner and spend an hour on the phone with Verizon trying to get the data on our ... read more

Europe » France June 9th 2016

Waiting for the car to come pick us up on our epic adventure. The fifteenth is our 20th anniversary and we'll be on the island of La Digue in the Seychelles, which as you probably know is in the middle of the Indian Ocean about 2 hour flight from Madagascar (not that we're going to Madagascar) and is officially part of Africa. La Digue is a place I have always dreamed of going, so this is a special place, occasion, and trip. Seychelles is a ten hour plane ride from Paris and Paris is a 10 hour ride from SFO, so of course we'll be getting off and hanging out a couple of days in our favorite city. We have an employee in Brussels now who will come to Paris Saturday to meet with us and ... read more

Middle East » Turkey April 23rd 2012

Well, we haven’t been too diligent about blogging – far too busy with every day and night action packed and mainly full of fun.Kelly is the writer in the family and he’s sent a few, but mainly we’ve been posting Facebook photos – I hope you’ve followed the link and been checking them out (I think there’s over 150 of them) Anyway, ten days in Istanbul turns out to be about the right amount of time. We’ve had lots to do each day and have just about run out – tomorrow is nothing scheduled except shopping and maybe a little more shopping. The hotel we’re in – the Sultanhan is charming in a funny way – vary pretty but the elevator is to scary to use (the first four days they were working on it on ... read more

Middle East » Turkey April 21st 2012

Yesterday after breakfast at the Sultanhan hotel, while Janel busied herself with email from the office, I wrote a blog entry. It was a nice long blog about our day in the Galata district. My head was a little pressured from one too many Rakis from the night before. But I was happy with my entry, and looking forward to publishing it, and showing my best zingers to Janel. I hit “save,” and was shown a message “UNAUTHROIZED ACCESS.” Backspace. Where’s my text? This bleepity bleep travelblog site had timed out, while I left my computer on over night, and now had just dumped all my work in to the ether. It couldn’t be recovered by backspace, in history, in auto saved text…it was gone. Steam started coming out my ears! An hour of work down ... read more

Middle East » Turkey April 19th 2012

What is it with these taxi drivers? When we arrived at the airport, we got in a taxi, and told him our hotel as we pulled away. He promptly stopped beside the street, wondering where our location could be. We gave him our confirmation email, with the hotel name and address printed on it. He still seemed confused, but started off, calling his dispatcher. We made out "Pera Palace" in his comments. Eventually he handed the phone to me. The dispatcher tried to talk to me in Turkish, with a few English words thrown in. "We're going to the Pera Palace hotel" I said. What else could I say? He had the address. How could a taxi driver not know where a major hotel is? Or even an address in his city. If he's that geographically ... read more

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