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June 11th 2016
Published: June 11th 2016
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Well the first day here was spent napping and trying to get our devices to work. I had left the charging cord for my main computer, a Galaxy 12 notebook, at home and so we needed to find one in Paris since we aren't likely to in Seychelles. We were discouraged on the taxi ride in by seeing no electronic s stores, but the hotel front desk man told us how to walk 15 minutes down the main street to the FNAC store (pronounced just the way it looks). After some minor confusion we found just what we needed. But needed a nap more, and a couple hours down time enabled us to stay up late enough to have dinner and spend an hour on the phone with Verizon trying to get the data on our devices to work. Mission accomplished on two out or three...not bad.

We've been to Paris quite a bit and have spent a lot of time seeing the sites, so this time we're just relaxing. We usually stay in Montmartre or Isle St Louis but wanted to try d omething different so we booked a hotel in St Germaine de Pres area. Little did we know it would be an epicenter of activity for the month long soccer games. Our street has flags hanging a ll over it and last night we found boisterous crowds yelling and clogging the narrow streets. We're wondering if tonight will be the same or if it was a special occasion because France was playing Romania. We will see.

There is a garbage strike going on which has resulted in spectacular piles of trash here and there, though some of it disappeared this morning, so maybe the strike is over.

In a little while we're going to go meet Dino, our new sales person for the EMEA region at a bistro near Gare de Norde. I picked that area since he lives in Brussels and that would be the normal train station to arrive in, but he is afraid the trains will be on strike and might be driving instead. Speaking of strikes, we lucked out by having a flight here just 2 days before the Air France pilots go on strike.


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