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June 17th 2016
Published: June 17th 2016
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Yesterday was our last full day on La Digue, we left at noon today and are now back on Mahe, the main island. Such a difference!

Yesterday morning we ate our breakfast on the beachfront at LA Digue Island Lodge's one of the three best places on La Digue, and to my mind the best because it's within 2 km of the most beautiful beach ever, Source d'Argent so easy walking distance and it has little chalets right on the beach. They're air conditioned so it's comfy at night and very private, with a large bathroom that is actually open air, enclosed and tasteful but actually outdoors. The food however is not good, or should I say inconsistent. We had the buffet the first night and other than the salads it was not good. The next night wa our anniversa so we started with champagne, eschewed the buffet and had dinner poolside. My prawns were fantastic but Kelly's fish was inedible...weird chewy and covered with skin, and that was in the fish curry. Last night we went down the road to an Italian restaurant. That was good.

La Digue is extremely beautiful but also very primitive. Everyone gets around on bicycles. There are virtually no cars, just a few mini trucks and some hotel taxis. It's also very small so you can get around most of the island easily on bikes. We decided to cross to the other side to see Anse Grande, the big beach. It has no reef so the waves are large, but sand is white talcum just like the other beaches. To get there we biked about 3 km on a beautiful small stone lane through the jungle. I had to walk the bike up hills but then just flew down the other side.

we went back to the hotel in the afternoon and discovered they did simple sandwiches pretty well for lunch. Then it was back to Source d'Argent for the afternoon where we had a funny adventure. We went in the water and we're standing about waist deep when some Chinese people waded in and after a while pointed out some fish swimming around us. They were giant angel fish, the same kind as we might get from a pet store back home but instead of being the size of a silver dollar they were about the size of dinner plates. We mentioned that they might be used to people feeding them so the Chinese people got some crackers and started feeding them, giving us some to share. Soon there were giant angel fish swarming all around us. One even bit Kelly's finger. But then a small dog that had been on the beach joined us. This dog was probably less than 30 pounds, just hanging out with us, swimming all the whole time and not interested in the crackers, but eyeing the fish. Soon the fish got careless, swimming around at the surface, and sure enough the little fisherdog moved quick and caught one. It was quite a sight. The little dog swam with that giant fish back to shore and dropped him on the beach. That fish must've been as big as the dog. Another dog ran up, they barked and ran off and a man pushed the fish into back into the sea. The Chinese lady filmed it and promised to send us a copy.

Now we are in the Eden Bleu hotel, which is in the marina at Victoria, Seychelles capital, and it is totally the opposite of the place we were on La Digue , very modern and opulent, easy to get used to. We're going to stay until tomorrow afternoon when our next adventure begins on board the Pegasus, a 21 cabin cruise boat where we'll spend the next 5 days.


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