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17th September 2014

Bravo! Jan...
What a pleasant recounting of your trip. Hope you took many more across the Atlantic since then. I relived my cruises through your descriptions. Nice work.
From Blog: Lisbon
17th September 2014

Bravo! Jan...
What a pleasant recounting of your trip. Hope you took many more across the Atlantic since then. I relived my cruises through your descriptions. Nice work.
From Blog: Lisbon
7th September 2014
A big pretzel to go with the big beer!

Small portions
Always love these small beers!
From Blog: A Great City
7th September 2014

Foods and countryside
Just discovered your blogs and will be reading a few more soon. Love your impressions.
29th August 2014

can't wait
hello :) I'll be travelling to the algarve in a few months time, this blog was very interesting, we'll be hiring a car so it's nice to see where others stopped off on their trips. I didnt know about the giant circle in sagres, now I'd like to see it with my own eyes! so thanks! can't wait :D
14th August 2014

Munich is the best
Have to agree with you completely about Munich being a wonderful city. The people are so friendly and it's got so much history. A real walking city too. Plus the greatest beer halls and gardens in the world !!
11th July 2014

What a wonderful find! It is just like a fairy tale and yer, you have been reading too much Grimm! Ha! Thank you for sharing this... I will dream of it!
11th July 2014

The Castle
I love this entry. I want to go to the Castle too!
7th July 2014

Thank You!!
Thank you for sharing your trip. I love everything you are seeing, doing, drinking and eating.
From Blog: Peaceful Bruges
2nd July 2014

Ironic you were in Belgium today!
Not a fan of Belgium today!
29th June 2014

Flower Auction
If you have time, go to the flower auction held in a community outside of Amsterdam. Most anyone can tell you where it is and how to get there. We found it very interesting. You both would enjoy it.
27th June 2014
Boat cruising down canal

Just catching up a bit on your trip. Holland looks just as I have imagined. Stay well, and keep having fun! Much love to you both!
23rd June 2014

The Library!
I have not commented although I am a religious follower of your blogs! I had to comment today because of the HUGE library story and picture. WOW! So glad you are having a wonderful trip. Hope to hear more when you get home. Hugs!!! Dori
19th June 2014

Mint tea N honey
Feel better. Mint tea N honey can help u feel better. Such a grand trip you could take up writing travel logs. July 10 my last day working for the Boeing company. Get better soon. Janine
From Blog: Amsterdam
13th June 2014

Your trip.
Thank you for your photos commentary and information on your vacation. Jim
12th June 2014

When we were in Germany many years ago there was beer delivery (bottles of beer) to residences. It was just like the old time milk delivery to homes in the US. It was amazing to us. Nice photos. I don't know how you packed Jan, You are sporting a different outfit in every photo that you are in! Love your blogs. Thanks, Sheryl
From Blog: Exploring Munich
10th June 2014

Totally Amazing!
Your trip seems to get more amazing with every blog.
8th June 2014

Now you're talkin'
Beautiful!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! A vista, chocolate, ice cream and a beer....woohoo!
6th June 2014

Sounds Wonderful!!
Jan and Jerry - So glad to hear you're having such a great time!! Sounds just wonderful... This is something everyone wishes they could do. Have fun as much and as long as possible!! What a life huh?! I had my kidney transplant exactly 9 years after Tim's to the month. My donor was someone I didn't know and didn't meet until 2 days before our surgeries. In September Tim will celebrate 10 years while I celebrate my first year. Everyone is doing great!! We're all very happy. :-D
5th June 2014

English speaking Germans?
Hi Jan and Jerry, I thought it might be nice for Wolfgang & Annette to speak with Horst and Leslie while they are here. Are they fluent in English? Sheryl
From Blog: Austria!
2nd June 2014
Florence Italy

Just plain WOW!!!
From Blog: Florence
2nd June 2014

Top of the Rock
I Made it to the top of the Rock but the most of comfortable way, i went with a mini bus and a guide who was excellent and explained everything in detail, his knowledge in Gibraltar's history was excellent as was also the way he managed the monkeys, very pleasant and i would definitely recommend him here: http://www.gibraltarockapetours.com/
22nd May 2014

What are you using to upload your blog and pictures? This is a great way to share a great trip!
23rd May 2014

In answer to your question
I am using a Tablet to upload to the blog. We take the pictures (Jerry is the photographer) on our regular camera and then save them to the Tablet. It all works well if we have WIFI.

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