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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane March 10th 2011

Tangalooma - a small resort on Moreton Island - best known for its dolphins daily feeding of wild dolphins by guests is their trademark and reputation We arrived this morning via ferry at Moreton Island and got a tour of the resort. Got lunch and went on a wildlife cruise on a small boat - saw some sea turtles under the water and some fish and finally - a duogong. did not come too close but did see one. Then had a snack, walked on the beach a bit, played in the water and had a quick supper. very disappointing - buffet was disappointing - salad and dessert buffet was $26, and very little Jenica could eat. meat was an extra $12 - $30 . oh well - had fish and fries - and am getting ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay March 8th 2011

Mar. 6 – 8 Woke up early and heard what I thought was a chainsaw. I was right. We all watched as a crew of men cut down a tree from the neighbour’s yard that shaded most of Jen and Simon’s backyard. Quite a few birds were very unhappy and I suspect there were a few nests in the tree. Poor Kookaburras. We went downtown and I rented a car for a couple days. Drove Simon to soccer game and then Jenica and I went to Mount Coot-Tha Botanical Gardens. Saw lots of amazing trees, plants and birds. Quite a noisy group of sulphur crested cockatoos – big birds. Quiet night. Up early Sunday morning and drove to Byron Bay – 2 hours south of Brisbane. Our goal – Kayaking with the dolphins. This was the ... read more
Our Kayaks
Byron Bay
Beach close to Balina

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Milford Sound February 28th 2011

Our first full day in New Zealand. Set alarm and surprisingly had no difficulty getting up. Bus met us at the main entrance to our motel and off we go, Lovely knowledgeable driver with a great sense of humour. His running commentary kept us well informed and entertained during the day. I am not a fan of bus tours but this was areal delight for our first day in New Zealand as we were not driving and could relax. 4 and a half hour drive to Milford Sound via twisty, narrow roads through strange country driving on the wrong side of the road. It was good to NOT be driving. And we were still tired and a bit disoriented. Headed to south to Te Anau - a cute little village on the shores of Lake Te ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane February 26th 2011

Went downtown today to see Queen street mall and the Brisbane City Botanical Gardens. Walked all over looking at strange trees and flowers. Enjoyed the shade and river. Later walked back into main part of city - narrowly avoiding a Libyan protest. Strolled through a number of shops. Lots of restaurants outside in the Queen street mall and all over. LOTS of peoplle - quite busy downtown. reminds me of downtown Toronto. Walked through the Twilight Market at King George Square. Guess what - I didn't buy anything! Pictures today are a guessing game. Can you help me identify these trees? Some had labels. Many did not. Lovely walk, lovely afternoon but getting wwram. I am not complaining, as it is not snowing.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane February 26th 2011

Sat. Feb.26 Quiet Day today. Jenica and I went with Simon to watch soccer games that Simon was a ref for. then a bus ride back to check out where they used to live. Certainly was on a high spot. ! Good thing with the flooding. Garden is still growing. Supper at Urban Burger - rather large and tasty burgers, I enjoyed the iced chocolate -like a frozen hot chocolate with choc syrup and whipped cream. home via bus and train. At 7 pm it had finally cooled down to 30 degrees. Warm day. ... read more
Small spectator at game
Jenica's old house
Jenica's old garden

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane February 24th 2011

Lone Pine Santuary Today Jenica and I ventured off across the city to the Koala reserve and Santuary. They are actively involved in conservation and rehabilitation of a number of native Australian animals – particularly the koalas. I got to hold and play with a Diamond back snake, a koala named “Cat” and a young salt-water crocodile. Did you know that the saltwater crocodile can live up to 50 years, grow to 5 metres in length and weigh up to a ton and a half! I am glad that this one was a baby. Afterwards we went downtown and got supper. Every Last Thursday of the month they have Games Night in King George Square. Lots of tables set out with board games and a number of large versions as well of chess, checkers, Battleship, Jenga ... read more
A tree full of wild Rainbow Lorikeets

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane February 22nd 2011

Have arrived safely in Australia. Heard about earthquake in Christchurch - did not feel it. All flights to Christchyrch NZ were re-routed and appartently there was significant damage but we are safe. Norm has headed home. I will try to post most and pics tomorrow. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei February 20th 2011

Feb. 20 Hahei Beach to Auckland Hahei beach has been described as “ A little bit of Heaven”. It certainly is beautiful. Norm was up early to catch a beautiful sunrise while I made breakfast. Sunrise was lovely but sky is dark, full of clouds and surf is rough. Toast and cereal then, check out and off to find Cathedral Coves kayaks- an original “desk on the beach” – literally- with mobile VISA ! Looking at the weather I am not optimistic we will be going out. One lady spies my Calgary shirt and our Tilly hats and asks us where in Canada we are from. She is from London with a cottage in Port Elgin. We have a lovely chat and visit. She is truly an inspiration – she is 75, travelling New Zealand on ... read more
Ready to launch into waves
Hahei Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington February 19th 2011

Zealandia How do I describe Zealandia? An area about 1 sqaure mile or more that is being returned to pre-European days. This area was a reservoir that was drained and left behind a valley that was considered useless. A visionary viewed this area as having potential of returned to native plants and animals. This was a huge undertaking to return the vegetation to native species but also to be home and breeding program for the Kiwi. This bird is virtually extinct except on isolated islands and zoos/santuaries as it so vulnerable to introduced predators. Cats, dogs, possums, stoats, and weasels – all non-native to New Zealand are dangerous to this little fellow. The entire perimeter had to be fenced off in such a way that all predators- rats, mice, weasals and cats – could not get ... read more
Baby Tuatara

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island February 14th 2011

Staying at the BOOT was amazing. Beautiful gardens and a fairytale setting. Lovely local wines, quiet setting, not much internet and no TV so we had to relax . then onto Abel Tasman and kayaking. Started off early to where we met the groups and water taxis. Noticed that of all the other kayakers, the next oldest pair seemed to be about 20 years younger than us, or more. Feeling a bit apprehensive. However. we ventured off. Proved not to be a problem at all. W.e had to wait for them They have a neat way of dealing with water levels with the tides. They have water tractors - Ford and David Brown tractors to tow the motor boats (water taxis) already laden with passengers and gear, out into water deep enough for the boats to ... read more
Waves at Greymouth
Rocky Shore N of Greymouth

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