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23rd February 2014

Hello from your neighbours!
Sounds like you are both having a wonderful time! Love the pictures; great to see all the adventures you are having. Enjoy your remaining part of your trip.
13th February 2014

Stay safe
Betty Ann and I just got back from a wonderful month in Haines Fl. We rented a house with pool. Family join us for a week at a time. We drove back on the 10th. We did get the tail end of a storm and was lead out by lead transports, it was only for about one hour. We are back now at Betty' s Ann. We were celebrating my 80th birthday. I love my new iPad.
From Blog: Pax, the storm
20th April 2013

Groooooos bateau!
Jag says: c'est vraiment un gros bateau. Je me demande ce qu'il y a dans les grosses boites!
19th April 2013

Hi Claire! We are following your seafaring adventures and would love to see pics!
From Blog: Panama Canal
19th March 2010

Sounds like a good trip!
Sounds like you guys are having a great trip. Thanks for sharing!
15th February 2010

Hoover Dam
When I was living down there I had wanted to visit the Hoover Dam but gave it a pass one day when I was pretty close...oh well, you pictures look amazing!
23rd March 2009

Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
Cold in Ottawa today, -6C with a wind chill to boot, but sunny and beautiful. Claire, I have enjoyed your writing and pics of your trip, it has been as lovely as it has been diverse - similar to your past adventures. You and Terry have shared an adventure to remember, and shared it with us also. Thanks. See you at the cottage this summer. Terry, you must share some of your musical talent with us this summer. Maybe Larry & I will put on grass skirts !!!!!! LOL - Ken
23rd July 2007

Wow pictures are great and your trip sounded fantastic...cant wait to hear all about it....Home bound soon? Love and miss you both!
7th July 2007

Get on it
Hey mom....i love this idea, i can be right there with you kinda on this cruise without ever even going....but one day your going to be the one sitting at the cottage retired and reading all my blogs from all my cruses ;) LOVE YOU....
16th June 2006

At Sea
Just stubbled across your blog and I have to say the croc warning for wheelchair users is hilarious!
From Blog: at sea
14th May 2006

No matter where you roam, there's no place like home....
I've travelled extensively - otherwise I'd be wealthy, which I'm not.........but I am rich, rich in memories that will last to the end of my days! Money goes - memories are for ever! I've followed along on your and Ides posts, loving every minute of them.....Thank you both for so generously sharing your experiences. Hubby and I are HAL devotees. The Prinsendam has become our favourite - as I write, we are awaiting medical OK to board her this coming weekend. I say to anyone, do it now, life is shorter than you think! The Powers that Be are in control. If you are returning to teaching, I've no doubt that your students will benefit greatly. Again, my thanks for a wonderful 'voyage' :-)
From Blog: Home, sweet home
4th May 2006

Claire We'll share some Limoncello when you visit Elliot Lake this summer. I have a wonderful desert recipe that uses that amazing treat. So glad to be able to live vicariously through you as you travel. Sue
3rd May 2006

ooh you got some fans! quite right to. your writing is very creditable
From Blog: cumberland bay
23rd April 2006

Great travelblog
We know that you weren't able to finish your blog because of internet problems, but we hope you will post your final pages from home. you can't just leave us stranded in the middle of the sea.... Slinkie and Grumpy
From Blog: wonderful day
21st April 2006

Hi, I'm also enjoying your writing; just as a matter of interest, did you find the Seychelles expensive?
5th April 2006

My God ... don't quit on us now!!! I am enjoyng your trip very much. Say Hi to Terry for me. His stories are extremely entertaining ... it's almost like he never left.
From Blog: wonderful day
3rd April 2006

Lucky with the eclipse!
Hi I've continued to follow your trip... amazing... keep enjoying it as you'll be so sorry when it's over. How incredible that you were in Turkey when the total eclipse occured. It was one of the best places in the world to view! We were supposed to experience 25% in Birmingham here but it was cloudy and the event passed unnoticed! Our trip from Rio, round Cape Horn to Valpariso was just terrific. We could do it all again. The sea was not anything as rough as you had it when leaving Porto Madryn. Force 8 was as much as we had and considering the reputation that you hear about "rounding the horn" that was super! All the best with the rest of your trip I'll keep following. It'll give me experience ready for our second cruise. Brenda
30th March 2006

By Joe I Think I Got It
Ha well again beautiful pics...And i think i actually found Dad...if he is really in those pics!...Good to know ur not getting tired of cruising! :) See you shortly! xox
From Blog: Antolya Turkey
28th March 2006

Wow those pics are too cool...They really do look all neat! Strike is over...thought u got my email...Semester wont be pushed into summer. So no exams i think! Anyways off to a class ttyl! Still house searching... Love you miss you!
25th March 2006

So you guys sick of Cruising yet???
To gotta get good pics of Cairo for me!....After a long 3 week Strike we are finally back to school on Monday...Dont think i have ever been so happy to get back to school! See you guys SOON!
24th March 2006

Caste system scarcely exists in India anymore, what exists is social division based on economy. Like rest of the world there is the growing gap between the rich and the poor. The family in the sidewalk belongs to the later category. Like any hobo who live out of the sidewalk in New York city. These people are not necessarily "Shudra".
From Blog: Shudras
23rd March 2006

It should be shudra not shudras, which is the plural form.
From Blog: Shudras
16th March 2006

Finally Found you
Hey Aunt Clair and Uncle Terry. I only found your blog today. By found I mean click, but still...amazing. Ange and I took some time and flicked through the pages. We hope to go through in more detail later. It is great to see your travels. What is the itinerary from India?? Ryan
From Blog: between Indias
13th March 2006

Memories of M&R's travels
Hi Claire. Sounds like this part of your trip will be very different. I just love the picture of you in the Saree shop. The colors are just so beautiful and your outfit in the last shot...really cool. Thinking of you both often...enjoy India.
From Blog: Cochin India
11th March 2006

That 'Sunset at sailaway' is , what can I say - just glorious............. We're enjoying every moment of your trip -one day perhaps........

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