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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai November 5th 2010

4 November 2010 As we were wandering along to and from our amazing veggie troughing session last evening we noticed a chalk board peeking out from the end of an alleyway advertising yoga classes. This had us interested because it was both cheaper than yesterday’s class and considerably closer to our hostel. Oh, and it actually had a class this morning, which the other place did not. So, we set the alarm for the supremely early time of 8:30am to give us time to have our breakfast and find our way to the class. Having started slipping towards hippiness, we were discovered that we were over keen on continuing that particular trend. Even though we stopped for a smoothie on the way, we arrived nearly half an hour early for the class! This yoga class was ... read more
Our teacher
The pool

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai November 3rd 2010

I write this sat by a pool in our current hostel. It isn’t amazing but the sound of running water is pleasant, and the room is adequate, but more on that in a minute… Tuesday 2nd November I awoke early to the clackety clack of the train moving over the track. Clackety clack, clackety clack, clackety clack……. The first light of pre-dawn was starting to inch in through the woefully thin curtains in our little sleeper car. I didn’t dare look at the watch but knew it must have been early as the breakfast guy hadn’t come around (at least I hadn’t heard him) and he told us the night before that it would be at about 6am that breakfast was served. I guessed it was somewhere in the hour leading up to that though. I ... read more
Possibly the best platform in the world..
Laarb - much better than it looks.
Taxi - complete with monks

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 1st 2010

Our days in Bangkok are drawing to a close and I am beginning to wonder what we have actually done with them. As much as we have tried to sight see, I am afraid that Wat after Wat is really not, I regret to say, our thing. We have enjoyed just being in Bangkok - the hustle and bustle of it, the cleanliness &, yes, the noise. That said, I think that it is fair to say that we are both ready to move on to Chiang Mai. This is the destination for meditation and yoga and is therefore apparently home to numerous “aging hippies”. 31 October 2010 After yesterday afternoon’s sojourn to the market, I was up for heading there again today to make a full day of it - it really is that extensive ... read more
Me in our cabin
The train and some of its staff

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 30th 2010

After our late return from the cinema , by the time we got to bed it was gone 2 am, we both awoke at a late hour ( I think Lou was still in the form of a Pumpkin from her late night ). We managed to descend and have our buffet breakfast which was already getting a bit boring as it is the same everyday. We had a couple of tasks to achieve today, our first being to send some items home. Having set out with bags under 15kgs each, our recent flight into the country showed us we had put on weight in the bag department. We collected together the items, some of which we had been carrying since we attempted a similar feat in Siem Reap, and headed off to the nearby Post ... read more
Shop in Chinatown
Busy ferry platform with high water levels
Prior to seeing the Big Buddha

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 28th 2010

27 October 2010 Bangkok is everything Cambodia wasn’t and it is refreshing. I am not sure how long we will ride the crest of this particular wave of familiarity but, for now, we are enjoying it. We are staying on the edge of China Town which means a hike to the places of touristic interest. That’s fine by us though since it means that we are also have to stray some way from our hotel before being set on by hawkers. Tuk Tuk drivers excepted. This morning we set out with our trusty guide book in hand and a rough plan of where we wanted to go. Since the place that we are staying is posh, it is impossible to leave without a)being asked if we require a taxi and b) the look of surprise when ... read more
Is that Mr P gloating?
Tuk Tuk time
Art outside a shopping centre

Asia » Cambodia October 26th 2010

The Pink View I arrived in Cambodia with no pre-conceptions and left glad for that. I suspect that Vietnam suffered in my eyes, for being the focus of months of anticipation whilst we packed our lives in the UK away. In the hours spent on buses (far fewer than in Vietnam) I wondered how I might choose to sum up this country. What I wanted to say was this: “Cambodia is beautiful”. A wise (he would say old) man with a twinkle in his eye once said to me something like this of a place a lot closer to home: “ Yes it is, but don‘t tell everyone, then they will all want to come here”. That is what I also want to say about Cambodia. Cambodia has a simplicity which is absent in Vietnam. It ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh October 26th 2010

This is a blog that spans two days in real time but as far as our travelling adventures go it only spans a very small time. The reasons for this are twofold, one we are for only the second time back in a city we have been in before, Phnom Penh and as such what there is to say may have already been said, and secondly we have done almost nothing of note in this two days other than board a plane and leave Cambodia for Thailand. I suppose I should document our time in Phnom Penh, although it pains me to do so….. I have no love for this place, and it was with some joy that I got up from the room that we were staying in with no natural light and headed for ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang October 24th 2010

Having spent yesterday spectacularly achieving nothing, we resolved that we would carpe diem today. Unfortunately, when it comes to arising from slumber, my resolve is never particularly bullet proof. In truth, it’s somewhat woolly. Whilst travelling, we have discovered that one becomes subject to an ongoing internal battle between “I am free to do what I want when I want including doing nothing” and “ this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I really shouldn’t waste it seeing the same four walls of my hotel room hour after hour”. That battle results in days spent luxuriating in moving no more than 100m from the hotel and others spent trying to cram in as much as humanly possible. Having now spent two months on the road, we are starting to feel slightly less guilty about ... read more
Us on the Bamboo Train
Allowing another train to pass
Agricultural Cambodia

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang October 22nd 2010

I awoke and checked the watch, I was just settling back to sleep for another hour when the phone rings. The front desk tell Lou, who had been woken by the phone, something which she doesn’t understand and I can’t hear. (To be honest it isn’t hard to confuse Lou 10 seconds after she wakes) It seems that the bus company have decided to arbitrarily change our ticket time from 10:30 to 07:30 without any warning. We haven’t packed yet, we certainly haven’t woken up yet, and there is no way we can get on a bus in the next 15 minutes let alone 2 minutes. Lou asks the desk what we can do and luckily they agree to sort it out for us. We attempt to doze but it isn’t working for me so I ... read more
Staging area prior to racing
The Start
Celebrating crossing the line

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap October 20th 2010

So...(just for Dad) The last two days have, by recent standards, been jam packed with activity. They have also seen us say our goodbyes to Scott and Sara. We are hoping that we will meet up again somewhere on our travels but, for now, our travelling contingent has reverted to we two. 19 October 2010 If you know me, at all, you know that I am not a good at mornings. You may also recall that I have spent the last week or so under the weather. Why then would I agree to get up and out of my bed at 4.30am to head in to a pitch black Cambodian night? 12 hours sleep the night before? Nearly, but not quite. Day break and sunrise at Angkor Wat, that's what. We had been indoctrinated in to ... read more
Angkor Wat
Mr P
Day is broken

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