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South America » Brazil » Paraná » Foz do Iguaçu June 16th 2012

We actually got to sleep in a little this morning as we were not heading out until 9 am. Chester was up and in the bathroom around 4 am with an achy, breaky belly. After breakfast we were picked up by our guide Lily. She is very knowledgeable and personable. She even spent time working in LA a few years back working at Magic Mountain. We were very excited for this day since we are headed straight to the Falls. Both Chester and Kirsten have been to Victoria Falls in Zambia, and now Iguacu Falls in Brazil, but not Niagara Falls. Ironic. Again this country and its attractions are very organized and clean. We made our way to the walkway which takes you to an amazing view of the Argentina side of the falls. They are ... read more
Iguacu Falls
They are everywhere
Iguacu Falls

South America » Brazil » Paraná » Foz do Iguaçu June 15th 2012

Today started VERY early with a 4AM departure from the lodge to the airport in Manaus. As it seems the travel agents do not know how long it takes to get to the airport, we were there 2.5 hours before our flight. Not what we wanted at 4AM. So we had plenty of time to find our gates and grab some breakfast. We had a 4 hour flight to Sao Paulo and then another 90 minutes to Iguacu Falls. Seemed like we should have been in another country, but Brazil is very large so not a lot different than flying from east coast to west coast in the US. We arrived around 3PM to sunny beautiful weather in Iguacu, which was nice as they had freezing weather the week before. Our hotel is very nice with ... read more
What every man wants to see in Brazil
Dancing Brazil Style
Ready to eat

South America » Brazil » Amazonas » Manaus June 15th 2012

Day 6 topped them all with the amount of reading and sleeping that we have done the entire trip. All agreed we should have left one day earlier. We started as usually with a nice buffet breakfast. When Kirsten and Chester arrived at the table the once pestering parrot was now at the table with Judy and Betty as they prepared a plate of bread and fruit for its breakfast. This is the first sign that you have been here too long. We then met our guide along with annoying couple again, but they were at least almost on time. We headed for what we thought was a morning of piranha fishing that would be exciting and active. WRONG again. A morning of fishing in the Amazon constitutes about 1 hour with bamboo poles. Chester did ... read more
The only fish we caught.
Parhana Teeth
Deep in the Jungle

South America » Brazil » Amazonas » Manaus June 13th 2012

Today started similar to the others with a nice fresh breakfast, but no bird attacks. Except of note that Chester got the nice wakeup call of Kermit jumping from behind the toilet that she was sitting on and into a small basket on the shelf. As she came running out of the bathroom, Kirsten AGAIN had to come to the rescue and get the frog out of the bathroom. Then we headed to the lobby and as usual had to wait for the inconsiderate couple that is habitually late who was just going to breakfast. After Kirsten lead the way to the restaurant to tell them they were holding up the entire group and it was rude, we headed out with our local guide for what we thought was going to be a very strenuous hike ... read more
Our local transport
Blow Dart
Cool Tree

South America » Brazil » Amazonas » Manaus June 12th 2012

As with any trip it can get hard to sleep through the night, even with the help of alcohol and/or sleep aides. Kirsten, Chester and Betty tossed and turned a bit last night, while the “Great Tumbler” Judy slept like a rock. Breakfast was served at 7:45. We made our way to the restaurant and found fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt, breads, eggs, and sausage. Breakfast was good and filling. The four of us ate in the pleasant morning until we were accosted by the local parrot. He is not afraid of people and will eat off your plate if you let him. We did not like this at all and kept trying to shoo him away, which would work for about 30 seconds and then he would fly right back. If he does it again tomorrow ... read more
The pet that every mother wants
Local living
Lilly Pads

South America » Brazil » Amazonas » Manaus June 11th 2012

Day 3 started early for Betty and Judy as they got up to see the sunrise with a walk along the Copacabana Beach at 6 AM. This is our 3rd day in Brazil but it makes the 4th fall by Judy. While attempting to cross the street from our hotel to the beach, a busy street we might add, Judy does a header. While Betty is trying to help her up she falls again and Betty is trying to stop traffic. Note to the elderly – do not try to “run” across the street against the light. But they finally made it to the beach and saw the sun rise along with some interesting sand sculptures. During all of this commotion, Kirsten and Chester made the better decision to sleep in and get their beauty rest. ... read more
Copocabana Beach
High Five

Day two started with a little sunshine, a good breakfast and some noisy neighbors. We got up early to shower before breakfast because we had a full day of touring Rio ahead. We returned to our room after breakfast to grab our cameras and rain jackets (just in case) and learned just how thin the walls in our hotel really are. Our neighbors, or neighbor, we only heard a man, was quite loud while gratifying himself or his partner. He finished right before we needed to be downstairs to meet our guide. This gave us a good laugh to start the morning. Our guide, Victor, picked us up promptly at 9 am. Betty and Judy were late as usual and kept everyone waiting. The tour was in an open jeep, so thank goodness it was mostly ... read more
Sugar Loaf Tram
Copacabana Beach
Christ in the Clouds

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Búzios June 9th 2012

Welcome Back Welcome back everyone to our latest edition of our world reknown travel blog. (Ok maybejust just a travel blog). We are on day 1 of a 2+ week holiday (as they call in outside the US or vacation as we call it in the US) traveling through Brazil. This is part dois (2 in Portugese) of the 4 Non-Blondes. Judy, Aunt Betty, Kirsten and Chester reunited again after our first trip to Egypt. Today was not very eventful as we just arrived. We left Fri evening and arrived 9AM Sat monring in Rio. Did get a big of a laugh on the flight out of Omaha when a mom and her high school aged son were stressing about missing their connection in Houston and realized on the train to thei connection flights that they ... read more
The Ring

Oceania » Fiji August 4th 2011

Today Kirsten started her 4 day journey back to Angola and Chester had one last day in Fiji. As you can imagine the weather has gotten no better. following is a recap of her day. 8 am alarm goes off 9 am breakfast. We had to fight off the regby team just to toast some bread. They would load up all 6 slots and take them all. 10 a m Kirsten is off to the airport. Chester is sad and alone. 10:15 Chester packs for the next day 11 am raining, totally bored 11:15 did nails 11:20 totally bored again 11:30 read book on porch, still raining with no chance of sun 1:00 played cards 2:00 went for a walk on the beach. Rains on way back 2:45 The Fiji version of the movie Top Gun ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Suva August 3rd 2011

The alarm went off at 6 am today. We were again hoping for a beautiful day in paradise, especially since this was the last adventure for the two of us. We put on our swim suits, packed our dry clothes and ate breakfast. Pick up for the rafting was at 6:45. Several people from our lodging were on the bus and we met up with several others at the main office. In all about 29 people were on the excursion. After we sign our life away we pile back into the buses and head for the drop off, this took 3 hours. They told us it would take 30 min Fijian time. We were not expecting that. It has been raining for 3-4 solid days and today was not different. It was a very rocky, bumpy ... read more
Posing like posers
Devils Slide
The canyon we rafted through

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