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Asia » Sri Lanka » Uva Province » Kataragama July 21st 2015

So today started much like all of the others have. Get up, get dressed, pack our bags, eat a buffet breakfast with too many croissants and meet our guide and van. Today we were heading to the southern part of Sri Lanka and doing some white water rafting on the say. It was supposed to be a 90 min ride to the white water rafting, but as with everything in the van it turned into 2.5 hours. And all 2.5 hours were on windy, hilly roads. The roads are meant to be 2 car, but only wide enough for 1.5 cars so the driver is forced to hit the brakes with EVERY vehicle we pass. And of course honk. We finally made it to the rafting guide and it starts raining. But what better to do ... read more
Geared up and ready
Pouring rain
the right way down the rapids

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Sigiriya July 20th 2015

Today was a very early morning. We were up at 5, ready by 5:45, checked out by 6:15, breakfast and then on the road. We had a few stops today and the first one was Sigiriya Rock, which was a Buddhist Palace and town. We arrived there by 7:15 am and started touring the area. It was massive. We walked around the grounds a little and then we started with the stairs. There were stairs and more stairs and more stairs. The trip up the rock was 2,002 and steps and we hit every one of them. At least we were there early before the crowds and before it got too hot. Plus there was a great breeze and as we climbed higher and higher the wind got stronger and stronger. It was glorious. A breeze ... read more
view from above

Asia » Sri Lanka July 19th 2015

So our trip is over and we wanted to share a few things we will miss and not miss about Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. Miss- Srping Rolls Cinnamon Ice Cream to die for Almost daily Massages Near death experiences driving down the roads (at least in our eyes) endless laughing an farting at inapproiate times. bad television Firendly happy people Lynn waving at all of them The food Not Miss Chub Rub to the extreme, sweating from every peice of your body and places you didn't know you could sweat Bouncing in a van for hours on end Guides' bad jokes Chinese tourist groups totaling 50+ all with selfie sticks and yelling at each other Selfie sticks in general Lynns ability to always pick the slowest line at the airports. Looking at 2 naked fat ... read more

Today started back in the van for what we hoped was not a long journey, and we were lucky it was only 1 hour. We headed to Polonnaruwa, a village of Buddhist ruins from the 1100-1300 AD period. They consisted of a number of Stupas (round big buildings you can't enter that Buddhist pray around), the image houses that had statues and images of Buddha and a third thing we can't remember. It was hot and humid but nothing compared to Vietnam as there was a breeze to cool it a bit. The ruins were nice and some well restored, but you had to take off your shoes and hat at every one and walk around in your socks or bare feet. After about the 7th one we got a bit tired of this and were ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province July 18th 2015

We had quite the relaxing morning. We did not have to meet our guide, Vijitha until 10:30. Lynn was up first and got ready and walked down to the beach. Chester and Kirsten got ready soon after and went straight to breakfast. We were all ready for the visit to the Elephant Orphanage. Well, the 90 minute drive took 2.5 hours. Yikes. We are in a nice van, however the roads are brutal once you drive into the interior of the country. We took side, dirt roads that were all under construction because of drainage issues. The Elephant Orphanage was pretty cool. They have over 80 rescued elephants of all ages. We saw the older ones walking around eating, saw the ones that have behavior and aggression issues chained up to trees, and then we got ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi July 17th 2015

The only plans we had for our last day in Vietnam was to head to the airport in the early afternoon. We took advantage of no plans and slept in for the first time since we started the trip. But as it was our last day, Kirsten decided to head out for a pedicure, while Chester and Lynn relaxed at the hotel and had a few beers. Surprisingly all of the spas were full and Kirsten had to scurry to 3 of them before she could get it. But she made it back to the hotel with 45 mins to spare to get packed up and showered. Our guide met us for the ride to the airport with a few last questions "just for fun" for us. Of course we did not get a single question ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi July 16th 2015

We were kind of hoping to sleep in one of the days, but it wasn’t today. Lynn was up early for 6:15 Tai Chi on the deck. Kirsten and Chester stayed in the room sleeping. At 7:45 we got a call from the crew because they were worried that we hadn’t been up for a light breakfast yet. they are determined to make sure we get fatter. So we dragged ourselves up to the dining room for a very light breakfast of fruit and muffins. Today’s excursion was to a floating village in the Bay. One could kayak or take a small row boat paddled by a local to view the village. Lynn took to the row boat and Kirsten and Chester kayaked. Of course Kirsten and Chester didn’t even make it to the village, they ... read more
Small temple
local fishermen
floating village

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta July 15th 2015

It was another early morning and travel day. Today we headed to Ha Long Bay. It was a four hour drive from Hanoi to the Bay. Of course the trip didn’t need to take four hours. We drove for about 90 minutes and then had a 30 minute rest stop to hit the restroom and stop at a gift shop. The driver definitely needs the break though. Driving in Hanoi is like a full contact sport, and this driver was amazing. He was dodging cars, motor bikes, bicycles, and semi-trucks like the game Frogger. Instead of crossing the street, he was weaving in and out of traffic on both sides of the road. One of the main differences between the U.S. and Vietnam is that we drive on the right, and here they drive on both ... read more
Inside the cave

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi July 14th 2015

Today we started out in Hanoi, a new city with a new guide. Same hot as balls weather, except even hotter and if possible more humid. We didn’t think we could sweat as much as we have, but we are. Hanoi is hotter than Saigon and very different in many ways. We were on our city tour by 9 am with our guide, Tang. He was a very nice guide and definitely one who followed the rules and preached the dogma for the political system of Vietnam. Kirsten quickly challenged Tang on a few political issues right away, and he stuck to his guns. Ho Chi Minh was the great leader, Communism is great, that was his story and he was sticking to it. Speaking of Ho Chi Minh, did we mention that we saw him? ... read more
Ho Chi Mingh Masoleum
New and old cultures mix throughout the city
Babies everywhere on mopeds

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 13th 2015

So the title of the blog will become evident later in our story. So just wait for it. We started out as normal at 0800 with another day in the Siem Reap area. We met our guide and driver and headed about an hour to a really big lake we can't remember the name of but it is as big as the Great Lakes and feeds the Mekong River. Up to this point the weather has been hot and humid but mostly overcast. Today it all changed. It was hot, humid and SUNNY. Hot as balls. Chester and Kirsten decided to buy big Kentucky Derby hats to try and fend off the sun. We headed to a smaller boat and down the dredged channel to the lake. On the lake there are entire floating villages, with ... read more
Everything is recycled here
floating School
Floating fish Farm

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