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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth June 24th 2012

Another windy night, followed by a windy day. The kite surfers were happy, but every obeach water activity was off limits. This morning, upon waking we were thankful for the solid walls of our cabin. The wind was howling around and looking at a few of the tents around the area were suffering from the strong wind. The day started out with a trip into town to refuel and collect some groceries. Whilst I was down the street it was also a good chance to grab a decent coffee, at $5 it should be too! Back at the cabin Sandy is head into her Kindle, totally engrossed in "The gang of four". A couple more loads of washing before lunch then it's time to hit the road for some more sight seeing. Debbie and Steve decide ... read more
Pebbles bonded together in the red earth
Coral covered in red earth
Bits of old coral bonded together in red earth

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth June 23rd 2012

We were able to sit outside last night without any wind for a change. Steve found a few new birds at the park who,he was happy so share his seat with. After finally having dinner last night after the long wait for fish and chips it was off to bed in the still quiet night. That was until around 1am when the wind once again picked up big time! The tent was flapping around and making lots of noise. Enough to keep us awake. Then at 6:30 it was time for me to get up to go looking for whale sharks. I got down to the dive centre and signed in. There was to be six of us on the tour. Into the mini bus we all climbed with our diving gear stowed away in the ... read more
Shothole Canyon
Shothole Canyon
Shothole Canyon

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth June 22nd 2012

I think the wind is following us! Not quite as bad as earlier in the trip but enough to be noisy in the tent. A beautiful colorful sunrise has given way to mostly sunny skies with just a few white to light grey clouds floating past. We are only going for tops of around 22 - 25c for the time we are here. I'm so glad I brought my wetsuit! Although calling in at the dive shop this morning they advised that the water temp is also around 25c. I did have my dive with the whale sharks booked for Sunday, but when I checked with the dive shop they only had me booked on the boat. A minimum of 5 is required to take the boat out. I had a choice between tomorrow or Monday. ... read more
One of the massive HF antennas
"wait for me"
Birds nest in one of the navigation marks

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth June 21st 2012

The good news was that there was no rain overnight, the bad news it was pretty windy. We were all up fairly early and Steve and Debbie took off around 8:15 then 45 minutes later it was our turn to head off. The drive was fairly uneventful and once again we were looking to see what animals we could see as we drove along and Sandy also got back to her Kindle to continue reading her book. Our first stop was Minilya Roadhouse for a refuel for the car as well as a coffee and pie for myself and a toasted sandwich for Sandy. Back on the road again and the next stop would be Coral Bay. Potentially a pretty spot but looks more like an oversized caravan park. We didn't stay for too long before ... read more

20 June 2012 Well the rain held off overnight which we were all thankful for. The cat was back again last night, hangining around under the car waiting to see what leftovers wer on offer. I think it had enough to last a few days with the leftover scraps and bones from the roast lamb. This morning was looking very overcast and out on the horizon even darker clouds were looming. After breakfast I finished off the spread sheet for Steve before I took a drive down the road to try my luck at fishing off the rocks, or more precisely cliffs. A few bites this time but nothing to reel in :(. With the cliff some 10m plus above sea level i was confidant but cautious around the heavy swell and waves breaking around the ... read more
Another whale tail

19 June 2012 Overnight was quite warm with only a sheet needed for sleeping, also there was no dew on the tent :). The sound of the surf was very loud and being only 50m or so from the beach over the dune you can even feel the vibration through the ground as the waves crash onto the beach. We had a visit from a cat last night, we're not sure if it's a feral or a farm cat, either way it looked like it was pretty hungry. But not tame enough to come within a couple of meters. After breakfast we took a walk along the beach, unfortunately this is a no fishing beach, you cannot even take shells from the beach, of which there are many, including some clam shells twice the size of ... read more
A memorial to the ill fated HMAS Sydney
They really do have BIG waves!
Quobba blowhole

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham June 18th 2012

18 June 2012 Another clear still night in Denham and the tent wet from the dew. We take our time packing up trying to dry the tent before packing it up an putting it back on the roof for our forward journey to Quobba Station. Good news is though thar Debbie looks and sounds back to being well.A 400 k drive but with some detours along the way for sightseeing we added a few extra kilometers. Our first detour of the main road was to visit the stromatolites. These strange rock like objects according to the blurb on the boardwalk are some of the earliest forms of life on our planet. Aside from the stromatolites the of the other amazing observations was the clarity of the water. It was literally like looking through clear glass. Whilst ... read more
Stromatolites viewed from the boardwalk
Coast 2coast postie bikes

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham June 17th 2012

Another picture postcard day in Denham. Blue cloudless skies, turquise water and so quiet. Overnight is still getting quite cool, or if you were to ask Sandy cold. With the clear mornings comes moisture on the tent which has a habit of dripping on the outside floor of the tent, which after a whilestarts sounding like a drum. Maybe this is the Denham water torture rather than the Chinese water torture ;). This morning saw the departure of Debbie and Steve who have headed for Carnarvon to seek professionalsad advice from a qualified autelectrician. Steve has a booking for 8:00 tomorrow morning. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of their flat caravan batteries and maybe even work out where Toyota have hidden the fog light relays. Today has been a very cruisy day for Sandy ... read more
The entrance to our caravan park
It looked bigger in real life :)
Ah the tranquility

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham June 16th 2012

A nice cruisy start to the day. Quite cool overnight and lots of heavy condensation and heavy dew on the tent and car. Sandy has breakfast in bed whilst I enjoy my breakfast overlooking the water whilst sitting back on the tailgate of the Rangie. I'd been for a walk down to the bakers this morning for a loaf of crunchy white bread. They don't have a bread slicer at the bakery so it was back to slicing the bread myself...nice thick slices ;). Steve has gone down to the local tip for a quick forrige. We'll have to wait and see what treasures he finds...disappointingly he came back empty handed. Shortly after we all head out for a short sightseeing drive back along the road in and out of Denham. We called in at the ... read more
Denham foreshore
Eagle waiting for it's prey
Shortly before catching a rabbit

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia June 15th 2012

Friday 15th June. A full on day with an early start thanks to Sandy reading the time incorrectly. Looking at her phone this morning there was a slight discrepancy between 6:45 and 5:45. Yes, we were up at 5:45, but at least there was no queue at the toilet block. Back to the tent for breakfast which finished up sitting on the tailgate of the Rangie eating our cereal and having a cuppa. With Debbie still not feeling well it was Steve, Sandy and myself off to Monkey Mia to see the dolphins. The usual 5 dolphins turned up along with a friend for feeding. It turns out that only one family of dolphins can be hand fed and only if the dolphin is a female and over 4 years old. It nice to see them ... read more
Monkey Mia
Monkey Mia dolphin
Point Perrin

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