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I'm Kayleigh. I have a huge wanderlust list and am always on the go or am doing something interesting at weekends. Even though I've travelled a lot already (which I haven't blogged about), I am conscious of the fact that I want to do more.

I'm not like normal people. The word 'settle' scares the hell out of me and I always have itchy feet and dream big. The world is such a big place, and I am a small part of it who wants to get lost and learn something new.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 11th 2018

And that was that. What a gap, huh? Two years. It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything. The truth is, I’ve been so out of my funk that I feel like I’ve lost all sense of creativity, a little of who I was. In fact, I had lost myself completely and, to be honest, I haven’t been entirely sure about how to get it back. It wasn’t really until recently, when I accompanied some students to sit an exam and met a very friendly Nepalese woman whilst waiting for them to finish, that I had felt any kind of inspiration to write. I had lost my drive to do anything: to write, to do photography, to play music … many things that made me … well … me. It’s like my world had lost ... read more
Portobello Road
Motivational Quote of the Day
HMS Belfast

Africa » Morocco April 5th 2016

‘And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.’ (Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.)* It all started with a feeling. It was just a feeling, nothing solid, nothing substantial, that everything was going to go well and truly wrong. It was a horribly mixed emotion, a decision between heart and head, but evidently my heart always wins. So what do you do when you have bad vibes, a sense of foreboding and nothing better to do on a Monday morning during the February half term? Book a trip to Morocco of course. It was an expensive boredom (well, for me, anything around the £500 - £600 mark is, although some might see it as reasonable), however trusting my instincts paid off; it helped to confirm that avid travellers should always trust their ... read more
Wool dyes in Marrakech
A street stall in Rabat
Roman ruins in Volubilis

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam September 20th 2015

‘The Damage’: decadence by day, debauchery by night. Amsterdam has that nickname for a very good reason. One of the first questions my friends and colleagues asked me when I returned was the classic “Did you have a good time?”, to which I responded “I behaved reasonably irresponsibly,” cuing some smirks which had the kind of tone where they could deduce what I had gotten up to. I could start by explaining the grandeur of the architecture and the canals but, let's face it, we all want to get down to the nitty gritty; what Amsterdam is absolutely infamous for. The Red Light District and the relaxed laws. Prior to my arrival in Amsterdam, I recollected this video that I had seen floating around social media for some time. The video shows beautiful girls, seductively posing ... read more
Pancake Corner
Amsterdam Street
Amsterdam House

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 3rd 2015

A lot of us will agree that most people visit a different country in order to relax or experience a different culture. After all, nothing beats donning your swim suit, laying your towel on the sand, propping your shades over your eyes and watching the world go by, feeling absolutely NO guilt about that stack of paper that you have left on your desk in your office. In short, generally not giving a shit about anything else. Being carefree and shameless are fleeting emotions for some and we must do whatever we can to savour them. However, what happens when you experience a time where the emotion of being carefree has been taken away from you and it feels completely out of your control? Escapism. That is what happens. I am not afraid to admit that ... read more
Madrid Post Office
Crystal Palace

Asia June 22nd 2015

Ok. So it's a thought that every traveller has had at one point in their life, especially when they're young, single and feeling vulnerable on the inside. And female. The idea of travelling alone is undoubtedly daunting and, I’m not going to lie, at times I’ve been scared shitless. But something incredible happens when you have the experience of travelling solo: at times when you might feel well and truly lost, other people you meet along the way can make you feel found. It honestly has been amongst one of the best things I've ever done. Whilst I am still on the lookout for a potential travelling partner (or maybe somebody who I will meet on the road who wants to join me on my adventure and help me fulfil my dreams), there's no denying that ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Hunstanton June 9th 2015

Surely a 'local' wouldn't classify going to the North Norfolk coastline as a destination worth travelling to, right? Wrong. In my eyes, if a place steals your heart and you consider it to be your go-to location in your home country, I don't think it really matters. The fact is this: I drive from my home in Lincolnshire to the beaches in Norfolk virtually every weekend because that is exactly where my heart belongs. Although I’m technically not a local as I don't live there, I might as well be. Recently, I presented my Year 10 class with a piece of nonfiction writing entitled ‘Family Holidays in Norfolk’ in an attempt to stimulate some thought as to how authors use language devices to entice the readers, but the problem that I found was not the use ... read more
Thornham Fishing Boat
Hunstanton Kayaks
Kite Surfer

Asia » Cambodia » Central April 20th 2015

It's difficult not to be inspired by these countries; they are appealing on so many levels, ranging from beautiful scenery and landmarks, to the downright violent history of international and civil war. However, when you visit them, little evidence of war remains. It's almost as if the countries want us to understand that they are not affected, that they will not dwell on the atrocities which occurred and that they will continue to grow and prosper. After all, Edwin Starr really did get it right when he sang 'War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.' *** Prior to crossing over the border into Cambodia, where the violent Khmer Rouge famously left their footprint, my journey actually began in Bangkok. I only really had a day timetabled there before I was scheduled to depart for Cambodia, ... read more
Beach Cow
A Friendly Face
Beautiful Sunset

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