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Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen May 28th 2011

i should start by saying that Iceland airport's security may not be up to standard. to illustrate, i was allowed to board a plane that wasn't mine, sat down, and pretty much would have rode the thing all the way to its destination had it not been for someone else who had the same seat showing up a couple minutes before takeoff. now, mind you, the plane was going to the exact same place, only leaving about 10 minutes before my *real* flight, so i might not ever even have known. still. ever had to get off an airplane that you just got on? awkward. so yesterday i pulled into Copenhagen and eventually got to the hostel. for those uninitiated, there are independent hostels and there are HI (official) hostels. while i cannot stake any claim ... read more
side street CPH
crofting house, Iceland.
volcano, Iceland.

North America » United States » New York » New York May 26th 2011

started out on Tuesday with the draining 4 am drive down to DIA, and on the ensuing flight i was reminded of my opinions on oversized people in the middle seats of the aircraft. no, i was not that oversized person. but, yes, i nevertheless suffered. by the time I got to LGA and caught the shuttle into the City, it was already 4 pm, and all i'd done was sit on a plane and cover in 4 hours what took pioneers of a few generations ago years to traverse. but they had more room in those wagons, i'd wager. on the shuttle, i met Stephanie, who turns out to be a Messianic Jew studying at Moody in Chicago. an old Jewish grandmother from Brooklyn had snagged her and insisted on helping her sharpen her Hebrew. ... read more
Standpipe, Bedford Ave
Brooklyn Bridge

when i was 20, i took my first overseas trip ever. to Vietnam. trial by fire. i had just finished a hellish semester with 4 brutal finals, working at the university loading dock, and was now in the market for a backpack and traveling clothes. i gave myself all of a night to pack. as in, an overnight, when i should have been sleeping. perhaps you can relate to this, fellow travelers and students of life. i'm making a very conscious decision here not to tell you what i packed on that maiden voyage. it's embarrassing, and involved lots of cotton and pretty much every bad packing decision ever made. 4 weeks later, my pack was emptied and searched at LAX, my scruffy smelly bewildered self standing by helplessly as new immigrants, hippie couples with newly ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan August 1st 2009

And this is it...the final travel blog entry! The flight from London stopped in Reykjavik, Iceland for a couple hours. So I was really excited about seeing Iceland, from the air if nothing else! One caution: Iceland Air doesn't necessarily market itself as a discount airline, but it *is* - imagine a trans-atlantic flight (London-Iceland-NYC) without any food! Well, unless you want to pay for it... In any case, by the time I landed in NYC, went through customs, took the C train all the way to Penn Station, walked all the way to my hotel with my pack, and found some dinner, I was fairly delusional. If you've ever had that feeling, the combination of jet lag, being up for over a day, travel fatigue, and general culture almost feels like floating on choppy ... read more
Iceland from the Plane
Greenland from the Plane

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 28th 2009

And now we find ourselves reflecting on Paris. I was able to make the EasyJet from Glasgow to Luton easily, then a coach straight to Oxford where I met up with Lara and Jacob. Oxford, again - easily one of my favourite places, though this visit was to be quite short. I snuck in maybe an hour of sleep before we took off for a (very) early-morning delirium filled bus trip to London then the taxi to St Pancras for the EuroStar to Paris Gare de Nord. We basically decided, with 2 days in this incredible destination, to forego that biological necessity "sleep" and to hit the town hard. 1st visit was the tourist-stocked Notre Dame, which nevertheless did not fail to impress. The climb up to the tower tops had our calves screaming by the ... read more
Notre Dame and the Seine
Fruit Stand, Paris
Paris Side Road

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Stirlingshire » Glen Coe July 27th 2009

Do you find something funny/ironic about welcoming someone back to the "real" world, after they've just spent the last six weeks exploring the...well, "real" world? So now I can properly update you! And it helps to put my own recollections down. So here we go. Scotland was quick. Scotland was amazing. It was nothing short of a homecoming, of sorts, to be back in Glasgow. Just hearing the thick accents on the RyanAir flight from Oslo (which, of course, RyanAir flies out of Torp, which is over 100 km south of Oslo! Just FYI.) made me smile. Stayed at the Bunkum, which is seriously one of the best independent hostels I've ever stayed at, pure dead brilliant. I never fail to meet amazing people there. My 1st night this time around, I ran into 2 German ... read more
Lillehammer, Norway
Olympic Track, Lillehammer, Noway
Firth of Forth Bridges

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan July 25th 2009

Back in the States! Yesterday started in a Paris hotel room, then a train, London's Underground, a flight to Iceland then NYC, then a subway ride, then a 2-mile hike through the grid that is midtown Manhattan. I was a little tired after that. Anyways, I have *so* many pictures to share! The crack in the laptop screen is symbolic of my regret over not being able to share them with you for another couple days... But my promise is, they'll be here! And they'll be worth it. For now, off to see sunset @ Central Park. -steve g ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 24th 2009

Well, they finally did it...they killed my laptop. Actually, the laptop works's the screen that has the giant crack in the corner. So the 200+ pictures I have yet to download and prepare for distribution to the privleged masses will need to wait until I'm back in the States and can hook my poor crushed laptop into another monitor. I know, I've let you, the interested follower, down...I promise the latest pictures will make it up to you!!! So check back Monday...and hopefully I'll have plenty of new pictures for you! And this is what happens when you use internet at Heathrow waiting for your plane to pay by the second! So sadly I'm off (though I am about to get a cup of coffee, so it's not all bad!) Oh and Paris...yes, I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow » West End July 21st 2009

Aye ah' morning ta yah. So Scotland has been an absolute whirlwind...though, of course, amazing. Perfect temps here as well. Glasgow's treating me proper - went for a run in the park on Sunday (after being kept up in Oslo again then night the same snorer! Fate has a sense of irony, to be sure.), then yesterday rented a car and drove up to Glen Coe for some amazing hiking. I had rented a tiny little car (the "4 wheels w/optional transmission option"), but as they were slammed and couldn't be bothered they gave me a 4-WD Nissan instead! Driving the highlands in style...though I couldn't figure out how to get the thing in reverse, causing me a bit of embarassment trying to get out of the rental station (Steve's travel hint for the day: ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Lillehammer July 18th 2009

Those 120 degree days and 85 degree nights seem a long way from where I am now. At 62 degrees north, I'm the same latitude as a point between Anchorange and Denali Nat'l Park in Alaska. Ironically enough, 62 degrees also happens to be the temperature up here as well - awesomely comfortable. My first day in Oslo, the 14th, I got a card from the tourist office which you can use to rent a bike. There are racks all over town, so when you get somewhere you just put the bike back, then get another one when you're ready to go. Only 3 gears, and not the fastest things on the road...but they definitely did the job! The main attraction here were the Edvard Munch collections, at the National Museum and the Munch Musset. Very, ... read more
Oslo Bikes
Munch Musset
Otta and the Vagavatnet River

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