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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Ai June 23rd 2009

This will be a quick one, but I guarantee a whole load of pics in the next day or two... I was picked up at the Chiang Mai train station by my very benevolent friends Bethany and Nathan, and Rachel and baby McKenzie came with, so we had a little ready-made family. We stayed in Chiang Mai that night, then the next day (Sunday) came northeast to Chiang Rai for evening church and the Night Bazaar. Man, I wished I had my camera there....ever see Thai transvestites dancing? You're missing out...kind of. I tried my hand at bartering for a t-shirt, failing miserably. The guy actually laughed at me when I tried to bring the price down, and I was all "um, excuse me, but I don't think you get how this is supposed to work". ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai June 21st 2009

2 days ago I finally landed in BKK. Immediately upon exiting the airport I was forced to stare down and yell at an aggressive taxi driver. Seriously, dude. Took the bus to Hua Lamphong train station in the "middle" of the city (I say that because only YHWH knows if BKK actually has a middle, though it would be made of delicious noodles and egg yolk if it did). The only train left to Chiang Mai didn't leave until 10 at night, which left me 8 hours to explore Chulalongkorn Uni about a mile east of here, and to lick my wounds from getting short-changed at the train ticket window. Back at the train station, I met no less than 4 groups of students from the UK. Most were going scuba diving in the south, I ... read more
Who's Next?
Monk waiting for a train.
Three's a Crowd

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » CKS International Airport June 19th 2009

Deodorant and a quick brushing do not a shower make. Sitting in the Taipei airport waiting for my next flight to Bangkok. From there, it will be a slow slog into the city, a 10-hour train ride north to Chiang Mai, and a 3-4 hour bus ride to get me near Mai Ai. I think that means I get there on Saturday. Though last I checked, it was Wednesday. On the long flight over, I sat next to a health worker from Indonesia, who had gotten 3 weeks off to take his 3 kids (all born in LA) and wife back to his native village. He wants his kids to feel the depth of the opportunity they have in the US, and how hard the struggle was for him to leave the village and to rise ... read more
Bearded gentlemen
Qantas LAX

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX June 17th 2009

Man Morning, a 2-hour work day, last-minute packing and discarding, DIA with Dave Higgins and canine companion, then a quick westward flight to the edge of the world. That's a tasty beverage. Still awaiting the grand-daddy of them all...the 20 hour marathon to Taipei and Bangkok. Coffee may not be sufficient. Wish me luck. I used to *hate* LA. Now I kinda love it. And if I lived here, I would come to LAX every so often and feast upon the delicious insanity. And btw, the very helpful gentlemen giving directions outside Terminal 6...yeah, them directions ain't free, punk. I'm so often reminded of Mos Eisley spaceport on Tantooine (nerd much?) when I come here. You have no idea what you're going to find. So far, so good...Except for the wireless connection, which is keeping me ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins September 22nd 2007

Well, my apartment still has not been cleaned. Laundry has been done, plants look wonderful (thanks to my very benevolent neighbor Danielle) and watered, and now, finally, the Travel Blog has been completed. I was back at work early on the 10th, and someone had written "We Really Missed You!" on my white board. I honestly love my job. It's not backpacking across the UK, but I do get to play in the wonderful rivers and streams of Colorado and I get paid for doing so. How cool is that? And being back in the groove at church has got to be about the most rewarding thing ever. I have the honor of running into so many of our church attendees throughout the week, and then to see everyone together on Sunday, makes me realize that ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver September 9th 2007

So I woke up early this morning and took one last run down by Glasgow U and Kelvingrove Park before packing up and taking the long walk to Buchanan bus station. All my flights (GLA-EWR-ORD-DEN) were on-time, which really surprised me, especially considering what had happened on the way over. The culture shock is always worse coming back home. This has always been my experience. Being back in the States just messes with your mind in strange ways. Everyone and everything is louder, it seems, and everyone is most definitely about their business and in a hurry to wherever. Probably one of the reasons Ft Collins and Boulder appeal to me so much, is that they are a little more laid-back than some other places in the States I've lived. I didn't get back to my ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow September 8th 2007

So, the last day of the trip I just wanted to relax in Glasgow, one of my favourite places ever. I guess in some ways I'm ready to head back home, though in others I can definitely feel how good it has been for me to be gone for an extended period of time. And I loved meeting lots of new people on this trip! I love interacting with locals, particularly from Glasgow, because their sense of humour is at once self-deprecating, sarcastic, affectionate, and hilarious. I spent the morning taking the audio tour provided by Chris Hess (excellent), then spent some time on Sauchiehall and Buchanan just sort of taking it all in. That evening I spent some time in the hostel trying to get stuff packed up again and saying my goodbyes. I spent ... read more
Glasgow Pubs
Old Habits Die Hard
Statue With Cone

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow September 7th 2007

Picked up the little rental car this morning. Quick side note: never rent from Enterprise UK. Total scam, from what I saw. They wouldn't accept anyone's insurance and made everyone who showed up buy their additional insurance. Both when I picked up and dropped off the car, there were irate customers at the counter. You have been advised. Took the nice, slow drive up to Glen Coe, threw on the rain gear, and headed up another trail. This time, the goal was the peak of a Munro. The weather was fine at the start, some misty clouds now and again. But by about halfway up the thicker stuff really started closing in. After about 2 hours I got to the ridge top to make my attack on the summit (still another 500 or so feet vertical ... read more
Bidean nam Bian
Glen Coe Waterfall
Slick Path

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London September 6th 2007

This morning I woke up and did one last run down from Headington into Oxford, then began the arduous task of packing, throwing stuff out, blah blah. Caught the bus (the "Oxford Tube" - how fun is that?) into the heart of the beast...or, London. I'm now realizing that I'm really spoiled, I walked the length of London too many times, and I've kind of "been there, done that". The Oxford Tube did make a little detour through the far-flung suburb of Slough, which of course some will recognize from the BBC Office series. From the small part that I saw, there is indeed nothing redeeming about Slough, except of course that it's not New Jersey. Slough will always be better than Jersey. About 2 hours later I hopped off somewhere around Marble Arch and caught ... read more
The Tube

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford September 5th 2007

First off, I'm really glad that I brought some dress clothes on this trip! And that there were additional dress clothes left behind in the Flat so I didn't have to drop extra money on more dress shirts! Because then I would have had to iron them, and who wants to do that? But everyone is *so* stylish here! You walk through town, and no one is slumming it. Had it not been for the conference, I would have felt really out of place in my cords and hoodie. It's really amazing how much Oxford reminds me of Fort Collins! Okay, so of course there's tons more history at Oxford, but the feel is remarkably similar. When I got back around 6 after the conference, Claire, Rachel, Mandy and I started talking theology. Some of the ... read more
Oxford from Above
Summer of Discordance IX
Dinner Time

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