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27th May 2011

nice floor at the gershwin. laminate or wood? what is that place?
27th May 2011

Thanks for posting, I love to follow along your adventures!
28th July 2009

Looks gorgeous
What gorgeous photos! Looks like you have had a wonderful journey. My husband and I just spent over 6 months backpacking to various countries around the world. Feel free to check out for some of what we learned and experienced. Fort Fun is a local Put-put Golf Place, here in Fort Collins, Colorado. That's not where you got your name, is it?
19th July 2009

Very impressive pictures of Norway. What an adventure you are having. I hope you continue having a great time and that you will keep us all updated on your trip. I guess it is almost over, isn't it? When do you fly back home? I love you.
16th July 2009

Exploring Istanbul... sigh... (Not to self: Do not envy, Bethany.) What did you think?
16th July 2009

Are all Danes such beautiful people? I haven't been there, but the 3 I know personally are exceptionally beautiful. Any my advice is: don't think about going back to work when you're in such interesting places. Look at it as two more weeks full of adventures!
14th July 2009

Thanks for sharing great pics
Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, Copenhagen offers lots of things to experience. It's a shame that you did not experience (or might have on Sunday), the bustling city of CPH on Friday right by NyHavn with some Jazz music and breeze by the water ... usually lot's of people including tourists gathering after work/long day of exploration .. nice and friendly atmosphere. Yes, Copenhagen is generally expensive but as long as you prepare yourself for that it should be fine especially if you are here for a short stay. I love your pictures .. the last one made me laugh and actually remember a story back when my American friend just for the first time came to Denmark and while driving on the highway she noticed a road sign that said "Max fart 70" ... assuming it had to mean something more meaningful she was really amused and made a joke out of it and then of course we laughed a lot. Well .. that funny Danish language ;)
14th July 2009

Its really amazing photos... thanks for sharing.. ___________________ Andrew The Best PRICE for the BEST ENTERTAINMENT
12th July 2009

Travel in the Area
Hellina, It is quite affordable to take the trains throughout Syria, and would have been quite reasonable all the way thru Turkey to Istanbul but the schedule just didn't work out for me. Flights are not necessarily cheap, a one-way flight from Damascus to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines will run about 200 US. Syrian Air may have flights cheaper, but when I checked they tended to depart in the middle of the night. But either a train journey or flight can more or less be booked whenever and you probably won't have problems with availability this time of year. Hope that helps! -steve g
12th July 2009

cool.. quick question, is it easy/affordable then to travel by plane or train around the region.. u said you wanted to take a train to istanbul which would have been a long ride, but then flew.. so is it simple to book a flight or rail ticket so suddenly? also how did your visa work? thanks, im kinda thinking of the same trip in a while
8th July 2009

The Incident
Just wondered what happened in "The Incident". I see that your knee is injured, but what happened? Hope nothing too traumatic. Also, just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying your blogs and pictures. It is awesome that you are making this trip, but I know that I could not do it. It would be rather scary, I think. Stay safe.
1st July 2009

glad you're alive
We miss you too! It was fun having you here. You got great pics, here and in Jordan! I'm jealous about Mt. Nebo. Keep the posts coming so we know you're still surviving the driving and everything else. Are you running? Not missing our humidity, I take it. Enjoy your adventures!
30th June 2009

What you are seeing and experiencing is competely awesome! I can't imagine what it would have been like to be on Mt. Nebo. Very cool Steve!
28th June 2009

i definitely put my hand in the cage anyways
26th June 2009

Glad that I get to see some of the experiences that you are having. It looks like you have been very busy and that you are having a good time except for the traveling in trucks, vans, etc. Take care.
25th June 2009

Who knew monks got a day off?
22nd June 2009

Hey, Steve! Looking forward to your tales of adventure. Have a great time and soak it all in.
From Blog: Thai Pepper
18th June 2009

She's fast enough for you, Old Man.
D$ - you'll be happy to know that our 747 made the Kessel run in less than 12 Parsecs.
From Blog: LAX
18th June 2009

scum and villiany
Did you need to blast your way out of there?
From Blog: LAX
6th October 2007

I enjoyed your comment about war...about looking someone in the eye. Garrison Keillor talks about how we have not felt the effects of war on U.S. soil in so long because our Civil War was so devastating. There is something to looking the man in the eye you are supposed to kill and realizing that you are both men and both have wives and children, and that one of you will never see them again.
6th October 2007

Whoa there buddy...
Do I detect a hint of elitist scowling in this one? You sound like me at a music store :).
29th September 2007

Living vicariously through you...
Stevie G! I feel like I was there. I love these things. Please travel alot and write more of them for me, OK? Miss you lots, dude. (Can I pull that off?) Love ya! Oh, and just a p.s. from a mother of two small children, that is decidedly NOT Tony the Tiger, but Tigger on the cup. We'll forgive you this time.....
From Blog: Life Since Then
26th September 2007

Steve you are a talented artist!
26th September 2007

need to find you a Glenmorangie lassie
Yo Steve - am immensely enjoying your one of a kind portrail of your most recent adventure - will need to have you over to exchange stories of our respective Europe trips... c.S.
25th September 2007

Mr. Balance
Loved your impressions and descriptions of everything! This makes me want to plan a trip out that way. I'll be satisfied until then with scotch flights at Coops and the occasional meeting over beer. I'd love to hear more of the lofty theology you got at Oxford. Can you say Thursday?
From Blog: Life Since Then

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