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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford September 4th 2007

Briefly caught up with a couple of the housemates before walking back into town. Dr. Ron Cole-Turner spoke on Potential Persons and Other Oddities, it was such an amazing talk! He was describing the details of "stem cell research" and how that term actually means different things depending on where the debate is being held. He went into the possible implications for morality, human dignity, really did a good job at outlining the debate and contributing to some constructive dialogue. Then, Dr. Nancey Murphy spoke on Nonreductive Physicalism, Divine Action, and Striving to Know the Will of God. While I didn't necessarily agree with all of her points and speculations, it really got me thinking again about the Holy Spirit's guidance and the ways, mechanisms through which He has chosen to speak to me in the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford September 3rd 2007

I did my "long run" (12 miles) this morning, back up to do the trails at the park then down into the town. After my run I walked into the town centre (about 45 minutes), and I got thinking about the other night when I asked Mac if he had a favourite football team. He had replied, "No, I prefer to stay alive". How true. I'm not sure if I'm just noticing it more or if it's really worse, but all the sectarian attitudes hovering around football up in Scotland just seem so much more pronounced lately. Oh, and I actually forgot to mention that I ran into Mac in Edinburgh the morning we left to drive down here to Oxford (Scotland is really quite a small place!). He didn't have to drive the van, only ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford September 2nd 2007

Went for a run this morning up to the park outside of town - a nice, hilly course! When I got back, Rouan and I headed into town to check internet (my 1st time since being overseas!). Later, Lara, Jacob, and all the rest of us headed to St Aldates for church. This actually reminded me a lot of Timberline Old Town and FoCo. So far, I really like Oxford. Definitely a huge student population, and a very active, vibrant place!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford September 1st 2007

Got up early this AM to take some pictures and stroll around the Old Town, then we headed south, stopping first at Roslyn Chapel. I believe this was featured prominently in the DaVinci Code, though I have never read said. The drive from Edinburgh to Oxford is around 350 miles, which is just a little longer distance than my drive from OH to Evansville was during college. The difference, of course, is that back then I was only going one state over to get to school - today we drove most of the length of a country. We got to Oxford around dinner time, arriving at the home of Rouan, Claire, Mandy, and Rachel - 4 very friendly and very welcoming South African friends! We had so much fun hanging out with them and all their ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh August 31st 2007

This morning I woke up early and went running along the River Ness. North of town just a little ways is a park called the Ness Islands, and I happened across a point facing upstream into the river. I had totally forgotten about this spot, but it was here over 8 years ago that I had smoked a cigar and watched the river split in front of me as a celebration of landing my job in the west highlands. Memories... We drove out this AM to the Culloden battlefield - a very striking place. One of those places where it's easy to imagine running across the clumps of cold bracken, on the way to your almost certain end. War the old-fashioned way - you got to look someone in the eye before you decapitated him. It's ... read more
Inside the Hostel, Inverness
Hairy Coo!
Culloden Battlefield

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness August 30th 2007

This morning I woke up, moved the car, and found a local coffee shop. The coffee's definitely better up here than south in England, but still rubbish, as they would say. I would encourage them to stick with tea, except I was really craving the java this morning. Then I just hung out for a while and people-watched as everyone headed off to work. If I hadn't ended up in Glasgow while working in Scotland, my next choice probably would have been Inverness. It's a little slower pace of life, but still enough of a city that you don't get cabin fever. Today we drove to the nearby city of Tain, where the fine Scotch whisky Glenmorangie is produced. A really good distillery tour, and at the end we walked through the warehouse where the whisky ... read more
More Glenmorangie
30 Year Glenmorangie
Castle Urquhart

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Sutherland » Durness August 29th 2007

There is a hill walk just outside of Ullapool, probably only 800 feet or so of elevation gain. However, this "walk" had defeated me twice already. The first time was during my visit in November of '99 - within sight of the summit, I was forced to literally hug the mountain as 100-mph winds threatened to throw me off the side and dash me against the rocks on the way back to town. This was the same day in which a hailstorm left my face scraped and bleeding. Hill 1, Steve 0. The next attempt was in 2001, where we reached the trailhead only to discover the gate locked shut due to the foot and mouth disease outbreak. Hill 2, Steve 0. This time, I was determined for things to be different. I went for my ... read more
Sheep by the Road
The Hubris of the Beach
Lara at the Beach

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ross and Cromarty » Ullapool August 28th 2007

Finally got my run in this morning, I ran down the hill into town, then north to the turnoff for the Ben Nevis trailhead. In case you're uninitiated, Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK (just over 4300 feet - doesn't sound too bad until you realize that you start from sea level!). There, running along a single track road with Ben Nevis off to my left. It was going great until I realized: #1 that I really needed a bathroom, and #2 that the trailhead, my halfway point, didn't have one. So I utilized my survival skills gained from many years in cross-country, and I will spare you the details thereof. We began our drive north. One realizes when driving in Scotland that you do not get anywhere quickly - this is, of ... read more
More Eilean Donan
Scottish Wilderness

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Stirlingshire » Glen Coe August 27th 2007

We woke up a little late today. I was intending to go running this morning, but either my alarm didn't go off or I pretended in half-sleep that it hadn't gone off. Went grocery shopping with the German road bikers that were sharing our room, then headed up to Glen Coe to hike Hidden Valley. This was the 1st time that I had gotten to hike in the Glen, so I was really excited! Though it rained most of the hike, it was never too heavy. Fine Scottish weather. The pictures probably tell the story better than I could. The hike only took a few hours, then we drove up to Glenfinnan. This is the site where Bonnie Prince Charles called the Highlanders to rise up against the English in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. People ... read more
More Hidden Valley
Glen Coe Birdie
On the Way Back to the Glen

Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Kilfinane August 26th 2007

We stayed at the hostel where I had lived in Glasgow exactly 8 years ago...only problem was, it was totally different and in quite poor shape. No further evidence needed than the overflowing 3rd floor toilet which woke us all up around 3 am when the water soaked underneath and bit into the fire alarm. It soon after soaked out the poor lads sleeping on the 2nd floor, pretty much ruining their morning. It was now my turn to drive - mind you, on the left. It actually surprised me how quickly I remembered how to drive properly over there (and that the left lane is the slow lane!). Drove west through the Argyll Forest Park and soon found ourselves on the perilously narrow single-track to Kilfinan. These roads are intensely curvy, and sometimes necessitate going ... read more
Kilfinan House
Kyles of Bute
Kilmartin Standing Stones

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