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23rd February 2006

That's about me!
Hey Heather. I'm glad you got to see my town and meet my family. I guess it's my turn next! My website is www.xanga.com/extremefrolfman View with extreme caution and with a frisbee. Enjoy Tinjdad.
From Blog: Ben Guerir
17th February 2006

I love reading your comments. I'm learning a lot about Morocco just from reading. Loving the detail. XOXO
13th February 2006

I was wondering if any students in my class are sending you any replies.?? I have put a link to your blog on the class weg site. huffer
13th February 2006

Wow, sounds like your are having a very interesting experience. Couldn't help but react to your discussing the cartoon thing with your class. Info from this end is that most of my peers can't understand what the outrage is about. After all, cartoons about "our religion" are very common and even when people get upset about something they don't burn things down and kill people. Outrage is one thing, murder is another.... I wonder if some of the chasm between western and other pt. of view is the fact that freedom of speech is not so common in much of the world. anyway... huffer
3rd February 2006

yeah, but did you play them Lucero while they ate the dinner?
From Blog: Weekend Getaway
17th January 2006

Eid Mubarak!
Eid Mubarak Heather! I hope you enjoy Eid, I must say I never actually watched a sheep being slaughtered... you're much tougher than me!
From Blog: Getting L-Eide
14th November 2005

Doing my spiritual taxes
When I was invited in to do my spiritual accounting I knew what to expect. I’m no virgin; I have been around the playa a few times; a ritual or two, something to burn at the man, a trinket and a see you around. Pleasant but not that special, it would take 5 minutes, tops. Well after 5 minutes with Heather I realized this was going to be different. These Hippos really wanted to connect with their "clients". We talked and shared and it was wonderful, another of those unexpected treats that make burning man such a joy. Craig, who led the theme camp I stayed with last year, also has joined the Peace Corp so I am now getting two perspectives on that experience. I get to hear about him in Gambia and Heather in Morocco. There are three themes so far in common, abbreviations, (I keep thinking PVC as in PVC pipe for plumbing when I see PCV.) struggling with a new language and playing frisbee with the locals.
31st October 2005

I miss you!!
I remembered getting hit on in Egypt. It was fun trying to have a conversation with those crazy man in every language that they tried to aproach me with. I made up a new identity every day. They were so confused!
20th October 2005

You rock
Heathercita, I love living vicariously through you. You put sparkle in my day.
12th October 2005

scrubbing ey!
ello mouse,just in class and kinda boredand i was wondering what you are up to in the core! hope the experence is interesting, and it sounds like you are keeping cleen. its getting cold here now and the leaves are changing. haloween is comng up and should be a good time. i am going as a speed demon! immagen hair flowing at a 45 degree angle and bright red (perment, thanks to lots of hairspray) and every other garment at that same angle for the duration of the evening. all devilishly stiking colors incorperated. and lots of beer to top it all off! hope u are stayig well and learing quickly. how is the food? i am sure simple and yummy. ...later...alex....
12th October 2005

What a life!
I feel like I must be washing up in a dump compared to you. You have a 2 hour washing every Sunday and I take ten minute showers in a bathroom with a large hole in the ceiling that I share with two strange men! Ah, the dichotomy between what Americans consider 1st World and 3rd!!!
6th October 2005

I love the mendhi in the previous journal! You look gorgeous, but just a warning... when I wore it in Kenya everyone asked if I was getting married (I was 13 at the time...) :) You sound like you're having the time of your life, girl... so jealous. Looking at the pictures makes me ache to visit Morocco... maybe June?? Is that a good time?
27th September 2005

You really are on a journey!
Wow! Everything sounds and looks so exotic and inviting. I can hardly wait to tell the students about the names of your family members. There is an Aisha, Malicka, Mohammed, Antoine and Salim in the classes this year. They wanted to have names that people in Morocco might have. Pretty cool, eh? Take care of yourself and keep the blogs coming. I adore them and love sharing them with the students. Miss you!
From Blog: Last day in Fès
25th September 2005

sounds like your doing great. when you get to your final resting place I am going to put a link to your blog for my 101 class-- so you will have a substantial audiance. Might want to start with brief summary. whatever. love, huffer
From Blog: Last day in Fès
24th September 2005

Punk F....ing Rock!
I am so jealous of you right now! Not saying that D.C. is boring, but I want to be a travelling bohrmian right now; you know, just travelling around, learning languages and eating without utensils! I miss you bunches! Stay safe. ---H
From Blog: Last day in Fès
18th September 2005

hello sister
Hi heather, I just read this blog. it's as wonderfull as you are. Kiss!!! Matthieu
From Blog: Cornas
20th August 2005

les polonais
Nous aussi, on a été très content de te revoir. Et moi aussi, la première fois que j'ai vu le panneau Polonais, j'ai cru la même chose que toi. "Tiens, ils vendent des Polonais !!"
18th August 2005

These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!
14th July 2005

I'm so glad your parents are getting to see france. i want to take my family out there too. they just have to see how wonderful it is. have a great time sweetie. gros bisous.e
14th July 2005

nice shirt
love the green shirt babe. Have fun in Pariiiiis!
13th July 2005

be sure and get stan to try the potatoes au gratin. huffer
4th July 2005

oh my gooooood
son increibles tus fotos... to tambien quiero ir... lo has hecho muy bien apunto la direccion de tu blog y iré otra vez para leerlo con mi novio que sabe mas ingles que yo... un beso enorme y hasta pronto en francia
3rd July 2005

Thanks for sharing your emotions.It was really great and you are such a story-teller!was like being there somewhere on your shoulder..I love your respect for the places you discover and for the people you meet .Lots of love and see you soon in old little Europe !Michele
1st July 2005

an adventure of lasting impressions...
Thanks to you Heather! I LOVED having you visit! I got to see Cambodia like it was my first time... you're the best friend a girl could have and traveling with you was kick ass! I wanna beer I wanna beeeeer I wannna beeeeer Lift the hand up.... lift the hand down.... Lady you wann froooot?? spiral staircases are awesome... except if you're drunk and the light is off... lychees by the kilo giggling like teenagers knowing the neighbors in the hotel would be pissed... except for those Germans tatoos and memories
30th May 2005

She's Vissiiitting sooon!
The Kingdom of Cambodia is anxiously waiting the arrival of Heather Jasper, representative of the United States of America. Jasper, a teacher and famous snowboarder at her hometowm of Boise, Idaho, is arriving on Wednesday, June 1. She will be staying at a mansion with large luxurious rooms exquistely decorated for Jasper's visit. Anisa Goforth, a faithful friend of Jasper, has also arranged an extravagant welcome at the airport with a personal chauffeur. The Kingdom is counting down the hours for Heather Jasper's arrival and we at The Cambodia Daily wait anxiously to hear about the adventures that Jasper and Goforth shall have. - Anisa

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