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27th August 2012

Your newest country!
We are enjoying your first comment, Heather. Here we go on another adventure with our Idaho neighbor! We are so fortunate. Sending you positive energy, many hug and joy for the journey! The Walkers
From Blog: Intro to Dhaka
25th August 2012

Looks great!
Wow, Heather! What an awesome place to be! Can't wait to see more :-)
From Blog: Intro to Dhaka
30th July 2012

we loved it!
we were recently in Istanbul and the Aya Sofya was in our opinion the absolute highlight...apart from the food that is :)
From Blog: The Aya Sofya
23rd July 2012

I have really enjoyed your blog
We will start following you on your adventures. Turkey is on our short list of places to go. Thanks for sharing your experience.
3rd July 2012

Morocco so beautiful
thax so much for this pic of cros its so beautifull im boy i live in merzouga and welcome agen to morocco
From Blog: Missing Morocco
24th June 2012

Thanks for the idea
I am currently living in Dubai and maybe Qatar for the next couple of years and I was looking for some good ideas for long weekends. I think I just found one! This looks fascinating!
21st June 2012

Aya Sofya
Your comments make me feel as if I'm back in that awesome space. Lovely description.
From Blog: The Aya Sofya
20th June 2012
The Emperor

Such a lovely mosaic of Justinian and Constantine presenting their versions of Hagia Sophia.
From Blog: The Aya Sofya
15th April 2012

Missed you at last night\'s IRPCV annual meeting! Love following your adventures. When are you moving to Bangladesh?
12th March 2012

Oh what a lovely trip! I am itching to o to Cyprus and Greece in general. Oh fun!
11th March 2012

nice time
Heather Looks like you picked a very nice time to visit Cyprus, maybe akin to the Central Oregon Coast during a winter in drought. We really enjoy your writing and getting to travel vicariously with you.
28th February 2012

speaking of kayaking
Hi Heather Nice to see you are getting out and about. Must be nice riding real snow - we just scratch around on the ice here. Enjoy your blogs. Thanks. Laff
27th February 2012

"kayak" was not introduced to Turkish. The word derives from the verb "kay" which means "to slip". Canoing is not kalled "kayak" in Turkish.
26th February 2012

Loved the blog and the video... Miss seeing you up at Bogus.. Went today, decent! Very lean year for Idaho... But always fun to go! Hope all is good, miss you Heather... Enjoy your travels....
26th February 2012

video on the snowboard
Super, great, Idaho neighbor. :-)
1st February 2012

She was my teacher too!
I love Mlle Jasper! She's probly the best teacher I ever had. She was my french teacher last year in Boise Idaho and she was amazing! I'm planning on continuing in French all the way through highschool, and really hope that I will get to aply the skills that I will have learned in the Peace Corps when I get out of college. Both of those huge goals of mine are thanks to her. She is my hero and my idol
From Blog: Work Work Work
4th February 2012

Thank you!
Haley, you have no idea how much it means to me to hear from you! I'm glad you're still taking French and interested in Peace Corps. Tu étais toujours une très bonne élève. Merci!
From Blog: Work Work Work
17th January 2012

Where is Boise's Kar!
Hi Heather, I love your pictures and the stories. How does one become a little critter living in your pocket experiencing the "good life"
From Blog: KAR!
9th January 2012

great blog,....love. YOU!!!!
From Blog: Happy 2012!
8th January 2012

Happy New Year!
Sounds like you're having a great experience. We miss you but are enjoying Turkey vicariously. Trish is having knee replacement surgery on Jan. 17th. Should be well healed in time for our trip to Thailand next summer.
From Blog: Happy 2012!
7th January 2012

Awesome trip girl! So jealous! I'm really happy you got yor snow time too. Much love. :)
From Blog: Happy 2012!
3rd January 2012

Hi! How are you?
Hi! I'm very glad that you liked what Bucharest had to offer, though I suppopse it wasn't a lot... I went to Paris and I could almost cry because of how beautiful the bike lanes and traffic were, especially in respect to a cyclist's life, habits and other key aspects which contribute to a civilized living! I felt really nice and now I'm making savings so I can return on my own (it was my mother's gift for my birth on the 1st of January). I would really love to hear from you until the end of the month, because as far as I can recall, you said you'll be back in Paris around the end of January. I would be very happy to meet you, especially in a parizian bacground! Thanks for forwarding visitors to my blog, I appreciate! The title “Fără mâini pe aici" means "Handsfree or no hands through here, through this segment...of the path :D" So, I would like to talk to you soon. I'll be waiting. You can contact me on Facebook at Mircea Vasile Petrescu or directly on mircea_vasile_petrescu@yahoo.com Thanks and really nice article by the way! I will be glad to inform you in the future about other place that are really worth visiting! Hugs and kisses, looking forward to hearing from you!
27th December 2011

Merry Christmas!
Heather You are giving wonderful lessons on world traveling. I enjoy your sorties and envy your lifestyle. Laff
29th December 2011

Merry Christmas to you too!
Hey Laff, it's good to hear from you. Aren't you retired? That's the lifestyle a lot of people would like. I envied your flying lifestyle growing up and I always enjoyed your stories, even if some of them seemed a little farfetched. Didn't you once pick up a wolf from a fire and the tranquilizers started to wear off while she was still in your plane? Or were you flying a helicopter?
17th November 2011

Heather, You seem to be quite knowledgable about your area and it sounds like you are really invested in the history and culture and times of your new place. Very cool. And very insightful comments about "the daily grind" being nearly the same in life (get up, go to work, gym, sleep, repeat) no matter what part of the planet you are on. Too true. Well, it sounds like you showed your friend Julie a wonderful time. Glad you guys got to get together. Love ya!

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