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23rd October 2011

you go girl!
Looks great, sad news about the earthquake though. Take care.
28th October 2011

What happened in Van is terrible and the relief work will take a long time. It's about as far from Istanbul as Boise is from Denver, so it hasn't affected anything here besides the media. From what I have seen, the city is making a huge effort to send supplies and money. Many shipping companies are accepting packages for free if they're addressed to Van.
22nd October 2011

Yeah, those Starbucks stops are an important part of running a marathon.
19th September 2011
Demnate Donkey

magic photo
demnate is one of the beste place in moroco,not because it's verry big like others cities.but because thers peuple live the natural life.i dont know if you were visited the places near demnate (for exemple IMI NIFRI) or note,it s verry wondrfull.sorry i know that i dont speak english very weel.
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2nd September 2011

looks amazing
Heather- awesome job with the blogging! looks like you are having a really great time over there and I hope that continues. My time in Turkey was way too short and I hope Mohamed and I can go back someday. Keep up the good work!
2nd September 2011

wow...just wow.
just fyi, I am planning on a trip to Turkey next July/August. yes?
21st August 2011

Septimius Severus built the hippodrome you visited today in the early third century. If I remember correctly Theodosius is pictured on the base of the obelisk, so cool! This would also have been the location of the Nika Riots in the early sixth century. I want to go to there :)
12th August 2011

awesome city! Looks like you'll have plenty to explore in and out of the city!
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16th November 2010

I used to be a student for Heather
Hello, My name is Yaseen, and I used to be a student of that blond girl in the picture. She helped enormously in my English. I owe a lot of what I am today to her. I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks a lot for what you did. It really meant a lot to me, it still does.
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2nd March 2010

thanks for what u said about morocco and moroccans
i just want to comment on hospitality u talked about.we Moroccans in general,their re exceptions lol, through the history have been known by hospitality and generousity.It's a life style here. have you visited fes city?It's my homecity and it's worth visiting. goodluck bye hassan
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8th October 2008

Hi Heater Jasper !!
Hi this is yassine from khemisset morocco . I will say Thanks for this blog it's so cool and the pics is also splandid ,I don't beleive if we have this desert and sun like this it's magic, Because I have never visit this desert ..it's very Far and hot and they have say that it has a U.F.O like the area 51 in U.S.A !!
20th August 2008

the couscous looks delicious and perfectly Moroccan!
13th August 2008

You look so happy in all of these photos taken from France!
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28th July 2008

looks fantastic!
From Blog: Home Sweet Home
27th July 2008

i liked Tangier too! Marrakesh right now is pretty fantastic!
14th July 2008

Thank you for blogging with us once again. I have enjoyed every photo and entry. You are an exceptional woman. Enjoy Africa and Europe this summer. PEACE AND JOY TO YOU, DEAR FRIEND, kathy. ====================================== johnson789 Addiction Recovery Idaho Addiction Recovery Idaho
11th July 2008

Hi Heather!!
We are just heading out of town and I found your website address in a file--from the last time! Isnt that crazy? So I don't have time to read this right now, but know that I am thinking of you and when we come back on Sunday, I will read everything and write to you! The pictures look awesome! Take care and miss you!!! xoxo Wendy
10th July 2008

Zuuin, estoy a ver tus fotos, estan supermegaguay! Yo he enviado una email a ti, no sé como volver a otros dias en tu blog...jeje. Besos y desfruta la viaje!
7th July 2008

hi, houda your observations and comments of the places you have visited are very accurate and in place, and i would asume that your knowledge of the muyslims culture and art were helpful toyou to see things that other tourists wouldn't pay attention to. its really nice to read your blog
3rd July 2008

a wonderful person meets wonderful people. Bssaha o rahha for all the good times you spent in morocco and inchallah you will have good time all way until you reach Idaho.
2nd July 2008

Can't believe you were in Spain for the big victory! Lucky!
1st July 2008

you're spending a lot of time in cybers, eh? tbark allah on the blog postings. so my question is, where's the photo of the tower which is supposed to be in the same in the school as the Koutoubia and the Tour Hassan II??
1st July 2008

I told you so!
Glad you enjoyed Tangers, I did too. and I'm glad you got a guide in Oualili. I knew it would help. Sorry I didn't mention how close Moulay Idriss is from Oualili! Enjoy spain, we miss you!
10th June 2008

joy & peace to you in your travels 2008
Thank you for blogging with us once again. I have enjoyed every photo and entry. You are an exceptional woman. Enjoy Africa and Europe this summer. PEACE AND JOY TO YOU, DEAR FRIEND, kathy
9th June 2008

Bring it on!

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