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31st January 2007

friends and peace
I am subjugated by your bloggs and ,i hope for a good life,in addition,you was really a subjugated flower in the middle of the highest mountain in africa
5th December 2006

Welcome for the volunteers in Morocco
Hi, I was reading your article about Morocco, It's amazing!... You said: "There is an old saying in Morocco that a woman only leaves her house twice: once for her wedding and once for her funeral." It isn't true!!! It's absolutely false!!! Imagine someone in the usa read your article and s/he had never got hte chance to visit Morocco, What s/he will think about moroccan women... It's a grat insult for us!!! Anyways, thank you... By the way, I saw you in Sefrou, I was in your party, yes it was very nice and great party, I liked Shreek music very much,... I hope you're doing well in Kalaat Saraghna, I hope you good luck,... Aziz,
From Blog: Leaving Sefrou
29th November 2006

Happy Belated Birthday
I hope you had a very happy birthday, Heathercita. Portland misses you.
From Blog: Amazight Country
14th November 2006

Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday Heather! It was fun seeing pictures of your parents loose in Morocco. I hope all is going well. I send positive thoughts your way often. Hope your birthday is special! Love, Lynn Jones (formerly Wood)
9th November 2006

Happy Time,
Hi Heather, I'm so happy that you seem really have a good time with your parents. It makes me almost cry.I want to see you are smiling. Did I tell Milo is going to have brother? Yeah. no luck with girl.Take care . Love
13th September 2006

My very own Ez, I find it very amusing that I'm reading your blog because I'm down in the capitol, the only place in the wee country of Togo that has internet connection fast enough for me to have the patience to check out your bloggy blog. Regardless, I'm IN Lome in fact for, lo, Peer Support Network training! Oh, how are spirits are linked from south to north on this continent. A 05-06-07 baby!!! Take care of that arm, and, yes, I thank dear sweet Buddha only a small part of your beautiful bod was effected. Much love sweetness, can't wait till you're my personal chef down here...no, no really I'll spoil you rotten with my rotten veggies that I get, yes, once every 2 weeks since I am one of those health volunteer kids. Amour!!!!!!!!!! et Bisous!
27th July 2006

hi sounds like greqt time I am in france a week and half in CORSICA NOow in the south of france, hot and humide nice to see your pictures a bientot MPK
From Blog: July travels
23rd July 2006

Most Interesting
Heather, This happens to be the most interesting blog entry you have made. Well, it closely rivals the entry you made about freaking out over oil on the pasta, that was funny too. I don't think you should candy-coat anything, it's not like any reasoning human being can't see through that anyway. I am surprised by your reaction to the harrasment, though I agree with your conclusion: we are not in America any more, Toto. Italy was much the same for me. I learned how to deal with it eventually, no direct eye contact, no response (unless it was to correct someone who had called me German, honestly, how is that a pick-up line? "Eh Tedesca!"). A slow, meandering gait was always an invitation for an assault. One day I was in the park reading Tale of Two Cities, and it was at the very end and I was crying like a little baby as the pairs of lovers were reunited- one to life and the other to the guillotine, and this guy sat down on the bench and tried to hit on me. I almost hit him. Instead I screamed in Italian: "CAN'T YOU SEE THAT I AM READING YOU MORON! I DO NOT LIKE YOU AND I DO NOT WISH TO SPEAK WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!" It can be exhausting though. Keep up the good work. You are free to compare and contrast. You are not betraying anyone. This comment is really long. I do not know if it will even post. Katie
From Blog: Fish and Chips
12th July 2006

Enjoying the stories...
Heather, I don't know if you remember me, I'm Aurora. I was thinking of you and decided to check out the blog. I'm enjoying your stories you are sharing with everyone. Some of the things you talk about I can relate to my own experiences as a PCV. I'm so proud of you and everything that you are doing! I know time seems endless in Morocco, especially in the summer months. Believe me, one day you will be reminescing (sp?) about those special times (especially the most difficult ones) and wonder why time flew the way it did. Savor each moment in the land of contrasts ( I agree). I wanted to add that it is not too early to think about the future past your PC service in Morocco. Network and make those lasting connections because you never know what the future will hold. Please give Maryam and Salma a huge hug on my behalf! Take care! Aurora
9th July 2006

I know the Montalon family's from st barthelemy de vals is it same family?
16th June 2006

Heather you are truly an inspiration. When I read your journal I get lost in your adventure and can imagine the daily frustrations of learning a new language; of which I am sure is multiplied compared to what I felt learning a latin based language. I have to share a funny story-- I sat next to a gal in chemistry that was from Persia and she took notes in her native language. One day she asked if she was absent if she could borrow my notes and she would lend me hers if I ever needed them. When I glanced down at her paper it looked like a fantastic tapestry made of lead and paper, not chemistry notes! So for what its worth I think you are amazing and I think you are doing a really great thing.
29th May 2006

salutHEATHER C'EST BIEN DE CONTINUER L'ARABE MAIS COMME TU FAIS PRESQUE DE L 'Immersion CA DEVRAIT bien MARCHER J'ai trouve ta ville tu es bien sur le haut Atlas Amities MPK
3rd May 2006

I concur
I agree, the 'Sunrise' photo will be one of those that will seem surreal after you leave Morocco. You look beautiful and serene.
29th April 2006

Wow, Heather
That 'Sunrise' picture will be one of those pictures you look at long after you return home. If my experiences indicate anything, it will take on surreal quality at some point and it will be hard to iagine yourself back there. It reminds me of a picture I have of my mom when she was younger than I am now. She was so beautiful and mysterious. That is how you look in that picture.
25th March 2006

From Blog: Happy Spring!
27th February 2006

khemissett ?
Ezeur im happy you enjoyed your trip to morocco. As well as your trip to Khemisset. I have a trip planned to visit my fiancee' there he is arabic and im american ive never traveled abroad but im actually looking forward to it. He lives in Knemisset and i havent read much about Khemisset morocco, wish i new more about his birthplace but im sure i will enjoy just being there with him...Thanks for the good read
26th February 2006

I just can't wait to start travelling again. Your experiences always inspire me sweetie. How fascinating. Love ya. E
From Blog: Ben Guerir
23rd February 2006

That's about me!
Hey Heather. I'm glad you got to see my town and meet my family. I guess it's my turn next! My website is www.xanga.com/extremefrolfman View with extreme caution and with a frisbee. Enjoy Tinjdad.
From Blog: Ben Guerir
17th February 2006

I love reading your comments. I'm learning a lot about Morocco just from reading. Loving the detail. XOXO
13th February 2006

I was wondering if any students in my class are sending you any replies.?? I have put a link to your blog on the class weg site. huffer
13th February 2006

Wow, sounds like your are having a very interesting experience. Couldn't help but react to your discussing the cartoon thing with your class. Info from this end is that most of my peers can't understand what the outrage is about. After all, cartoons about "our religion" are very common and even when people get upset about something they don't burn things down and kill people. Outrage is one thing, murder is another.... I wonder if some of the chasm between western and other pt. of view is the fact that freedom of speech is not so common in much of the world. anyway... huffer
3rd February 2006

yeah, but did you play them Lucero while they ate the dinner?
From Blog: Weekend Getaway
17th January 2006

Eid Mubarak!
Eid Mubarak Heather! I hope you enjoy Eid, I must say I never actually watched a sheep being slaughtered... you're much tougher than me!
From Blog: Getting L-Eide
14th November 2005

Doing my spiritual taxes
When I was invited in to do my spiritual accounting I knew what to expect. I’m no virgin; I have been around the playa a few times; a ritual or two, something to burn at the man, a trinket and a see you around. Pleasant but not that special, it would take 5 minutes, tops. Well after 5 minutes with Heather I realized this was going to be different. These Hippos really wanted to connect with their "clients". We talked and shared and it was wonderful, another of those unexpected treats that make burning man such a joy. Craig, who led the theme camp I stayed with last year, also has joined the Peace Corp so I am now getting two perspectives on that experience. I get to hear about him in Gambia and Heather in Morocco. There are three themes so far in common, abbreviations, (I keep thinking PVC as in PVC pipe for plumbing when I see PCV.) struggling with a new language and playing frisbee with the locals.
31st October 2005

I miss you!!
I remembered getting hit on in Egypt. It was fun trying to have a conversation with those crazy man in every language that they tried to aproach me with. I made up a new identity every day. They were so confused!

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