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13th January 2015
Goodbye Bangladesh

YOUR years of blogging.
Heather, I am currently in Az with GARY @ my side. I am very indebted to you for your many blogs through years, but this last & apparently the most painful, has affected me the most. I salute you and your efforts & strength to continue to see many countries and peoples of our planet. It would have been a goal of mine @ one time, but Our lives have many trails & curves within that trail. I have been blessed with my many experiences & the people's I have met. My nursing career has exposed me to many years (44) of caring for young & old. My patients shared a lot with me and allowed me many moments of growth. I feel that nursing gave me so much joy & also pain. A here is wishing you much joy & personal growth in your teaching year. YOU have so much to give to young people. Thanks for sharing this blog. (The walker -Kathy). SMILE.
11th January 2015

It's always a pleasure when I check my email and I get an update about your life of travel, or sloth videos on Facebook! (: I really think the answers you are looking for are in the kids. You are giving them something more precious than money or food. You give them education and the power of their thoughts. With that they are more capable and willing to change their lives and those of their families. Miss jasper I have so much love and appreciation for what you do, you are truly one of my greatest inspirations to date. I look forward to reading your next entry or seeing you in person (for the first time in 6ish years!) take care! And continue a great journey!
11th January 2015

The end?
I have been waiting for this, wondering how you were going to finish. A geezer like me is overwhelmed by the hopelessness but your wonderful ability to see through it and find hope is inspiring. Stay with it.
3rd February 2014

Street sweepers! So they really exist. Since they do not in the US, I had rather belived that their existance was a legend from maybe 80 years ago, like lamplighters.
11th January 2014

Nice excursion
We really enjoy all your travel blogs and found this one to be very interesting. The closest I have been to Borneo is Big Al's coffee. Now I think it would be fun to visit and the skiing appears to be about as good as we are experiencing here in ID. Safe travels.
From Blog: Back to Borneo
11th January 2014

love it!
gorgeous place! I want to visit!
From Blog: Back to Borneo
10th January 2014

Hey Heather!
Hey Heather! Great pictures! Thanks for keeping me posted! Was so great seeing you this summer. Hope to catch you again in 2014! Best wishes, Laura
From Blog: Back to Borneo
20th October 2013

Dashain ko subhakamana, Bahini
Happy Dashain, younger sister is what that means! So glad you had a great time and so touched that you went to stay with our family. They had a great time with you. You've been to places I haven't seen yet, too!
19th October 2013

Thanks for your in depth look at...
Nepalese family life and their religion and culture...not your typical blog about a visit to Nepal!
19th October 2013

Love it!
What can I say . . . you are an adventureous traveler. I hope to get there some day!
19th October 2013

Heather you are certainly living an enviable life! Looks absolutely amazing. Hope life is great in Bangladesh and with your school :-)
20th August 2013

You are a gifted writer!
I enjoyed reading your blog....look forward to more in your future travels. Hope you have settled back into a positive school year. Hang in there!
12th August 2013

Good to see you blogging again...
was this a trip from Bangladesh or have you moved? Hopefully we will also visit Peru a year from now...was interested in the weather at this time of year...and the number of tourists. Good weather and few tourists...the right combination. Thanks for the details of your walk.
2nd March 2013

Hi! Just wanted to say that I\'ve been keeping up with the posts and everything sounds amazing (except for the snafus on this trip I suppose...). Hope you are happy with your life in Bangladesh :-)
From Blog: Tanguar Haor
23rd February 2013

I really like your photos it gives a good idea of the place. My husband might get transferred to Dhaka in a few months and I am looking for practical information about the city.
From Blog: Day to Day Dhaka
15th February 2013
The Fishbowl

I was in this camp and I hade great time there with new friends from differents places !
19th January 2013

Thanks for sharing the details of your trip. I adore all of the places that you went to and it is so wonderful to see them again in your blog. Can't wait for a return trip to eat more pho!
From Blog: Northern Vietnam
26th December 2012

You are so rigth 'dreams come true'
thanks for sharing this great story... I love your blog... I bet u got an A+
19th December 2012

It's great to be told about your daily life in Dhaka. I wish you a merry Christmas there ! Call us on Skype if you have time some day. Big hugs Béné
From Blog: Day to Day Dhaka
15th December 2012

looks like my old home! :)
It looks so familiar!! Very much looks like my Lahore...
From Blog: Day to Day Dhaka
4th November 2012

You make me want to go! Travel with a purpose and a heart....I love it. I can't believe the amazing things you got to experience in such a short time. Love it <3
From Blog: Malaysian Borneo
29th October 2012

Your're Amazing!
My title says it all. Heather Jasper may all your dreams come true!
29th October 2012

Live Out Loud!
Heather, I am so impressed and proud of the amazing young woman you have become. Our days are numbered on this planet and I'm so happy that you make a difference in someone's life each day. Don't miss a moment of "living out loud!" Pam Starry Les Bois Junior High - Boise
29th October 2012

Cool, Heather
Cool, Heather, very creative and fun to read. That's a cool assignment for young people and amazing you can still recollect the assignment & the teacher's support you felt, years later. A beautiful picture too, goats and all. Glad you got to visit Malaysia! Hope life is treating you well, xoxo Laura
4th September 2012

Dhaka, What a difference a new country can make.
Finally found the opportunity to check out your blog. OMG, this place is so much better than Istanbul. I am so happy for you. Can't wait to hear about the the school and the children. How utterly exciting is this new adventure.
From Blog: Intro to Dhaka

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