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9th October 2020

Great post
Teşekkürler pour partager.
30th September 2020

Coucou Heather, je sens à la lecture de ce dernier post que tu sembles avoir besoin d'un petit "remontant". Alors nous t'envoyons plein de pensées positives (c'est bien tout ce que nous pouvons faire en ce moment, mais si cela peut t'aider, nous t'en envoyons des milliers chaque jour...). Nous vivons tous très différemment cette pandémie et je suis certaine qu'après cette épreuve, nous serons encore plus forts. Toi la première ! J'ai moi aussi hâte de te revoir et les filles grandissant, je me dis que notre projet de nous retrouver aux Etats-Unis pour une aventure en pleine nature se rapproche (Blandine aura 12 ans dans seulement 5 ans maintenant !!). Nous t'embrassons très fort
22nd September 2020

Covid - Week #27
It is devastating to hear about the fires around Machu Picchu. I hope the rains come and the temple is returned to its former glory. Not much happening hear in Idaho. One week the Covid-19 numbers are low and then the next week they have somehow spiked up to scary numbers. i just don't worry about it anymore. i have my masks and I never leave home without a couple of them in my pocket or purse. Restaurants are sill limited. The same with Banks. Most of the retail stores are open and require all shoppers to where a mask while in the store. There has been a lot of unrest in Boise by people who refuse to wear a mask. i guess you just can not please everyone. i just stay in my apartment and experiment with dishes in my new crock pot. i made a pour mans stew with hamburger Saturday and it is delicious. I have a recipe for a taco pie from my Aunt Donna in Michigan. I sounds so good. That will be my project for next week. My cat Achro is doing real well. He had his yearly senior exam on September 8th. His vet has non contact visits available. I just call them when I get to the door and they come out and get him. The vet is only 1/2 a block from where I live, so it is super convenient. When the doctor called to let me know how Achro is doing, all he could talk about was how beautiful Achro's fur is. He said that he had to have the entire staff come into the exam room and feel how wonderful his fur feels. I told him that he eats good food and gets lots of love. The vet laughed and said to keep up the good work. I have been feeling really good. My cardiologist upped the dosage on a couple of my prescriptions at the first of the year and I have been feeling good. Not much else to report today. Oh before I forget, please tell Fabian's parents that I have him in my prayers. I hope the doctors can figure out what is wrong with him. You take care my friend.
17th August 2020

Thanks for keeping us informed Heather
I so enjoy hearing about your life and lives of the people of Cusco. You truly are a gifted writer. I admire how you are handeling life as it is now. It's such an adjustment for all of us, but particulary must be a challenge in for your situation there. Way to go, girl! Anna started her first day of on-line school today. She said it went pretty well. Otis, who is in third grade also had his first day, so Dave helped him with his first day as both parents were working. It went well also. I do feel so sorry for all these teachers. So tuff! They are very appreciative that we are able to participate and help out and well as John's mom. So many kids don't have that. Anyway, it takes a village, right. Hang in there and thanks again, stay safe. Mary
12th August 2020

Covid - Week #21
I don't have much to report from Boise. It is the same old thing. The Governor o.k.s business to open, we get a gigantic spike in Covid cases, and he closes everything up again. i just stay in and hope everyday that someone comes up with a vaccine. The only positive thing I would like to say about your blog this week, THE FOOD ON THE BBQ LOOKS FANTASTIC. You go girl.
23rd July 2020

You know what they say about doors. One door closes and another one opens. Maybe looking for another place to live will be a good thing. I agree with distancing yourself. I lived alone for so long, I don't think I can live with anyone. I don't know what I will do when I get to where I can't take care of myself. I am pretty set in my ways. Things are not much different here in Idaho. Places open, the covid-19 cases spike and the places close again. People complain about having to where masks in public. They are pulling the "You are tramping on my civil rights" card. They just don't understand how deadly this virus is or they just don't care. I don't understand people. So I just stay away from them. I wear a mask wherever I go. Although, I do not go very far. As you know, I don't drive. Most of the major store chains have made it mandatory that all patrons wear a mask. No mask, No entry. I agree. I was at Winco's two weeks ago and there was a woman there with four kids. None of them was wearing the mask. She allowed all the kids to run around and touch everything. I think the employees of Winco noticed that also. A couple of days later, there was a notice outside about everyone is required to wear a mask. I feel safer now. i am glad you are able to go out and do your yoga. I tried yoga once and few years ago. For as slow and tranquil yoga is, I was so tired afterwards. I was amazed. Unfortunately, I never did it again. i walk on my treadmill for about a mile a day. That makes all my cardiologists very happy. Well, I think I will go now. You take care of yourself my friend. Stay safe!!!!!!
21st July 2020
Mt. Terijuay

Why you are better off in Peru
With views like that gotta be a no brainer!!!
30th May 2020
The new face of tourism

Signs of the times
A poignant image indeed. I have posted some of your pics in TB's "Signs, signs & more signs" thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out.
27th May 2020
The view

How will travel and the world change?
I enjoyed this blog and your excitement about how we can use this disaster as an opportunity for change. We've been making list of things we'd like to do differently in life, work and travel - but it remains to be seen if we just slump back to the old 'normal' or we chose to learn from this. I have my fingers crossed for the latter :) Cheers, Ren
17th May 2020
How lucky am I?

How lucky am I?
A wonderful thing to be able to exclaim in these uncertain times. Heather. Your work sounds very rewarding for the providers and the recipients. Coming from Australia we can say 'How lucky are we?" as our death rate is incredibly low compared to the rate of infection, yet this is due to the stringent rules and testing by our Federal and State governments and that most people follow the rules. We know how contagious this virus is as our outbreaks indicate it only takes one infected person to create a cluster. It is a lottery and the rates of infection and death rates in some countries appear to be a reflection of their attitude to risk. It saddens me that some countries' attitude is more political than caring. Keep well, keep smiling and keep saying, "How lucky am I?"
7th May 2020
La Plaza de Armas

La Plaza de Armas, Cusco
A great pic of this iconic town square, Heather. To see the garden in flower in front of Church La Compania de Jesus without the crowds...wow! It amazes me I see so many pics of this church titled Cusco Cathedral, which it is not.
27th April 2020

Hang in there Heather
I’m thinking of my own times in Cusco and I think you are doing well for this many days quarantined. The picnic on the roof, awesome way to deal. Stay in the moment and it will be something you like back on fondly in the future.
11th May 2020

Hi Andrea! Thanks for the encouragement! I really appreciate hearing from you. In creating my website I was uploading my blog from La Paz and wondering when I'll be able to go back to Baja Sur. I hope that you are safe where you are and able to enjoy these days at home.
26th April 2020

I so enjoy your blogs
Hi Heather. I have been following your blogs for a while now. This one has been a great pleasure. We have been lucky, so far, in Australia with few deaths and not many infections because we started physical distancing long before most other countries. (It probably helps that we are also a long way away from most other countries!)
11th May 2020

Thank you!
Hello John and Silvia! It's so nice to hear that you enjoy my blog. It's so easy to feel isolated during this pandemic and I really appreciate your message. We will get through this. I hope sooner rather than later! Take care and stay safe!
26th April 2020

Keep On the Sunny Side
The sunshine is good for so many reasons. You are lucky you have a rooftop to escape to. Undoubtedly life here in Boise is much easier, so who am I to bestow any views about life in your world or anywhere else. We have our impatient, oblivious, noncompliant people who won't have anyone telling them their liberties are restricted (wear a mask please, at least). We just keep plodding along, getting to know ourselves better, and learning something different from within or restrictive spaces, hoping that life will become more free and safe soon. Keep up the good blogging.
21st April 2020

COVID-19 Quarantine Week 4 and 5
I read your blog for week 4 but unfortunately I was too lazy to respond. I just finished week 5 and I am actually responding. Yahoo. I am so glad you are feeling better. But I do not like the idea of you possibly getting arrested for going out of your home. That is really scary. Thank goodness it has not gotten that bad in the United States. There are people out all over the place here in Boise. I don't know, maybe Boisians are stupid. I haven't figured that one out yet. I have been in my apartment for four weeks now. I am really surprised at myself. Normally, I do not go anywhere anyway. But knowing that I shouldn't go out, makes me want to go out even more. President Trump and his advisors are saying that the quarantine may be lifted across the nation on May 1st. But he also said that he is going to leave it up to each individual states Governor. I haven't heard yet about ours. I personally thing that it may be to soon. But I guess we will have to wait to see how it goes. I will continue to be cautious. After all I do have a heart condition. So I am in that category of people susceptible to this virus. You take care also my friend. You have a glorious day and I look forward to your next blog. Love you always, Doreen
19th April 2020

Keep the faith!
You inspired me to make a pie. Our quarantine is way less stringent. People here are beginning to assemble to protest the shutdowns. Only in the USA!
15th April 2020

Just read your blog
Hi Heather, What an adventure you are having. I see Laura, David and Sarah so we have spoken fondly of you. Have you heard of Victor Frankel’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning? If you are interested I would be glad to copy it a few pages at a time for you to read. It is a short but profound book about his experiences in Nazi Germany in a concentration camp. He early on began watching what kind of people did well and what kind of people did poorly and from that developed his system called logotherapy. I think you might find it useful. I have been in contact with my family in the North. They have it a bit earlier because of having the property they can go out and work and the boys can play every day. Still it is very isolated. We are doing well at Offut Lake. A great place to be quarentined. Pete and I have been doing a lot of cooking for the homeless. They are really having a tough time with so many service organizations shutting down. It has been very heartwarming. Know that we are all thinking of you. Sending big hugs. Diane
12th April 2020

Dear Heather,
We are following your day-to-day in Cusco, and hope you continue to be optimistic about the weeks to come. Cooking is certainly a good diversion--we've been enjoying cooking, too, and are surprised at the number of days we were actually eating out last month! Living a more isolated life has it's good side, I guess. Jim says hello, and sends his best to Ginger. Hugs from faraway, Jo Anne
6th April 2020

Coronavirus Quarantine
Hello my friend. I am still adhering to my self induced quarantine. It does not bother me too much. I don't go out very often anyway. I am so glad that the reports of the virus in Peru are low. I just read an article on the internet that there is a possible vaccine for the virus ready for testing. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Hang in there and I will do the same.
24th March 2020

Signs of the times
I have posted some of your pics in TB's "Signs, signs & more signs" thread in the Photography Forum. Timely signs for the times ending with "Happiness is a Choice"...so true. Check 'em out and keep safe.
12th January 2020

Hiking poles
Heather, Love your blog. Sounds to me like you would really like using 2 hiking poles especially for walking downhill. I also used to wear neoprene "sleeves" which reduced my knee pain. I did have 2 very successful knee replacements 3 years ago! Enjoy your travels!!
30th December 2019
Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine
Our most beautiful place in the World. We drove down the Andes in a 4WD from Bariloche and Torres del Paine blew us away at every corner. The wind was intense but the skies were clear. Yet when our daughter was there some years later it was wet. windy and miserable. Love reading the stories of others who go there.
30th December 2019
Ruta del Fin del Mundo

Follow that Road
...to the end of the Earth. What a great destination. No better reason for me to post this in our "Follow that Road" thread in the Photography Forum. Check it out.

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