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60+ Day driving tour across the USA from East to West, up the West Coast and back East again. One Ford Conversion Van and 3 kids ... looking for adventure all along the way!

North America » United States » New Jersey » Cape May May 14th 2011

We had planned to end our trip with a few days in the our Honeymoon city, Cape May, NJ. As we neared the end our trip the rising cost of fuel was stretching our budget and we decided it would be good to spend additional time with our families. So we decided just to spend a single night in Cape May. We located a great campsite and certainly enjoyed the uncrowded off-season rates and environment. It was a beautiful day and we arrived with plenty of time to setup the tent, walk the beach, have a great dinner, and still make it to the west side of Cape May to catch the sunset over the bay. After a pleasant night, we leisurely cleaned up the tent, packed thing up and headed for the beach! Naps, sand ... read more
We honeymooned in the center one
Following in footsteps
One big one

After leaving New Hampshire (didn't see any hamsters, by the way), we went towards Boston stopping first to visit my childhood friend who we hadn't seen in 8 years as well. We got to meet her 2nd daughter and be entertained by her dancing and singing (2 year old style). It was great to catch up after so long, and it's a blessing to have friends that welcome us into their lives just picking up where we left off! We then left for another friends' home, these we hadn't seen in 10 years. We met their 3 girls and newborn boy. I had prepared our boys to be gracious guests since these were all young girls and probably wouldn't have much for boys to do. Weren't they happily surprised that their oldest girl is a Star ... read more
States are Rolling by now ...
New York

Continuing north we passed through upstate New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont on our way to New Hampshire. After telling our kids where we were headed our youngest said, “I hope they don't have a lot of hamsters there. Do they bite?” We've had potential encounters with rattlesnakes and bears, both of which she was rather concerned about meeting. Now she was worried about rabid hamsters of Hampshire. “No, honey, don't worry. I don't think they have too many hamsters, and no, they don't bite.” Phew, you could see the relief on her face! (We didn't think to tell her about the biting black flies though.) After coming from the open-air mid-west the dense forest and hilly roads seemed to close us in. Old-America style homes, cemeteries with leaning tombstones, and quaint towns seemed to take us ... read more
Candlestick Bowling
In Action
3 Rolls before things reset

It's hard to believe that our family is so close now to our starting point near Philadelphia! But first we head North. In north-central PA we visited friends that go even more a ways back, as the men were childhood friends and boy scouts together. It was great to reconnect with them too and to meet their newer members, two twin baby boys! Their 5-year old son and our boys followed their fathers' footsteps as they immediately began to build stick bridges and fire-pits. After dinner we roasted marshmallows on their mini-campfires. We learned more about their current work and life with twins as we visited into the evening. The next day we enjoyed the small-town atmosphere of Wellsboro and had a beautiful morning walk to the park. ... read more
Great Small Town America
Century Old Churches
Beatiful Wellsboro

We drove through Ohio with no time to stop at Columbus to see the Santa Maria replica as hoped. We arrived in Pittsburgh, winding through construction, to find our friends' home in a challenging urban neighborhood. These special friends are very dear to us since our friendship began when they were leaders in our youth group. They were soon married and began a family; a few years later we followed their pattern. They have always had a heart for ministry and subsequent years have found them doing campus ministry at U. of Pittsburgh. Several years later we heard that they were building a house in the neighborhood where they now live and joining an intentional community of Christians who are choosing to live there and be the salt and light of Jesus to the surrounding community. ... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Elkhart May 4th 2011

Our next stop was with previous China friends who are now working stateside with an incredible project in Asia called Starfish. (check it out and buy up all their clearance sale stuff at: ) It was neat to see first-hand what our friends are doing and even help them for a few hours along with their weekly volunteers. These are the same friends that housed the van we're using and hosted R overnight when he first arrived in country. Since he started driving from here, he has since driven an entire loop across the USA!! The kids have been looking forward to seeing these friends, in fact, our daughter has asked throughout the trip how many days until we see these friends, so we've been counting days since from about “30!” The kids had a ... read more
Swwweeet Ride

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago May 2nd 2011

Here we enjoyed several days in West Chicago visiting with Awana friends. We stayed in the home of a friend who visits us often in China. It was good to catch up with her husband again and to enjoy them in their home setting. We greatly enjoyed the quaint beauty of our friends' home, grassy yard, fully bloomed magnolia tree, and art collections. We explored their stashes of toys and craft supplies, their local library, park, thrift store, and taqueria. We laughed at the awkwardness of being in a largely Hispanic area and having forgotten most of our Spanish. It was good to remember what it's like to be out of our comfort zone, linguistically speaking. We watched the news of Bin Laden's death in Spanish in the taqueria. Afterwards our eldest asked some great questions ... read more
Feast for the Eyes & Stomach!
Best kind of shade
Leaving Chicago at Night

North America » United States » Wisconsin May 1st 2011

Good-bye twin cities, Minneapolis and St Paul. Enter Wisconsin. We were told we had to stop for cheese curds, and although we saw many signs for “cheese” we opted to drive through Wisconsin without stopping. Good-bye cheese. ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis » Uptown April 30th 2011

Our youngest son has been asking all along when we'll get to Minnesota. He says it's his favorite state because its name sounds like a soft drink. We didn't have any Minne-soda, but we did have a great visit with previous China co-workers and their two little girls. It was such fun to see them on their home turf and learn about new interests and skills they're developing. Once again we were the recipients of great hospitality. I realize we can never repay many of these friends so I am having to learn to receive it with gratitude and as fuel for the future. We joined our friends on a trip to the library, which we love and miss in China. We also each got a great haircut...thanks! Sunday we went to downtown Minneapolis to attend ... read more
Twin Cities

North America » United States » South Dakota » Huron April 28th 2011

Long roads. Billboards for “Wall Drug.” We had heard about this famous sight so had to make a stop. This mid-prairie tourist stop was a fun excursion. Just outside of the badlands, they are known for making their mark on the map by offering free ice water in the 1930s. We enjoyed their ice water, as well as lunch in their cafe (coffee is still 5 cents), pictures on their giant jackalope, and faux mid-west storefronts. South Dakota's state bird is the Chinese Ring-Necked Pheasant. These beautiful birds were abundant along the grassy sides of the highway. We had fun watching for them as we drove along. Our car sounded something like this: “Look, a pheasant! …ooh, pheasant!...another pheasant!” That went on until the pheasants further along decided to stroll across the road. Going 75 mph ... read more
See the Pheasant
Dented our Borrowed Vehicle ;(
Hitched a ride for 100 miles

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