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Currently traveling for 8 months.

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur June 3rd 2011

Part 10 – KL Part 2: Knockout & Jak the final encounter I returned to Makassar after a wonderful trip to J-Town to see off my sister in style, and quite frankly it was perfectly timed, i was reaching breaking point in Makassar and needed to cut loose and relax with family. Success! Once i'd returned however Makassar was suddenly not the sweating heaving mass that it once had been. It was surprising how much the weather could change the place. It was still hot as hell, but in a dry way, and with a breeze. The place was beautiful, and i can say quite happily that every day that i've had the chance since then, i have gone for a drive on my moto just around exploring and enjoying wind in my hair, weaving in ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java May 25th 2011

Part 9 – Dutungan with MaxBackers and the J(-M)ak farewell. So i met the Makassar Backpackers, a group of young people who love backpacking around Indonesia, all from Makassar or villages surrounding, and few with English fluency. But this sounded like it was going to be fun! I hired a snorkel and went with Afdal out to the meeting point at 6am Saturday. We all met and there was one other foreigner a swiss/australian in his 50s. I tried my best to translate what the plan was, and with a little help from Afdal and some other i gathered we were going to dutungan island, it was about 3 hours drive from here, then a 30 minute boat, and we were "high chaking" the whole way..... huh? After lots of laughs they discovered that hitch hiking ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi May 11th 2011

So it was off to Kuala Lumpur. Brilliant! I was not expecting such an odd flight however... Halfway through our flight to KL from Makassar, the AirAsia staff got everyone's attention and declared a competition. They started doing games where whoever could reach the front of the plane first with the correct answer to various questions won prizes... Crazy! Anyway. I arrived and immediately liked the place. Cheap bus transfer from the aiirport, and the hostel i wanted to stay in looked great.... but was full. However i checked in for the next day, and went to the closest place....BAD IDEA. I went to my dorm, went to sleep and was woken at 2am by one of my room mates screaming and turning in circles in the middle of the room, he then started weeping, and ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi May 6th 2011

I arrived after an awfully dodgy flight into Makassar (aka Ujung Pandang.... quite confusing), and headed straight into town and to a hostel. Next morning i rocked up to work, excited and pumped to get started. However upon arrival i was told they weren't expecting me for another month (despite my numerous emails and correspondence discussing my arrival with them), and so they said to give them a week and they'll find something for me. GREAT! So after working out some slightly more permanent accommodation (ugh, we'll get to THAT later), it was time to explore! First thing on the list, what Sulawesi is famous for: Tana Toraja. I set off to spend the "long weekend" up in Tana Toraja, Sulawesi's cultural hub. I took an 8 hour bus which of course turned out to be ... read more

Asia March 16th 2011

Part #6 indonesia finally After initial fears (thanks to flight agency that claimed I could not catch the flight without an Indo visa) I landed and strolled through immigration, jumped in a blue bird and headed toward the familiar peak towers. After 2 days of sleepless trains flights airports and taxis I was exhausted and the taxi ride to the peak was taking a significantly longer time than usual (2.5 hours). Despite my normal rule for defeating jetlag, push to stay awake until nighttime, I crashed immediately. The following days were a blur of waking up at 5pm and sleeping around 7am. Jess was away on disaster journey with mum in Cambodia, and arrived back late the night of Ashley's dinner party. I arrived and met the wonderful Ashley and the lovely Ben (whom I'd yet ... read more

Africa » Morocco February 24th 2011

Part #5 A'dam to morocco On the return flight to Amsterdam I had a bit of a cold, and after an entire lifetime of flying I finally suffered the incredible pain of non-equalizing-ears. Couldn't hear for a few days. Uncool! Anyway arrived and went straight to sleep. From there the fun began. Went the next night to a university society party, with some of the group of 8, loads of fun! Also convinced suus, a group of 8 member with a great British accent to join me on an Amsterdam tourist pub crawl pretending to be a Brit. Which turned out to be a complete riot! And also went to a big dinner with lots of medical interns, good indo/chinese dinner. So lots of fun had in Amsterdam as expected! Ien and I then headed off ... read more

Europe December 3rd 2010

Welcome!  So i've finally begun something I should've done years ago! This will hopefully keep all you lovely family and friends up to date (in unison) with my travels. I'll start by backdating this slightly, and get you up to date.  Part #1 Aus-A'dam In early november 2010 I left Australia and headed off to Europe, for what would wind up being a very cold 3 weeks. Upon arriving met with Ineke and spent the next 3 weeks exploring the ins and outs of amsterdam's wandering canals and streets, attempting to comprehend the language (poorly), and getting to know the wonderful people. After meeting the lovely group of 8, Ineke's close friends, i had many suggestions on things to do! They were all very kind and assisted me in finding some of the finer things in ... read more

Europe February 10th 2010

Part #4 Clogs, kilts and tea A few quick days in Amsterdam and then I was off to London to catch up with old friends. Gotta love easyjet fares! Upon arrival i met up with Robert, who I've known a few years now since our kings meeting in Cairo through Nile sailing, to Aussie shores and then soggy London town. We had a rip-roaring Thai dinner party with some of his mates. We took advantage of the weekend to race up to Edinburgh! And after a shocking train trip we parked ourselves in our hostel and decided to try and climb arthur's seat, the nearby mountain... Took the wrong path and walked up the wrong part, to a dead end, so we turned arous and came back. The trip was highlighted by haggis and big breakfasts, ... read more

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